CNN Admits Joe Biden Is the Most Unpopular President in American History

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CNN admits Joe Biden is most unpopular president in history

Joe Biden officially has the lowest approval rating of anyone ever elected in the United States, CNN polling analyst Harry Enten admitted on Friday.

Looking at numbers from several different pollsters, Enten confessed that Biden’s approval ratings are abysmally low in every major poll.

“They range from the low 30s to the low 40s. Low 40s is not good, either. But what’s key is the lowest are tied for the low for the pollster, lowest here, lowest here. This is one point off the lowest, lowest here,” Enten stated.

“And when you have three or four pollsters showing the lowest numbers for the president of the United States, that is indicative of a president who is in a lot of trouble, at least to where he is standing historically.” reports: Enten went on to remind viewers the network frequently criticized Donald Trump over his low approval ratings; but at this point in his presidency, Biden’s approval is now lower than Trump’s.

“Well, at this point in his presidency, Donald Trump’s numbers, actually his average approval rating is one point higher than Joe Biden’s, which is at forty one percent,” Enten said. “Donald Trump at 42 percent, a first term president at this point in his presidency. This is the lowest. This is the lowest for anyone who is elected to the presidency and didn’t get up there through the vice presidency. This is a really, really, really bad number.”

While CNN appears surprised to see the poll results, there are several explanations for the low approval numbers, not to mention inflation, high gas prices, the disastrous Afghanistan pullout, the economy-destroying Covid restrictions and more.