Did CIA Predict End Of Israel By 2022 In Top Secret Report?

Fact checked

In this interview for Palestinian television filmed in 2012, Syrian Journalist Al-Bujayrami says that the CIA told former US president Bill Clinton that Israel will cease to exist in the year 2022. 

According to the video’s description:

Al-Bujayrami: “What I’m going to say, no one has ever heard. A report was submitted by the American Central Intelligence Agency, the CIA, to former US president Clinton. It was written on the report: ‘Eyes only.’ Eyes only means for the President’s eyes only. No one else is allowed to see it.”
PA TV host: “Top secret.”
Al-Bujayrami: “It’s more classified than ‘top secret.’ … The CIA says [in this report]: ‘If matters continue as they are, we don’t think that Israel will continue to exist after the year 2022…'”

What do you think the CIA knew in order to suggest it ceasing to exist in 2022? Comment below.