Democrats Plan To Win Midterms By Outlawing ‘Mansplaining’ (Yes, Really)

Fact checked
Democrats claim they will win next election by abolishing mansplaining

The Democrats have announced their cunning plan to win the midterms this November – by outlawing ‘mansplaining’. 

According to Democrats, ‘mansplaining‘ is when a man explains something to a woman in a condescending and overconfident manner.

From The Hill:

A Maryland House candidate says in a new ad that she is running for Congress because there is too much “mansplaining” in the federal government about health care.

Nadia Hashimi says in an ad announcing her campaign for Maryland’s 6th District that Congress has “too many multimillionaires and politicians ‘mansplaining’ health care.”

“Is there a female doctor in the house?” a narrator asks in the 30-second ad, running on Maryland television stations, as the camera shows the exterior of Hashimi’s home. “There is in this house.”

“But zero female doctors are in this house,” the narrator adds, as the camera changes to show the U.S. Capitol.

Hashimi, an author and pediatrician who lives in Montgomery County, told The Washington Post in an interview that she is running against politicians with “alliances” to the pharmaceutical industries that she doesn’t share.

At no point does Nadia Hashimi specify how the Democrats will “end” the practice of men explaining stuff to women. We can only guess she would like to draw up some ridiculous, Orwellian law.