Bombshell: Comey Had Hillary’s Backup Email Device The Whole Time

James Comey had Hillary's backup email device during the entire charade of an investigation into her emails, Judicial Watch reveals.

Former FBI Director James Comey had Hillary Clinton’s definitive backup email device during the entire charade of an investigation into the former Secretary of State, according to court records obtained by Judicial Watch.

If there was anyone doubting that James Comey had absolutely no intention of seriously investigating Hillary Clinton, let alone prosecuting her, then Judicial Watch have just provided them with a big, fat red pill.

Court records show that the Connecticut-based email storage company Datto handed over a “device” consisting of five or six disks to the FBI in October 2015. Insiders believe the device contains “every electronic communication that Hillary Clinton sent or received during her tenure as Secretary of State.”

James Comey spent his entire FBI investigation missing many Hillary Clinton emails and communications, according to the official version of events, and trampling on the rule of law. He played the fool and did not tell the public that he had access to every single email sent and received by the former Secretary of State.

Instead, he granted Hillary a free ride and conducted a fake investigation that was designed to deceive the public and convince them justice was done. Except everybody saw through the charade. Now Comey is out of a job, and tenacious investigators like Judicial Watch are dredging every inch of the swamp for the evidence necessary to ensure Clinton has her day in court.

Real court, real prosecutors. None of this James Comey showboat stuff.

Justice Watch also revealed that the Comey’s FBI handed the device over to the State Department – which has not searched it at all.

We don’t know what the FBI did once they had the device and the information on it. What we know is since the investigation ended in July of last year the material found on that device has been forwarded from the Justice Department to the State Department,” said Michael Bekesha, a Judicial Watch senior lawyer working the case.

I don’t know what it suggests. The State Department now has it. We know that the State Department has not gone through it. Five disks of information. It may have been six, the number changed,” Bekesha said. “They said there are thousands of records on whatever was turned over from the Datto device and eventually they will get around to reviewing those records and getting them to us in response to our FOIA.

Until the State Department releases the information, we will not know: what was on there that Hillary Clinton did not turn over? What did Huma Abedin not turn over? Are there emails from Chelsea Clinton on the server?,” Bekesha said. Judicial Watch continues to find new Hillary Clinton emails on a regular basis.

Citizen researcher Larry Kawa, who brought the case to Judicial Watch, claims that the device contains “everything.”

Platte River Networks subcontracted out to Datto which is a company in southwestern Connecticut. Datto backed up everything that was on Hillary Clinton’s server into their cloud, which is a series of servers,” he said. He says that the device also contains backups of her voicemails and Blackberry text messages.

Kawa is outraged at the behavior of the FBI and DOJ, alleging that they had no motivation beyond covering for Hillary Clinton. But has some good news too.  The contents of the backup device have been ordered to be released to the public, though not until next year.

They sent America on a wild goose chase,” Kawa said. “There was a hearing on January 24 and then another one on February 6. DC district court judge Randolph Moss asked the DOJ how come you never searched it? They said we were never compelled to!

Judge Moss ordered a rollout of all the Datto contents by September 2018, right before the midterm,” Kawa said.

Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry

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Baxter Dmitry
  • John C Carleton

    Hillary is a pedophile. Trump has the evidence.
    Hillary ran, with the Bushes, a scam to steal from the poor Haitians. Trump has the evidence.
    Hillary used the Clinton foundation, to launder bribes from foreign powers, industrial corporations, to sell out America and Americans, Trump has the evidence.
    Hillary is Guilty of international war crimes. Trump has the evidence.

    So why are these stories about hillarys emails still around.
    Maybe so no one looks at these much more serious crimes!

    As Trump is an international war criminal himself, would not hold my breath on her being charged as one, at least not in the corporate administrative courts of the Washington DC crime cabal.

    • LilTrumpet

      FBI, Comey, should be brought up on charges for withholding evidence!

    • Susan Jordan

      How is our President an international war crim? I would say your fu’ll of it but I am listening

      • beaglebailey

        Because the Syrian war is against both international law and the Nuremberg laws. Congress hasn’t declared war as is their duty, so both Obama and Trump are war criminals.
        As was bush, Clinton and every president before them.
        Trump has killed over 5-600 civilians since he became president.
        Hopefully you are listening to me.

        • Feet2Fire

          When you attack all his predecessors as robustly as you do Trump, we’ll “listen a little harder.” 🙂

      • John C Carleton

        Read international law. You will have your answer.
        It is against international law, to murder people, in another country, children, women, old men.
        It is against international law, to SEND people to murder civilians or the military of another, in their own country.
        It is against international law, to invade, to send troops into the lands of another sovereign country, which has not first been attacked by the country being invades.

        Yemen, Afghanistan, Iraq.
        You are aware are you not, not one of those countries, attacked America, even threatened to . And international law does not make exceptions for some load mouth running their mouth, the act of attacking, not running ones mouth.

        Therefore, as he is commander and chief of the military, as as the USA military, by unlawful troops on the ground, murdering people in these three countries, is an international war crime. Each and every murder he has had carried out, is an international war crime.

        There is no loop hole for sending the terrorist in to a country, and using that as an excuse to invade, still an international war crime.

        ISIS is Washington DC/Tel Aviv, Washington DC/ Tel Aviv is ISIS, any questions?
        ‘ 911-Israel did it.’

      • Mr.Conservative

        You’re right Susan, he is full of it.

    • Christine

      Oh, geez. Trump is not a war criminal. Give me a break!

      • John C Carleton

        You are truly so ignorant you too not understand international law?

      • The Complaint Department

        Just ignore him. You can infer from the number and frequency of rant-postings that this individual clearly has nothing else to do.

      • Oruc Selcuk

        I don’t think that this Mental Midget knows what War Criminal means!!!

      • AmandaTrebiano

        This is why Disqus has a block button–1 click and you never see this troll again–BEST feature EVER!!

      • beaglebailey

        Yeah he is. He ran on no regime change in Syria, but he ordered the navy to bomb the Syrian airport.
        He was president when his air force shot down a Syrian jet that was flying inside its own country.
        Every day he keeps the troops in Syria is another day of war crimes.

        Of course he wouldn’t be involved in the Syrian mess if Obama hadn’t started this illegal war.
        It goes against international law. If one country attacks another that hasn’t threatened them, then it’s a war crime to do so.
        This is also against the Nuremberg laws.
        BTW, the Syrian jet was targeting ISIS when it was shot down by our country.
        Obama sat back and watched as ISIS got bigger because he wanted them to overthrow Assad.
        Kerry admitted this and one can confirm this by doing a search for it.

        • mike

          we are isis, ask john mccain

      • trooper4truth

        Trump and his security team left a moth to die in the limousine. THE HUMANITY!

    • Christian Powers

      The crimes of Hillary we all know about in the public record are more than enough to send her and Bill to jail for corruption, so people like you who spout “Hillary is a pedophile” and other whacky sounding charges NO MATTER HOW TRUE THEY MIGHT BE are letting them off the hook by making ALL the proven crimes seem like “crazy attacks”. So please just shut the hell up about pedophiles and Satan worship. As a matter of fact I think you are working for Hillary when you accuse her of outrageous crimes. It is one of their strategies to make the people who accuse them of things sound like nutjobs. So congratulations. You are helping Hillary get away with proven corruprion by accusing her of raping children. Great job!

      • John C Carleton

        You are so full of poo!
        You are running interference for pedophiles. Because only people who approved of raping and murdering babies, wants to let those two and many more off the hook.

        Your rational.
        We have them on murder, a death sentence, but we also have them for J Walking, lets just give them a fine.

        • Christian Powers

          You obviously don’t want to EVER get them for anything. Keep spouting the whacky accusations and keep them free from ever paying for anything. Did you know Hillary actually paid people to go online and spread thousands of crazy allegations so the legitimate stories would seem crazy too? You’re doing it for free, dummy. LOL … or maybe not. How much they paying you to sound nuts?

          • John C Carleton

            Lets see, exposing them to Americans, is helping them.
            People who don’t want the evil of Washington Exposed, all the evil, degenerate, despicable things that are part of daily life, is a supporter of that evil.

    • Feet2Fire

      You wrote: “As Trump is an international war criminal himself…”

      Please elaborate. In what way is Trump an international war criminal?

      • John C Carleton

        You are really that ignorant? You do not understand international law. Then i would be wasting my time trying to explain it to one so ignorant.

        • Feet2Fire

          COP OUT! (In other words, you have no proof of any of your scurrilous assertions. Just another Trump-hater. BE GONE. No time for such.)

          • John C Carleton

            Invading countries which have not attacked you, is an international war crime. He is Commander and chief of the USA military which is murdering civilians and those countries military personal in their own countries. Iraq, Yemen, Syria.
            He is responsible for each of these murders by his troops, and there are hundreds if not thousands after he took over.
            None of these countries attacked America.
            So he is an international war criminal and your ignorance of the law and the facts on the ground in those countries, real or just playing ignorant, does not change the facts.
            Trump is an international war criminal who is murdering innocent children by proxy.

            Or maybe he don’t control the military, maybe those Washington DC zionist pedophiles been lying to the American people all their lives?
            Take your pick.

          • graybuffalo

            You are indeed a whacko. Seek help.

          • John C Carleton

            And you are a zionist international war criminal, and a defender of pedophiles.
            One runs interference for evil, makes one an evil ass.

          • Mr.Conservative

            John don’t get your panties in a wad, you’re starting to sound like you’re losing it. BTW I guess you now have proof Trump is a pedophile. You might want to watch out, you don’t want to libel yourself. BTW libel means (defamation in writing or print-publish libel.)

          • Mister Lackey

            Ah, now the plot thickens with forgone conclusions that Trump’s a criminal by proxy.

            The only case you’re making now, John C. Carleton, is that you’re bit on the looney side.

          • John C Carleton

            War Crimes, Washington Dc just has a thing for them.

          • John C Carleton
          • CJ

            Amen to that

          • John C Carleton
          • John C Carleton
          • John C Carleton
          • John C Carleton
          • John C Carleton
          • John C Carleton
          • John C Carleton
          • James Holloway

            You missed the Mustard gas and the nuclear cake found in the holds of Iraqi ships going to Dutch harbors. You’ve missed so much and you still believe in the Lame Stream Media. Get a life and get out of ours!

          • John C Carleton
          • monica

            Hummmm that’s bush and his lackeys , hes the real war criminal along with his flunky Hillary and obuma.. No Trump here. just the bad guys…… lol whos a war criminal now

          • John C Carleton


          • AnnieO

            “The Young Turks” are full of liberal sh-t, and so is anyone who listens to them! ‘Nough said!

          • John C Carleton
          • John C Carleton
          • John C Carleton
          • John C Carleton
          • John C Carleton

            ‘Former Defense Minister, (Israel), Admits Israels Tacit Alliance with ISIS in Syria’

          • John C Carleton

            ‘The Birth of America’s Religion of Violence’

          • John C Carleton

            ‘US Continues to Airdrop More Aid Packages to ISIL in Northwestern Iraq”

          • John C Carleton

            ‘America has been at War 93% OF THE TIME-222 OUT OF 239 YEARS-SIENCE 1776’

          • John C Carleton

            ‘Operation Gladio: NATO’s Secret Armies’ (False flags, blowing up European Women And Children, (CIA), blaming it on the “communist”)

          • John C Carleton
          • John C Carleton

            ‘America’s War Against the People of Korea: The Historical Records of Americas War Crimes’

          • John C Carleton

            24 Years Ago Today, US Govt Used Chemical weapons on Its own People, Killing Women and Children’

          • John C Carleton

            Court Decision, US “Government Agencies Found Guilty in Martin Luther Luther King’s Assassination”‘

          • John C Carleton

            ‘I Am A Syrian Living in Syria: “It was Never a Revolution Nor A Civil War. The Terrorist Were Sent By Your Government’

          • L2GK8

            That explains it.

          • Pam

            Syrian Muslim taught to lie to those that are not of your faith, Obama sent the troops The poppy fields were found on Obamas watch and This American Knows it

          • John C Carleton
          • Jan McGhee

            By obama regime

          • John C Carleton

            Your point?

          • John C Carleton

            And finally, International War Crime of the Day, Sunday, Fathers Day.
            Trump today is Commander and CHIEF OF THE USA MERCENARY FORCES!

            Again, because your parents seemed to have short changed you by having a kid, passing on their genes. The USA, Has absolutely no legal right, moral right, to have invaded SYRIA, PAID TERRORIST TO MURDER SYRIANS, SHOOT DOWN SYRIAN MILITARY JETS, IN DEFENSE OF ISIS. THIS IS KNOWN AS AN INTERNATIONAL WAR CRIME. The trickster trumpster today, is the one in charge of the USA military, so he gave the OK to do this war crime.

            ‘Damascus: US Led Coalition Downs Syrian Aircraft Over Raqqa’

          • Pam

            BUSTED AGAIN this one is from 2010 Who was in office OBAMA Not Trump .

          • John C Carleton

            Tell Nitwityahoo i said Off

          • John C Carleton

            Yesterday. Boy you are ignorant. Try lying with the proof in your face. Well, evil pedophile war criminal promoting low lives have no honor, can not tell the truth.

          • John C Carleton

            You are truly a liar, or maybe just REAL mentally challenged.
            Yesterday, not 2010 and the bombaster, who is also an international war criminal.

          • John C Carleton

            My you be slowwwww, or maybe just a big mouth liar huh?
            Not 2010 and the obomister War crimes, No. 2017, yesterday, and Trump’s International war crimes.

          • Greg

            I thought miss clit and obummer got us in Syria before Trump even took office…didn’t obummer even draw some sort of red line…
            Get your facts straight or move !

          • John C Carleton

            The ignorance of the American sheep never ceases to amaze me.
            I stopped being amazed by the bald faced lies and big brass balls of thirty shekel zionist prostitute trolls long ago.

            ‘Americans Seem Unable to Understand the Concept or Definition of War Crimes’

          • Mister Lackey

            Cheap shots don’t make you a man. Fact is the media have been liars for decades. Wake up, fool.

          • John C Carleton
          • Mister Lackey

            You’re a special kind of idiot sheep.

          • John C Carleton
          • Feet2Fire

            And anti-Semite to boot.

          • GigiAnn

            Don’t worry about it …just keep up your Resistance, Riots, Violence, Rage ,stopping Free Speech. At Berkeley Yiannopoulos protest, $100,000 in damage, 1 arrest via @SFGate Keep up the Good work Trump Haters….We’re looking forward to celebrating President Trump’s Second term ! Peace!

          • John C Carleton
          • James Holloway

            yOu just made the list yourself!

          • monica

            did you like Obama and Hillary

          • John C Carleton

            About as much as a case of the trots.

          • longfisher

            Hi, John. I’m one of your followers.

            Please allow me to politely ask one question regarding your charge that Trump, newly elected and the recipient of a previous Administration’s foreign affairs which most certainly, as you assert, included war crimes, is also responsible for war crimes.

            But first. I’m not naive. Since the assertion of the theory of Executive Branch power in the form of the Unitary Executive (and probably before even that) American presidents have felt free to disregard International Law. Trump will probably follow in their footsteps, or as you suggest, already has.

            But my question what amount of responsibility does any newly elected president have for the continuation of his predecessor’s foreign policy which, as you suggest include the commission of war crimes, in the first few months of his presidency? And, especially what amount of responsibility does he have for those crimes when his administration is under assault during what appears to be a soft coup?

            Essentially, would the only way he was not going to inherit the criminality of his predecessor to have immediately ended all interventions within moments of being sworn in? Or, does he have some time to assert his own policies without also being a war criminal?



          • John C Carleton

            If you do not intend to do the best you can, for American and the American people, you don’t go there.
            If you go there and find the military, on your orders, will not stop their war crimes, you try to fire generals, if they will not be fired, you go to the American people and then them, i have generals doing war crimes in your name, i told them to stop, they will not stop, so i need your support making them stop.

            If you can not make it stop, all the evil, you resign in protest.

            First, i would not serve the evil in Washington, but if i were elected president, the moment i was sworn in, orders would go to the pentagon. Stop all combat operations in all countries.
            Inform the countries that you have troops in illegally, that they will be leaving.
            On my desk in the morning, i want a detailed plan of how you are going to pull this off.
            Any equipment, you do not want falling into their hands, blowout up. No time for retrograde, i want the USA out of there fast, now.
            If they did not obey, i would have gone straight to the American public and spilled all the beans.
            Yes, they might have killed me, but i would have done my duty i swore to do to the American people.
            Doing war crimes is like being pregnant, no such thing as just being a little pregnant.
            Knowing that ISIS are proxy forces for USA/Israhell, I would ask permission of the countries that they had beed sent to, if the USA could help them clean up the USA’s mess, and if allowed, given permission, i would have the USA military, kill the hell out of them.
            I would have arrested on International war crimes, at least those in the house of representative, senate , those like show me to the playground Graham, and John McShane, quite a few others.
            I would fire and have arrested those Generals who are war mongering ass holes like Mad Dog 20/20.

            That would be a beginning, and if you say it is not possible to clean Washington up, then it is the mortal enemy of every American, and every Americans, heart and hand should be against Washington DC.

          • Bulent A

            You are areal nut case. FBI should keep a close eye on you.

          • John C Carleton

            They have for some time, CIA also. They don’t like people who speak out against their crimes.
            Those who run interference for zionist pedophile war criminals, like you are doing, deserve a fair trial, and a swift carrying out of the sentence.

          • Mr.Conservative

            John you know I said earlier I was losing respect for you, well I now have “NO” respect for you. You are loony as hell. You can not just turn off a war. You said you would order all troops to return to America and with in two weeks those SOBs would be over here then what would you do?

          • John C Carleton

            Sure you can, stoop shooting. Cut a deal with the country which you invaded illegally, to allow you to leave. Arrest and extradite to those countries, the ones who made war on them, the presidents, the congressmen, the generals, the heads of alphabet agencies which sent terrorist to murder them.

            What you mean is, YOU and your DADDY, the zionist international war criminals of Washington DC/Tel Aviv, don’t want to stop the wars.

            And don’t worry, i had no respect for you to begin with.

          • Mr.Conservative

            Cut a deal, that tells me all I need to know about you. You liberals are good at cutting deals aren’t you. hillary and the home boy were good at cutting deals.

          • CJ

            John is a wack adoo

          • Mr.Conservative

            I knew John Boy was a liberal butt-sucker after reading his second comment. He is busting his ass trying to make people think he’s intelligent, but all John Boy is, is a big failure in life.

          • John C Carleton

            It is called, stop murdering people, (do you like murdering innocent people?), And make amends for the crimes your predecessors did, unless you are an International war criminal and keep murdering innocent people in violation of international law.

          • Pam

            Syrian Muslim educated where Odds are good USA On taxpayers dime, so thankful for the ride to America on Obama’s watch and the taxpayers money. Fails at blaming Obama era crimes trying to place them on Trump. Not everyone is as foolish as you take them to be. How is murdering Christians and stoning women or raping women Innocent actions? If any group of people are guilty of war crimes It is You. Case in point France , Sweden Just to name 2 countries . News Flash This American woman Promises you 1 thing if you ever come to my door Your afterlife will not be pure young females.

          • John C Carleton

            What in the world are you talking about? Hit the bottle early?

          • Mr.Conservative

            John Boy you say make amends for the crimes your predecessors made. That’s another thing the low life liberals like to do, “Play Government” and when they make fu@k-ups and screw everything up like hillary and the home-boy did, then expect someone else to make things right/ make amends. Maybe someone needs to explain to you war is “HELL” it is designed to kill people. We have not actually won a war since WWII when we fought to win. You can call me an international war criminal if you want, You’ve never set in a fox-hole 18 to 20 hours killing anything coming at you. It doesn’t take you long to figure out that we’re the good guys and they are the enemy. We will never win a P/C war.

          • John C Carleton

            Run along. Get off my leg now.
            Not polite to try to mount the leg of your betters.

          • Mr.Conservative

            John boy I never try to hump the leg of my betters, but don’t worry, I’ve never tried to hump an idiot either.

          • John C Carleton

            Run along, Trump is an international war criminal and the USA is a for profit International corporation, and you are trying to run interference for pedophiles and war criminals, make you as guilty as they,

          • Mr.Conservative

            John boy read this s l o w the only thing Trump is guilty of is having to representing you and the others that’s lite between the ears. I’m proud to be guilty when it comes to killing the enemies of America BTW you’re also one of this countries enemies and the whole damn democratic movement.

          • John C Carleton
          • Anita

            I think this says it all. John C Carleton Mister Lackey • 11 hours ago

            ‘I Am A Syrian Living in Syria: “It was Never a Revolution Nor A Civil War. The Terrorist Were Sent By Your Government’

          • leeddog

            FYI, Trump did not invade Iraq, Yemen or Syria. He inherited those actions and is trying to disengage tacticly as best he can. There are 16 years of screw-ups that he has to deal with and it will take time. You obviously have an agenda. Be gone.

          • John C Carleton

            Yemen is his baby. The Navy seals who murdered a half bling blind old man, and shot a little girl in the back, amount others, were sent by Trump, he is commander and chief. the bombaster is not to blame for the Yemen war crimes.
            As to Iraq, and Afganistan/Syria.
            Under your rational, if the boss, is raping someone, and you become boss, you rape them slower, tell them you are going to stop raping them shortly, maybe next year.
            BS. You give the rape victim aid, and have the old boss arrested, tried, convicted, and carry out the sentence.

          • leeddog

            You should have seen in Iraq what an abrupt withdrawal can do. While we never should have been there in the first place, geopolitics is different than sex.

          • John C Carleton

            Nope, it’s an excuse to keep on murdering. The USA is targeting Syria, Iraq, troops, in support of ISIS. USA military allows ISIS to slip away, transports them from one area to the other to keep the Iraq, Iranian, Russian and Syrian military s from killing them and stopping the mess, because, washington DC started it with their buddy Israhell, and they are the ones keeping it going.

            911-Irael did it’

            “Video Emerges of US Allowing ISIS Fighters To Escape to Safety in Syria’

            ‘Afghan MP: ISIL Members Trapped in Nangarhar Battlefield Rescued By US’

            ‘Yemen War Crimes, Mass Starvation and genocide. What You aren’t Being Told About US Involvement in Yemen.’

            All of these are International War Crimes!

          • Mr.Conservative

            John I just lost a little more respect for you. You’re literally starting to sound like you belong in a rubber room. If you shift the brain in gear (slowly) you will remember it was Bush and every senator and congressman (including) your home-boy that started these wars, it was the (black night) that was killing civilians with random “DRONE” strikes. How many of our enemy has Trump let out of Getmo so they could go back and kill more Americans. How many arms/weapons has Trump sold to our enemy for personal gain to kill Americans and innocent civilians. You say these countries have not attacked us, did you forget about the (marine barrack) or the (USS Cole) I guess you forgot about the (Twin Towers) I think you’re slipping off into the darkness.

          • John C Carleton

            I had no respect for you to begin with.
            People who run interference for baby raping pedophiles, international War Criminals, are just as guilty as the perps who actually do the crimes, and should stand next to them on the gallows.

          • Mr.Conservative

            John boy I don’t need your respect The thing is I know what the hell I’m talking about, you’re trying to impress some other liberal that’s just as stupid as you. Take a pol of everyone that’s commented, and ask them if they think you know what the heck you’re talking about

          • Maggie Christina

            He is into his 6th month. He inherited obama’s, bush’s, clinton’s crap. If our military leaves now, ISIS will grow again. And Taliban, Al Nusra, Hamas, Hezbollah, Boko Haram, Al Qaida…..Do you just want Trump to pull our military out of every country? Not a bad idea….they could come home and get busy arresting all the Democrat Communist- and muslim brotherhood- funded Congress and other politicians so Trump could carry out his campaign promises upon which We, the People, elected him. We want lower taxes, the Wall, closed borders, reasonably priced health insurance with no fees for not enrolling, overturning of Roe v. Wade, no antiAmerica indoctrination in our universities, govt. seizing of private citizens’ land, seizing of waterways, seizing of national parks, HUD theft for Liberal Causes, Violence and Murdering of our Cops, Rebuilding our Military for Defense, the Commie List never ends………in other words- the undoing of that Communist Islamic Radical Illegal Kenyan born Imposter’s Illegal Executive Orders.

          • Kitty Koch

            queefy queefy idiot .. your thinking of another POTUS .. duh … Trump hasn’t invaded anything .. go put up your vagina costume and stop queefing

          • L2GK8

            If that is the case, he has a LOT of company in that club!! Clinton, Obama are definitely members!

          • John C Carleton

            Goes much further back than that.

          • Feet2Fire

            Anybody who thinks the correct term is “Commander and Chief” is not worth responding to. Have now seen enough of your posts and “logic” to know the only sane course is to block you so we are not likely to have to encounter you and your crazy hateful words again, which has been done. Have a nice day!

          • John C Carleton

            Thought you blocked me, but here you are back trying to mount my leg again, i don’t have time for zionist thirty shekel trolls or American Head Up Assus sheep, begone, i give you permission to run along.
            Oh yes, Trumps military murdered more innocent people in foreign lands last night.
            Means he’s an international war criminal, two sorry you are so stupid. Personally i think you should sue your parents for passing inferior gens.
            Have a wonderful trolling day now. You disgust me.

          • Feet2Fire

            Blocked. (Life is too short.)

          • DLinz

            Just put DOWN that glue bottle Carleton….it’s rotting what’s left of your pathetic brain, and it’s starting to smell really bad. Do us all a favor and go away.

          • John C Carleton
          • John C Carleton

            Doubt you have the intelligence or honesty needed, but you can not say you were not given the opportunity to repent of your support of international war criminals, either from lack of intelligence or pure evil.
            ‘Americans seem unable to Understand The Concept or Definition of War crimes’

          • Jan McGhee

            Then, Obama, along with hillary and obama entire administration.are International war criminal. They aided and abetted Isis and other terrorist regime, including selling weapons to them.

          • John C Carleton

            Of course they are, so is Trump, he continued and escalated their war crimes.

          • James Holloway

            Go back under your bridge and play with your goats.

          • John C Carleton
          • monica

            How come your not accusing Obama and Bush for war crimes they put the boots on the ground with their demolition on the twin towers, and lied to the whole country about it… And they did it to do nothing but get their hands on oil and push the New world order. Trump is the only one I see trying to do anything about isis, and all the shit bush and Obama and Hillary created..!!!!!!

          • John C Carleton

            Oh i do often. But right now, Trump is in office, and the war crimes being done now are his war crimes, because he says he is in charge. People are being murdered everyday by several USA government organizations. Because he put himself in the hot seat of right now war crimes.

          • Charles R Douglas

            Ass hole fuck you and the pig you rode in on ass rag head shit bag goat cesspool Moron….

          • John C Carleton
          • Hugh Irwin

            Then Obama is also a war criminal ?

          • Autumn Winters

            He big in the pants where the fuck was your mouth when the Muslim leader you elected twice (stupidity at the highest) was killing people all over the world. Where was your big flatting lip when Hillary slept while Americans were being murdered. You stupid piece of shit. Your mother is calling go help her make your dinner.

          • John C Carleton

            Open Mouth, insert foot.
            Raising hell about them. I live in occupied Texas. My country has been occupied by Washington DC for 151 years. Lincoln was a war criminal, Bush Sr is a war criminal, Clintons, bill and hill are war criminals, the obombaster is a war criminal, Trump is a war criminal. I do not participate in the illusion of elections, that is for sheep.


            ‘Noblesse Oblige”


          • Eleanor LeTourneau

            Sorry people hate to disappoint you but that is the law. Obama and Trump are guilty of international war crimes. But considering that Bush and Cheny did the same thing and never paid the price and not even an opps sorry made an mistake. Don’t think we will get anywhere with these two plus the people in this country don’t pay attention to other reporters from other countries who go into these war torn areas and see and hear what is going on. WE the United States are the agressors and Bully in these cases. Sorry we are not the lilly white hated cowboy coming to the rescue we are the villians. Time for you all to wake up, the Media and the Government work hand and hand together.

        • Mr.Conservative

          John I understand and know international law, so please enlighten us we want to hear your version of international law. But knowing international law has nothing to do with having proof that a international law was broken. I think the question to you was ( In what way is Trump an international war criminal) in other words, what and where is your proof Trump is a criminal?

          • John C Carleton

            Murdering children in foreign sovereign Nations is an International war crime, or somehow if the USA does it, it is not an international war crime? Why? Because “God ‘ said Washington DC could murder innocent children in foreign lands and it was OK, Because the USA is THE GOD CHOSEN EXCEPTIONAL, ordained to rule all of humanity and the world, with the right to murder anyone who resist?

            Trump is the Commander and Chief of the USA military. The USA military, today, yesterday, the day before, every day Trump has been Commander and Chief, has been murdering Children, women, old folks, government military personal of other Sovereign Nations, in their lands, where the USA has absolutely no right to be, Don’t give a FF what some made up god said as translated by the prostitutes of Sodom and Gomorrah on the Potomac.

        • Marilyn Geer

          you know how to start more trouble don’t you? cant trust any of you liberals, and cant believe a word you say. id be careful who you call ignorant, it sort of shows ignorance

        • Gary

          I know one thing you are wasting, Oxygen please stop breathing.

          • John C Carleton

            Stop supporting war crimes and pedophilia. =0-{-<——-p—e—d—-d—-o.

        • Okprospects

          Nut job you are,get the hell out of here,Communist fruit loop!

        • Pam

          Alright that proves it out comes the slandering of other peoples intelligence and you don’t even know who they are.The Left at it’s best.I have dealings with your type in the past and brought them down Hard. Just 1 question for you though. Where exactly did you get your information on Trump being an international war criminal ?? Oh I saw a bit further down. Well Now 1 USA troops were still in those countries from Obama. Just because Obama left office does Not mean the troops came Home. John Carleton So as the troops were sent there by Obama wouldn’t that make Him the international war criminal ?? Plus you do know Obama bombed those same countries for several years up till his last day in office? So exactly who is the war criminal? Your arguement lacked a few facts there.

        • James Holloway

          You don’t either………..UN mandates have no power and the International Tribunal has not convened and one is still innocent until proven guilty. You are an aberration.

          • John C Carleton

            So it is fine for Israhell/ Washington DC to Murder, invade, rape, rob. Zionist law perhaps?

      • graybuffalo

        Don’t bother arguing with an idiot. Carleton is a lost cause. Not worth anyone’s time.

      • Nancy Collins

        Amazing how the Trump haters jump on all bullshit and smear it all over them. They smell a mile away. They really believe there are millions supporting Democrats when it’s only hundreds with many different idendities. The have Barrack Obama leading their criminal consortium. It is pretty sad to have Americans leading a Hate American’s group. How much does it cost to get people that will do anything for money? Just fifgt the good fight. Which is to support your country and the people defending it.

        • ramblinjack

          We’re not entirely sure that Obama is, or ever has been, AN AMERICAN….Would like to see that investigation opened and the whole can of worms.

      • John

        Don’t mind that dipshit, he’s a moron!

      • Sarabella

        the DIMMS are brain Damaged > 2016 EXPOSED their mental deficiency

    • Wayne Rigg

      You actually think our President has complete controlled over our military. NATO and the UNITED NATION’S can and have deployed our troops like they did in Libya without congressional approval. The military industrial complex is out of our control, it’s so corrupted it’s sickening

      • John C Carleton

        If he isn’t in control of the military, the whole spill that Washington Dc has been force feeding Americans for generations, is total BS.

        That means Washington DC has been lying to Americans for generations.

        That means, everything they say stands an exultant chance of bing a damn lie!

        And i don’t really give a whatever. As long as he CLAIMS to be in charge, he is guilty of the actions of the military.

        I Was navy, the captain of the ship is responsible for all things which happen on that ship, his fault or not.

        He don’t want to be seen as a baby murdering international war criminal, go directly to the people, tell them the truth and resign!

    • Maggie Christina

      John, what did Trump do that makes him an international war criminal? Recently or in the past?

    • GigiAnn

      Trump is Not a war Criminal…You got the wrong President…Obama is.

      • John C Carleton

        ‘Damascus: US led Collation Downs Syrian Army Aircraft Over RAGGA’

        Note!the USA, has absolutely no authority, to have any presence in Syria.

        Today, USA and their henchmen, who have absolutely no authority to be in Syria, (being there is an international war crime), shot down a Syrian Jet, which was fighting against ISIS.

        Today, fathers day, June, 2017, the trickster trumpster is commander in chief of the USA military forces. This means he gave authority for the USA troops to be in Syria illegally. (invasion), and to shoot down a Syrian Army aircraft, inside Syrian territorial Lands. This is an International War Crime.

        You may now kiss my rear or kick your parents in theirs for passing their genes to you. I really do not care which. Now let me tell you a true fact.

        Lions care not what sheep think.

    • Pam page

      War criminal indeed ,,,, I suspect you are a liberal with your phony ideas ,,,,, Trump is trying to make America great again for us all ,, and of course everybody hates him ,,, and block him every way he can ,,, now they’ve trying to impeach him , are you happy now

      • John C Carleton

        Today, Fathers day, When Trump is president, Commander and Chief, Boss of the USA Military, the USA military coalition in Syria, You remember Syria, The Sovereign Nation which the USA and their butt buddy Israhell, sent ISIS to try to murder their head of State, Just like the Israhell and DC International War Criminals had the Head of State of Libya raped with a knife before being murdered, Sho down a Syrian Military Jet which was fighting ISIS. USA, has no moral/legal authority to be in Syria with their Military,. Therefore said invasion, is an international war crime, and trump is the boss, remember?

    • Linda Halverson-Hogie

      Trump isn’t a international war criminal. You are truly delusional.

    • James Ray DeBerry

      You were going pretty well there – you were just about to reach the pinnacle, the CLIMAX!!!!! (___—- ^^^^______) and then you lost all credibility at the end. Flatlined_______________________!

    • bonniebluejeanne

      Re: Trump is an International war criminal??? SOURCE PLEASE!!!

    • Pamela Knight Delgado

      Trump doesn’t have jack. The only thing that man HAS is a piece of rope, by which he is determined to hang himself!!

    • John

      You’re a moron!

    • kerrryz

      You sound like a bit of a nut. Get help.

    • Dennise Johnston

      go put your tin foil hat back on. God bless President Donald J Trump!

    • David

      John C Carleton, Bernie Sanders put you up to this, didn’t he? Looks like Bernie Sanders and his wife are soon going to feel the burn. lol

      • John C Carleton

        How ignorant can one be. Very ignorant operantly.
        I live in occupied Texas. Several generational texan on several lines. had a 1 st. cousin killed on the Nueses strip in 1851in a fight against the Indians.
        My children and grandchildren carry the blood of the Native American and the Europeans
        Any fool that traveled away from the BS of where they grew up, understands that the most beautiful women, are those of cross breeding.
        Inbreding is never a good idea.
        My wife is Irish, Cherokee, Apache, and Aztec. She always said, we make hurtful babies.
        Every damn society needs a little fresh blood now and then.

        Told my wife the other day, damn daughter acts too much like her father.

        The meek will be BBQ.

  • Steaming Pyle

    If this article is accurate and Sessions keeps talking about weed, we have a problem in this country that can’t be fixed short of bloodshed.

  • Yu Ou Munny

    he was paid big money from the foundation along with lynch and many others in the deep state folks this is bigger then anyone can imagine

  • Feet2Fire

    “Judge Moss ordered a rollout of all the Datto contents by September 2018, right before the midterm,” Kawa said.

    –Well, there is THAT.

  • Stephen Coyle

    Only in America could such be happening,Clintons are not in Prison,The Israel backed Goverment is Boss.

  • Ibulena

    Comey took his orders from Lynch who took her orders from Jarrett and Obama!

  • Cecil Howard

    I have lost faith in all Federal officer. I hope thay are having fun. You strut that BS in Houston you are going to be called out on it

  • techsavvychick

    I am SO SICK OF THIS SHIT! #WeThePeople deserve #RealJustice in this country and even with Trump in office I’m afraid we’re never going to get it. The GOP is tacitly going along with the coordinated effort to unseat a legally, democratically elected president because THEY HAVE THE SAME AGENDA! #WeThePeople MUST #VoteThemOut OUT OUT OUT!

  • Dee Dunbar verified deplorable

    some people need to go to jail and soon if WE are ever to have LAW in this Country again!

  • robittcc

    The hope is if all this is true about these bums, hiding evidence, Justice dept, should take hold of ALL that evidence. Prosecute these bastards and put them in jail, where they all belong. !!!

  • John C Carleton

    A conspiracy Theory that became “Conspiracy Fact”: The CIA, Afghanistan’s Poppy Fields and Americas growing Heroin Epademic’

  • John C Carleton

    Lost you at the beginning, i was not talking in head start language. Oh yes.

  • GigiAnn

    Comey needs to be under Investigation. But not from Robert Muller beings their Tight like Brothers. The SOB is a Leaker and made sure his friend Muller do the Investigation on Trump/Russia.and we all know it’s not about Russia. It’s a Bad case of Sour Grapes. This Sanctimonious Fraud needs a taste of his own Medicine!

  • Marilyn Tamm Zayac

    so H didn’t lie? They had all her emails the whle time! WasComey prtecting her by nt submitting them?

  • Pam page

    Everything found about Clinton ,,, the better ,,,, I’m sure Trey Gowdy will do it justice ,,, he’s the best ,,, I hope he will find out so much more and finally put her in jail

  • Garrick Muller

    John C. Carleton all of your ranting brings alarm to us bible thumping gun toting red blooded Americans are you sure your not gonna try to shoot or kill a republican or even the president . Get a grip hes your president for the next 7 plus years and that makes the whole republican party in control ,sleep well my disturbed friend.

  • Mike

    Thats all bullshit, why because they have untill 2018 to suppose to read and get it out to the public…then tell me why it only takes 1 or 2 day to bring something out on President Trump. 1st they ran out of evidence on trump then all of a sudden they have something else to start. What in the hell is it with the hillary investigation’s. All i have to say is all of this is a complete crap…….The FBI The DOJ The DNC. Not a mother fkn thing gets done unless Donald Trymp name is on it….if anything has to do with the demarats you can forget about it…..judicial watch isnt no better than Tray Gowdy….all talk and no show. Where is the justice in this country…….demarats are above the law and everybody knows it……i believe everyone you are a bunch of fuckin lies. None of the government is worth a flying shit except our Military. All of you need to be put in prison untill we can figure it all out…..bunch of fools and your making this country look foolish.

  • Mike

    When the arrest some people they will start talking….people will sell out their own mama to stay outta jail…

  • James W Parker III

    The truth will be told!

  • Susan Briggs

    I think Comey was securing his job with Hellery. I think that is why he came out and said what he said about the emails letting them know he was serious. I also think he was trying to get info on Trump to stay where he was.

  • gigi

    Is there any legal way to get rid of the Carleton fellow’s comments? No. I recommend that once we see his name on any postings that we just stop making additional posts.

  • AUEagle

    The information will be released in 2018 when the Statute of Limitations expires.

  • Chris P. Bacon

    I think this is what is called “insurance” for those who work around the Clintons and don’t want to end up dead.

  • Mr.Conservative

    John boy your home boy was the one that sent the troops into Syria.
    When President Obama began the American war against ISIS in 2014 — a belated and necessary step to stop ISIS’s blitzkrieg across Iraq — there was a lingering question: Then what? If and when we defeat ISIS in Iraq and Syria, what comes next? Ideally, American allies would defeat the world’s most vicious terrorists, the warring parties in Syria would then have the space to reach a political settlement, and a genocidal civil war would finally end.

    Read more at:

  • Pam page

    Of course he did ,,,, they should be interviewing her ,,, she will be the treasonous one ,,, the whole Country

  • Surly Curmudgen

    Our legal system has been perverted when the wealthy and the politically powerful escape justice.

  • tibi

    This twit is an embarrassment to himself, his country, the FBI, and his family. What a disgusting pig

  • Tim Kern

    I’ll believe in the Rule of Law when I see Hillary and Prince Barack in prison, and Holder, Lynch, and Comey on the way.
    Until then, it’s just showboating.

    • James Ratliff

      You can be patriotic loyal American, or you can be a republican. You cannot be both.

  • DontMessWithAmerica

    The puzzling part in Comey’s routine was announcing the reopening of the Hillary investigation a week or two before the election which may have affected the vote in favor of Trump. I asked myself why would he do that after shielding Hillary all along? And then it struck me that in his devious, complex, confusing and perhaps confused mind, he may have realized by then that Trump will win and he decided to pave his own future by pulling this stunt to give himself the appearance of being fair and non-partisan. We’ll never get the truth unless we waterboard him.

  • chattering teeth

    The NSA had them too. What BS.

  • Sarabella

    Remember this > TRAITOR Comey Asks DOJ to > Reject President Donald Trump’s WireTapping Claim!

    The Problem is … Comey was Given Tangible Proof that Trump was indeed > being spied on!

    … in fact Comey was briefed on and given Hard Evidence > and Trump knew he was given the evidence too > that YES Trump Was being Spied on … and Comey was trying to Bury it > Trump knew he was trying to bury it >

    But NOW > Comey is being “SUED” > by Intelligence Contractor > “Dennis Montgomery” who informed Comey about the 47 HardDrives of proof!

    btw > this “IS” the Big Story! because Obama spied on 20 million Americans in addition to Trump

    Trump ‘furious’ as FBI rejects claim Obama tapped his phones
    Youtube the Title > { James Comey sued by intelligence contractor Dennis Montgomery over spying on Americans }

  • trooper4truth

    Hillary’s State department lied. First the hard drive was erased, then it was scratched, then the hard drive was lost, then it must be at a land fill. But obstructionist Comey had it the entire time.