Clashes Between Police & Anti Austerity Protesters In Brussels

Fact checked

Water cannon has been deployed in Brussels as anti-austerity protesters ‘clash with police’

Thousands have taken to the streets of the capital of Belgium to protest measures recently introduced by the government.

According to reports, some protesters were throwing stones and burning waste at the police who then responded with a water cannon.

According to RT :

Police said that 81,000 people took to streets in the center of the Belgian capital on Wednesday. The organizers of the protest put the number even higher, speaking on an attendance of around 100,000, AFP reported.

The biggest protest in Belgium in nearly a year started peacefully, but then reports in the local media emerged of isolated clashes between dockers from the northern port city of Antwerp and the security forces.

 The rally was staged by the country’s three largest unions, who spoke out against austerity and accused Prime Minister Charles Michel of promoting big companies at the expense of the workforce.