Climate Change Affects The Poor While The Rich Get Richer

climate change

A study has found that the effect of climate change is to send the world’s natural resources towards the wealthy nations of the northern hemisphere.

The Independent reports:

Climate change, it has been found, is causing important natural resources to move towards the Earth’s poles, thereby taking wealth away from the poorest nations nearest the equator.

Rises in temperature are forcing fish, plants, trees and other species to move away from temperate zones towards the poles.

According to a paper entitled “Wealth reallocation and sustainability under climate change”, which was published in the journal Nature Climate Change, this mass redistribution of resources both natural and human benefits the wealthiest countries in the northern hemisphere.

The study used fish migration data and a mathematical formula to illustrate the correlation between the movement of resources and the movement of wealth.

Because the effects of climate change are unevenly spread across the world, such a physical redistriubtion of resources to the poles will be similary uneven.

Dr Malin Pinsky, from Rutgers University, said: “What we find is that natural resources like fish are being pushed around by climate change, and that changes who gets access to them.

“We tend to think of climate change as just a problem of physics and biology.

Edmondo Burr

BA Economics/Statistics
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  • The Professor

    Dec 8, 2015 Climate Change is Unfaslifiable Woo-Woo Pseudoscience

    Karl Popper famously said, “A theory that explains everything explains nothing.” So what do you make of the theory that catastrophic manmade CO2-driven “climate change” can account for harsher winters and lighter winters, more snow and less snow, droughts and floods, more hurricanes and less hurricanes, more rain and less rain, more malaria and less malaria, saltier seas and less salty seas, Antarctica ice melting and Antarctic ice gaining and dozens of other contradictions? Popper gave a name to “theories” like this: pseudoscience.

  • The Professor

    It is a slush fund raping American taxpayers with the Fascist government of today!

    June 22, 2014 Shut down costly slush fund: Opposing view

    Export-Import Bank’s actions are nothing more than market-distorting subsidies. What do Solyndra, Enron and Mexican drug cartels have in common? The answer may come as a surprise to most Americans. It’s a little-known agency called the Export-Import Bank, a government-sponsored slush fund that gives taxpayer-backed loans and loan guarantees to foreign entities to buy U.S. exports. Solyndra, Enron and even Mexican drug cartels have benefited from these wasteful subsidies.