CNN: ‘Everyone Is Excited at Hillary’s 2024 Presidential Run’

Fact checked
CNN says everybody is excited at imminent Hillary presidential run in 2024

CNN has declared that “everyone” in America is thrilled at the prospect of Hillary Clinton running again for president in 2024.

According to a CNN op-ed by Michael D’Antonio, “everyone in the political world,” including Democrats and Republicans, are “excited by the prospect” of Hillary’s imminent return:

While the mere mention of the Clintons in the context of another presidential campaign offends some and inspires others, everyone in the political world has a reason to be excited by the prospect.

Among her supporters, there must be millions who have recovered from the heartbreak of 2016 and are ready to back her again. Among those who oppose her, the chance to resume battle against the woman they love to hate must surely send hearts racing. reports: D’Antonio projected that if Hillary were to run in 2024, her ambition would grant her the ascendancy of other politicians like “Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan, the first president Bush — who lost either primary or general elections and came back to win the White House.”

D’Antonio also stated Hillary would be the most qualified candidate in 2024, even more than President Joe Biden, who remained on the sidelines in 2016 and let Hillary skate to the nomination.

“Given her experience as First Lady, a United States senator, and Secretary of State, Hillary is one of the most qualified potential presidents in the land,” the article read.

The story accused right-wing media of framing Hillary as a “monster” instead of a “leader,” a narrative that could be rectified if she decides to run in 2024.

But Hillary lost badly in 2016, forcing her to recover “at her home in Chappaqua and only recently began returning to public life,” D’Antonio continued. “It is this resilience that energizes her critics and her supporters at the mere mention of a comeback.”

CNN’s op-ed follows a Wall Street Journal op-ed from last week that trumpeted Hillary as a potential 2024 front-runner.

Written by two Democrat insiders, the op-ed alleged Hillary is an “experienced national figure who is younger than Mr. Biden and can offer a different approach from the disorganized and unpopular one the party is currently taking.”

The Journal’s opinion piece dismissed Vice President Kamala Harris and Biden as legitimate 2024 contenders. Biden’s approval rating is pegged at 33 percent, while Harris’s approval rating in August was marked at the lowest for a VP since the 1970s.