Dan Bongino: Kanye West Scares Democrats Because He’s Exposing Their Evil

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Dan Bongino says Kanye West is hated by Democrats because he is exposing their evilness

The Democrats are frightened of Kanye West because he is exposing their evil misdeeds against President Donald Trump, political commentator Dan Bongino claims.

West was bullied for delivering an epic pro-Trump speech during SNL last weekend, where producers allegedly tried to force him to remove his MAGA hat.

West stood his ground and insisted he wouldn’t be told what to do.

“This is not a small moment, what happened with Kanye West. Now I get it, Kanye West is probably not a doctrinaire conservative,” Bongino said.

Dailycaller.com reports: “Let’s just stipulate that right now. As a matter of fact I don’t know how deeply involved in the issues Kanye West gets.”

“Here’s the thing. The Democrats have been very effective over the last few decades, in my generation — of getting people to avoid the Republican Party in the minority community … because they’re smart,” he continued.

Bongino said West has labeled the GOP a “safe” group of people for minorities and young people to follow, while continually dispelling the rumor they are “evil.”

“They’re not ethical but they’re smart. They’ve gotten them to believe that the Republicans don’t just have bad ideas, but that they’re really evil people and therefore you don’t want to associate with them,” Bongino said.

“People like Kanye West … who have power with younger voters and minorities who say listen, these guys are safe,” Bongino added. “You may not like all their ideas. You may not like them personally. But these are not a group of evil people like you’ve been told.”

“I wish more celebrities would jump on board,” he concluded.