Defense Study Shows Jabbed Pregnant Female Soldiers Are Experiencing “Absolutely Catastrophic Rate of Fetal Problems”

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Jabbed female soldiers experiencing unusually high level of fetal problems

A Department of Defense study shows the jabbed pregnant female soldiers are experiencing “absolutely catastrophic rate of fetal problems,” according to former Clinton advisor Dr. Naomi Wolf.

Last April, researchers began investigating the link between the COVID jab and menstruation after thousands of women reported changes to their cycle after receiving the experimental jab.

According to the study published in the journal Obstetrics & Gynecology, huge numbers of jabbed women saw a change in their menstrual cycle.

“Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) vaccination is associated with a small change in cycle length but not menses length,” the study stated. reports: However, anyone who spoke about a link between Covid vaccines and menstrual problems/fertility issues was labeled a “conspiracy theorist.”

Then in February 2022, the European Medicines Agency’s risk assessment committee announced that it would review reports of menstruation irregularities after thousands of women have reported changes to their monthly cycle after getting the COVID vaccine.

“After reviewing the available evidence, the PRAC decided to request an in-depth evaluation of all available data, including reports from spontaneous reporting systems, clinical trials, and the published literature,” according to the news release.

On Friday, former Clinton advisor Dr. Naomi Wolf joined Steve Bannon on The War Room to discuss her latest crowd-sourced research on the COVID vaccines and pregnancy.

This was an absolutely shocking segment.

Dr. Naomi Wolf: Report shows that pregnant women were excluded from the trials before they concluded it was safe and effective. They concluded it was safe and effective based on mice and the autopsies of mice fetuses. And horrifically, the Department of Defense data shows that female soldiers’ pregnancies are experiencing an absolutely catastrophic rate of abnormalities and fetal problems…