CNN Reporter Says Coronavirus Lockdown Has ‘Helped Humanity’ Buy Time To Address Global Warming

Fact checked

CNN reporter Bill Weir believes that the coronavirus is having a positive impact on climate change.

He claims that the current lockdowns are helping humanity buy time to address the effects of global warming.

Daily Wire reports: Like many environmentalists, it appears Weir is looking on the bright side of coronavirus-related lockdowns, which have had an economic impact on an estimated 43% of Americans and left at least 26 million out of work, according to the latest numbers from the Department of Labor, issued Thursday.

Weir also appears to claim the virus comes as the result of increased deforestation in his Earth Day CNN segment.

There are, of course, competing theories as to how the novel coronavirus that causes COVID-19 became a national pandemic, but most center on events in Wuhan, China, and focus on either the consumption of endangered species, like the pangolin, or the possibility that the virus “escaped” from a research lab that was investigating a number of coronaviruses without taking proper precaution.

The coronavirus has had an impact on pollution, as many outlets noted in their Earth Day coverage Wednesday.