Could CERN’s Large Hadron Collider Be Cause Of Earthquakes?

An unusually high number of earthquakes have occurred over the last two months, with thirteen of them over 6.0 of the Richter scale. 

The earthquakes began occurring around the same time the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) at CERN was relaunched.

With scientists such as Stephen Hawking warning that the experiments CERN are conducting could be catastrophic to the environment, the question some are now asking is: Is the Large Hadron Collider to blame for the earthquakes we are experiencing? reports:

Just months after the discovery of the Higgs boson or the so-called “God Particle” in July 2012, CERN completed its first continuous run of the LHC which recorded around 5 billion collisions at an energy amount of 8 TeV (Tevatron scale). Only 400 of these collisions produced results even remotely compatible with that of the Higgs boson. (Source: ).

Fast-forward to present day and they’ve nearly doubled the amount of collision energy to 13 TeV. The plan is to have the LHC do another run for 3 years continuously and this time CERN announced that their focus is to “capture dark matter” and on “the discovery of other dimensions”. While I am all for raising the awareness about our place in the universe and of course the working of quantum space dynamics to better grasp an understanding of ourselves, I feel that it should not come at the expense of Mother Earth or that we should go into this kind of science biting at our own tails.

Simply put, the Large Hadron Collider creates the biggest magnetic field on the entire planet, second to that created by the planet itself! It may seem only speculation linking the LHC to seismic activity, but we must take into consideration how magnetism on this grand of a scale affects the layers of the Earth.

Each time CERN forces a collision, the residue energy causes massive magnetic vibrations within the Earth, therefore in my opinion it would be naïve to not at least consider that this is not somehow contributing to all of the recent quakes. And these recent “coincidences” are not the first, either. In 2010, mass LHC activity at CERN coincided with the 8.8 Chilean earthquake­, which was the 6th worst in our history.

I stand behind scientific exploration and furthering our knowledge of the workings of the Universe, absolutely. In fact, I live and breathe this stuff! I am what you would call a cross between a Quantum Physics nerd and a yoga-loving Jedi in training. But the fact remains that I hold true to the feeling in my gut that it’s more than mere coincidence in the timing of these earthquakes and the recent power up of the LHC. And I just hope that our thirst for knowing how small we can go into particles, doesn’t leave us in a self-created black hole somewhere on the outer edges of space …just saying.

  • Cassiel

    Does the Pope shit in the woods?

  • John Vorel

    End time prophesies.. Book of Revelation…. “in those days there will be earthquake and calamaties, wars and rumors of wars.” If you think its bad now wait as we approach the second coming of Christ. Some think its sooner than we all think it is.

    • sam

      Hahahahahahahaha!!!! Yeah, ok buddy.

  • Mggie

    Mankind should never fool with nature. Nature takes care of itself. Man ruins everything they touch.

  • Jason Smith

    Does the author know that the HC has been down for two years and only recently has it been restarted? It hasn’t even been cranked up.

    • Julie Howard Kozlowski

      I just looked up news from CERN and yes it is up and running.

      • Jason Smith

        I know it is up and running. I was only pointing out that it has been down for two years and is not currently at full power. How are the earthquakes the fault of CERN?

        • Shaun Watson

          Look out of your window dim wit

          • Jason Smith

            Are you saying the weather is caused by CERN also? We have no earthquakes here in Texas. Explain it so this dim wit can understand it……………

  • iraszl

    Why is this article categorized as SCI? There is only misinformation in it.

  • Linda Larkman

    A few years back when the collider was started up there was a series of earthquakes, some serious. We had a respite when the collider was stopped. Yet again, the collider was started up towards the end of March 2015 and we again have a series of earthquakes, some high on the Richter scale. Sir Stephen Hawkins has warned against these experiments, saying those responsible are tampering with a gigantic project they will not be able to understand or contain. The coincidences are too obvious and should not be ignored. Where on earth does the tremendous power of the collider dissipate? There has to be some absorption. It is as plain as the nose in your face.

  • Elizabeth Thomas

    Mother earth, I wonder why earth is called Mother–mainly because we could not exist if not for all she provides. Mankind does not see earth as a living ‘creature’ or being yet she is. And when we poke on her, dynamite, test bombs, hi pressure drill —she does what you or I would do with a pesty fly or mosquito. “Get off of me already!’ and shakes and shutters trying to alleviate the source what is causing irritation and perhaps great pain to her outer layers. God does not have to destroy anymore–mankind is doing a good job, in greed and pride to prove we are like Him.

  • sam

    Zero cited sources and a question posed by someone who knows nothing about the topic. Great journalism. You can’t claim to give a report when you pose a question to begin with. By the way, the answer is no, they aren’t causing earthquakes.

    • Shaun Watson

      So you are an expert? seems you are very short sighted or a government paid troll, all these earthquakes and CERN are not related????? Go jump off a bridge deluded fool

      • Mollie Norris

        I agree, although there have been earthquake-generating devices prior to Cern. Cern generates a magnetic field 300X as large as the earth’s. Magnetic pole migration is another major issue.

  • I AM POP SLAG. This isnt the only time this has come up…if its real its fucking fascinating but nobody fucking wants that..
    its fantastical.. but the timings on the nepal quakes, two plates under pressure and quakes expected as the geologist was just telling me..1 point twenty one gigawatts is enough to go back in time its enough to create a magnetic ripple to tip a waiting quake over the edge.