Dementia Joe ‘Lost & Confused’ at G20; Pushed to Edge of Stage

Fact checked
Joe Biden pushed off stage at G20

President Joe Biden looked lost and confused as the G20 Rome Summit kicked off on Saturday in Italy.

The leaders of the top 20 economies met at the Rome Convention Centre ‘La Nuvola’, in the city’s EUR district.

During a photo op, leaders took to the stage earlier in the day. The leader of the free world was pushed to the edge of the stage, almost to the point where he was out of the photo: reports: Joe Biden’s mental state is the elephant in the room. Not one of these clowns will say anything about it.

What a clown show.

Joe can be seen talking to a leader from Africa who is not listening to him.

The leader of the free world is pushed to the sideline.

Here’s the video.