Colombia Ban Monsanto’s Roundup On Cocaine Over Health Concerns

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In light of recent revelations that Monsanto’s herbicide ‘Roundup’ is probably carcinogenic, the Colombian government have announced that they will stop using the spray to treat the coca plant, which is used in the production of cocaine. 

The president of Colombia, President Juan Manuel, said, “I am going to ask the government officials in the National Drug Council at their next meeting to suspend glyphosate spraying of illicit cultivations”.

“The recommendations and studies reviewed by the Ministry of Health show clearly that yes, this risk exists,” he added. reports:

Not only does this spraying affect users of cocaine, but farmers have complained that indiscriminate spraying of this chemical has caused entire fields of coffee and other legal crops to be totally destroyed and poisoned.

Other countries in the region, like Ecuador and Peru, also use this chemical to kill coca crops, but so far Colombia is the first and only country to make this type of declaration. A global movement known as the March Against Monsanto will take place on May 23rd to oppose the use of Roundup and other Monsanto products around the world.