CNN: Chinese-Style Fonts Are ‘RACIST’

Fact checked
CNN says Chinese-style fonts are racist

CNN now claims that anyone caught using a Chinese-style font is a racist.

Yes, really.

According to a new story published on CNN, Chinese-style fonts are offensive because they perpetuate “crude” stereotypes.

Author Anne Quito writes that “chop suey fonts to communicate “Asianness” in food packaging, posters and ad campaigns” are further evidence of “discrimination and systemic racism.” reports: She made this ludicrous assertion despite admitting that the fonts were immediately adopted by Chinese immigrants who came to the United States to set up businesses.

Apparently, the hundreds of thousands of Chinese business owners across the western world don’t appear to believe the font is racist since they choose to proudly display variations of it on the front of their shops and restaurants.

A scholar of Chinese typography also largely dismissed the claims by pointing out that he didn’t find the fonts offensive and that it was a gross oversimplification to label them racist.

Another respondent feared he could be called racist for using Roman fonts.

Numerous other Asian respondents said they were not offended by the font.

Over the last couple of months, the establishment media has tried to contrive a fake narrative that “white supremacy” is responsible for a wave of hate crimes against Asian-Americans.

In reality, as we have documented, white people are underrepresented in committing violent crimes against Asians, with almost all of the recent high profile examples of hate crimes targeting Asians being carried out by black men.