Corbyn Could Scrap Trident Nuclear Deterrent If Activists Back The Move

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Jeremy Corbyn plans to defy Labour MPs by making the scrapping of Britain’s Trident nuclear deterrent official party policy, should delegates vote for the change next week

Corbyn revealed the controversial policy would be put to delegates at the party’s conference in Brighton.

The debate in could reveal splits in the shadow cabinet after Maria Eagle, who voted against an SNP bid to scrap Trident which Mr Corbyn backed in January,

The Mail Online reports:

In an interview published today, Mr Corbyn also confirms Labour will campaign to abolish the government’s welfare cap entirely – re-introducing unlimited benefits.

The announcements risk sparking a fresh backlash among Labour MPs.

It is understood the new shadow defence secretary Maria Eagle has warned Mr Corbyn that she will resign if she is ordered to oppose Trident.

On Sunday the shadow foreign secretary Hilary Benn said Labour was committed to maintaining Trident.

But Mr Corbyn, speaking to the New Statesman, today revealed Labour delegates will be given the chance to vote on a motion to abolish Trident.

Asked if unilateral nuclear disarmament would become party policy if the motion was backed, Mr Corbyn said: ‘Well, it would be, of course, because it would have been passed at conference.’

The development could spark mass resignations across the shadow cabinet – including in the party’s shadow defence team.

But Mr Corbyn appeared to offer an olive branch to Labour MPs prepared to defy party orders to back Trident.

He said: ‘I understand the principles of dissent in parliament. I’ve expressed a bit of dissent myself in my time. I respect that and I hope others will respect it, as well.’