Denmark Passes ‘Emergency Law’ That Allows Gov’t to Force People to Be Vaccinated

Denmark's parliament has passed an emergency coronavirus law which gives the European Union state the legal authority to force citizens to be vaccinated.

Denmark’s parliament has passed an emergency coronavirus law which gives the European Union state the legal authority to force citizens to be vaccinated.

The far-reaching new law, which also gives authorities powers to force testing, treatment and quarantine with the backing of the police, will remain in force until March 2021, when it will expire under a sunset clause. 

I was touched when I saw the whole Parliament standing up and voting for this,” Health Minister Magnus Heunicke told Danish state broadcaster DR after the law was unanimously passed. 

It is time to put aside party politics and be together to do what it takes to bring Denmark safely through this situation.” 

“Something is rotten in the state of Denmark”

Critics of the new “emergency law” say the Danish people are losing their individual freedoms in return for the perception of safety.

TheLocalDK reports: Jens Elo Rytter, law professor at Copenhagen University, said the measures were unlike anything passed in the last 75 years.

It is certainly the most extreme since the Second World War,” he told the Jyllands-Posten newspaper.

There have been some powerful encroachments in various terror packages. But this goes further.”  

Trine Maria Ilsøe, DR’s court correspondent, said that Danish citizens could face prosecution under the new law if they refused to comply with health authorities’ demands.

It means that you could be sentenced to a punishment if you, for example, refuse to allow yourself to be tested for coronavirus,” she said.  

The Ministry of Health will now work with the Ministry of Justice on the details of how the police will work with health officials to enforce their demands.  

As well as enforcing quarantine measures, the law also allows the authorities to force people to be vaccinated, even though there is currently no vaccination for the virus.  

It also empowers them to prohibit access to public institutions, supermarkets and shops, public and private nursing homes and hospitals, and also to impose restrictions on access to public transport.  

Initially, the government wanted to the law to give the police the right to enter private homes without a court order if there is a suspicion of coronavirus infection.

But this was dropped after opposition from parties in the parliament.  

The parliamentary session was itself affected by the pandemic, with only 95 out of 179 MPs present for the vote, efforts made to ensure that MPs kept a safe distance from one another, and MPs voting by standing up.  

Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry

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  1. Yes thus is what it’s all about really All the global barons media beef up and induced panic of the while thing Totalitarian regimes and the victors of the class war

  2. this is what this whole fake virus is about. more government control. if they try and give me a free vaccine, i am going to give them a free lead vaccine

  3. Good comments below. If you wanted to create a world government where the true elite come out of the shadows to rule, how would u get us there? Next crisis, after this fire drill has ended for us mindless sheep, dont be surprised if the UN steps in to govern

  4. Some people are allergic to vaccines and would need a waiver. By having a waiver is that person going to be subjected to unnecassary prejudice by society and treated like a leper? Some healthy children and adults unexpectedly have allergic reactions to vaccines that cause paraylasis, wide variety of other health problems and even death.

    Take a functioning healthy person, forcefully require the person to have a government mandated vaccine that they were doing just fine without and the person has a bad allergic reaction, with possible life altering consequences. Is the government going to compensate that person or their family fairly for the unexpected mandated vaccine allergy? Will the government provide that person lifelong care if the become paralyzed or suffer other lifelong health problems? Will the government try to hide the allergic reactions or dismiss them as a miniscule percentage and say it’s for the better good because 98% don’t have any allergic reaction?

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