Comey: Send Trump’s Mob Back ‘to Their Dark Corner’

Fact checked
James Comey says Trump supporters should go back to their dark corner

Disgraced former FBI Director James Comey appeared to take aim at Trump supporters on Thursday, urging Americans to send Trump’s “mob back to their dark corner.”

Comey’s tweet is in response to chants of “send her back” by attendees at Trump’s North Carolina rally Wednesday evening after the president brought up Rep. Ilhan Omar.

“We have long had ugly margins in this country, but we are a fundamentally decent people, with shared values. We treasure our identity as a nation of immigrants. With our voices and our 2020 votes, we must send Donald Trump and his mob back to their dark corner,” Comey tweeted on Thursday. reports: Comey is currently under investigation by Trump’s Justice Department for his role in Spygate and promoting Hillary Clinton’s fraudulent dossier which is why he is desperate to replace Trump with a Democrat in 2020.