Covid-19 Will Be Like A ‘Fond Caress’ Compared To The Next Pandemic Professor Warns


Professor Björn Olsen from Sweden’s Uppsala University says COVID-19 will feel like a ‘fond caress’ in comparison to the next global pandemic.

According to the professor of infectious diseases, the next pandemic, which is ‘imminent’, may overshadow that of Covid-19 with so may deaths, lasting lockdowns, and countless restrictions that have been impoed on travelling and public life.

Olsen told national broadcaster SVT “Then the corona pandemic will be like a fond caress in comparison.”

Summit News reports: Olsen says that the next pandemic will be triggered by a new flu virus against which humanity has no protection.

“A flu is incredibly contagious. If it is a new flu where there is no herd immunity at all, it will be able to spread faster through all different age groups,” said the professor.

Olsen urged people to switch to eating locally sourced meat in order to reduce human exposure to food markets, which represent a “gigantic public health problem.”

“If we try to eat more locally produced, the points of contact for new pandemics will decrease,” said Olsen.

The professor also warned that rapid urbanisation in African countries and the destruction of habitats such as rainforests was crowding humans and animals together, making new viral outbreaks more likely.