Bombshell: Comey Had Hillary’s Backup Email Device The Whole Time

James Comey had Hillary's backup email device during the entire charade of an investigation into her emails, Judicial Watch reveals.

Former FBI Director James Comey had Hillary Clinton’s definitive backup email device during the entire charade of an investigation into the former Secretary of State, according to court records obtained by Judicial Watch.

If there was anyone doubting that James Comey had absolutely no intention of seriously investigating Hillary Clinton, let alone prosecuting her, then Judicial Watch have just provided them with a big, fat red pill.

Court records show that the Connecticut-based email storage company Datto handed over a “device” consisting of five or six disks to the FBI in October 2015. Insiders believe the device contains “every electronic communication that Hillary Clinton sent or received during her tenure as Secretary of State.”

James Comey spent his entire FBI investigation missing many Hillary Clinton emails and communications, according to the official version of events, and trampling on the rule of law. He played the fool and did not tell the public that he had access to every single email sent and received by the former Secretary of State.

Instead, he granted Hillary a free ride and conducted a fake investigation that was designed to deceive the public and convince them justice was done. Except everybody saw through the charade. Now Comey is out of a job, and tenacious investigators like Judicial Watch are dredging every inch of the swamp for the evidence necessary to ensure Clinton has her day in court.

Real court, real prosecutors. None of this James Comey showboat stuff.

Justice Watch also revealed that the Comey’s FBI handed the device over to the State Department – which has not searched it at all.

We don’t know what the FBI did once they had the device and the information on it. What we know is since the investigation ended in July of last year the material found on that device has been forwarded from the Justice Department to the State Department,” said Michael Bekesha, a Judicial Watch senior lawyer working the case.

I don’t know what it suggests. The State Department now has it. We know that the State Department has not gone through it. Five disks of information. It may have been six, the number changed,” Bekesha said. “They said there are thousands of records on whatever was turned over from the Datto device and eventually they will get around to reviewing those records and getting them to us in response to our FOIA.

Until the State Department releases the information, we will not know: what was on there that Hillary Clinton did not turn over? What did Huma Abedin not turn over? Are there emails from Chelsea Clinton on the server?,” Bekesha said. Judicial Watch continues to find new Hillary Clinton emails on a regular basis.

Citizen researcher Larry Kawa, who brought the case to Judicial Watch, claims that the device contains “everything.”

Platte River Networks subcontracted out to Datto which is a company in southwestern Connecticut. Datto backed up everything that was on Hillary Clinton’s server into their cloud, which is a series of servers,” he said. He says that the device also contains backups of her voicemails and Blackberry text messages.

Kawa is outraged at the behavior of the FBI and DOJ, alleging that they had no motivation beyond covering for Hillary Clinton. But has some good news too.  The contents of the backup device have been ordered to be released to the public, though not until next year.

They sent America on a wild goose chase,” Kawa said. “There was a hearing on January 24 and then another one on February 6. DC district court judge Randolph Moss asked the DOJ how come you never searched it? They said we were never compelled to!

Judge Moss ordered a rollout of all the Datto contents by September 2018, right before the midterm,” Kawa said.

Baxter Dmitry

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