CIA Pilot Presents Evidence That No Planes Hit Towers On 9/11

Ex-CIA pilot John Lear vindicated as evidence that no planes hit the twin towers on 9/11 is compiled and published online

Ex-CIA and commercial jet pilot John Lear claims that the Twin Towers were not bought to the ground by planes crashing into them on 9/11, and now detailed information has been posted online corroborating his account.

In Lear’s expert opinion the official claim that two planes crashed into the towers is actually “physically impossible.”

With reports from the Kremlin that President Putin will release satellite images proving that the Twin Towers were destroyed by “controlled demolition” rather than by the force of two planes, enormous strides towards disproving the official 9/11 Commission version are taking place.

The grandson of Learjet founder Bill Lear, John Lear is a retired airline captain and former CIA pilot who has flown over 100 different types of plane during 40 years of active flying. He holds more FAA airman certificates than any other FAA certified pilot, and has flown secret CIA missions in Asia, Africa, Eastern Europe and the Middle East.

Basically, you don’t want to argue with John Lear about flying and planes. He is as close as you can come to being American intelligence and aerospace aristocracy.

9/11 Plane Hoax proves his theories:


We are supposed to believe that both planes were entirely inside the towers, with no pieces showing. A Boeing 767 is 156 feet wide and 159 feet long. The distance from: the outer perimeter of the North Tower at the alleged point of contact by AA Flight 11, to: the central 47 massive inner core beams that are cross-braced is 60 feet. The distance from: the outer surface of the South Tower at the alleged point of contact by UA Flight 175, to: the core structure of that building was 37 feet. The differential in length in relation to the North Tower with respect to plane length and a building length that is measured in terms of the distance to the core structure is about 99 feet. The differential length for the South Tower is approximately 122 feet. A 767 is 159 feet long so most of the plane has got to be outside of the tower in both cases since there is simply no room for the entire length of the plane to crumple into. Why didn’t we see 99 feet of AA Flight 11 sticking out of the North Tower or broken off, crumpled up, and/or crumbling to the ground below? Why didn’t we see 122 feet of UA Flight 175 sticking out of the South Tower or crumpled up, and/or crumbling to the WTC plaza below?

There is no plane or plane wreckage at all to be seen in the hole of either tower in any video or photos.

Of course, there are no planes to be seen in the holes of either tower or on the street below because there were no real planes.

We would expect a sharp deceleration as the plane crumpled to fit into the 60 feet of space (North Tower, Flight 11) and 35 feet of space (South Tower, Flight 175) from the perimeter to the central steel core. Instead, in the videos, both planes enter the towers entirely at uniform motion.

John Lear 9/11

A Boeing 767 is 156 feet wide. The width of the hole in the South Tower was 106 feet wide and the width of the hole in the North Tower was 125 feet wide. 50 feet of the Boeing 767 that allegedly struck the South Tower cannot fit into the size of the hole that is in the North Tower…a hole that was supposedly created by a Boeing 767 with a wingspan of 156 feet. 31 feet of the Boeing 767 that is said to have hit the North Tower cannot fit into the size of the hole that is in the North Tower…a hole that was supposedly created by a Boeing 767 with a wingspan of 156 feet. Some people may say that the wings of the Boeings merely folded back as the aluminum portion of the wings came in contact with the exterior steel columns. However we can see this is not what happens in the videos. Even so the aluminum wings would not neatly fold back they would be torn off.

Twin towers torsion

Isaac Newton’s Third Law of Motion: “For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.” High school physics states that the force an airplane exerts on a building is the same as the force a building exerts on an airplane. Let’s apply Newton’s Third Law to Flight 175. In the 9/11 story, Flight 175 strikes the South Tower at 450 m.p.h. Now imagine that the South Tower moved at 450 m.p.h. and struck a stationary Flight 175. We would not expect that Flight 175 would be undamaged. We would not expect that it would simply disappear into the South Tower. Any video that shows an aluminum airplane with a fibreglass nose cone gliding through a steel and concrete building violates Newton’s Laws of Motion.

9/11 no planes

The above diagram shows that Flight 175 was intersecting with eight (8) floors that consisted of steel trusses connected at one end to the core columns and to the external support columns at the other, where each floor was covered with 4-8” of concrete, representing an acre of concrete apiece and posing enormous horizontal resistance to any airplane’s penetration into the building.

In the impact videos, notably the Hezarkhani, Luc Courchesne, Spiegel TV and Evan Fairbanks videos we see what we are told is a plane cartoonishly pass through the steel face of the tower like a ghost. As the alleged plane makes contact with the tower there is no bending, buckling or breaking of the plane. No wings breaking or other parts of the plane breaking apart. This is impossible. It is cartoon physics. It melts into the side of the tower like a knife through butter. A passenger jet is a hollow aluminum and plastic tube which is highly vulnerable to impacts with flying birds. The “plane” we are told is Flight 175 is depicted as being simultaneously both half in the South Tower and still completely intact, a pair of buildings made with 200,000 tons of steel each. When the tip of the plane’s fuselage hits the steel exterior of the South Tower the fuselage should be breaking up. That would cause the wings to break off.

From the holes left in both towers after “impact” we are supposed to believe the wings sliced clean through the 14 inch steel beams but this is simply impossible. The fragile mostly hollow aluminum wings would not slice through all the 14 inch steel box columns of the WTC towers and leave a Wylie Coyote style hole. An airplane wing can be sliced in half by a wooden telephone pole:

Aluminum plane wings will not cut through 14 inch steel regardless of speed and weight. Not only is it impossible for the wings to have cut through the steel columns but it is absolutely impossible for the fragile wing tips to have also cut through the steel columns.

Twin towers hoax

9/11 truth

9/11 John lear

The wings would break off immediately upon contact and the plane would explode. It would not enter the tower and then explode. The plane would simply be obliterated to pieces by the 14 inch steel box columns and the steel and concrete floor trusses before it got anywhere near the inside of the tower.

9/11 plane

Newton’s First Law of Motion: “A body remains at rest or in motion with a constant velocity unless acted upon by an external force.” The plane did not slow down as it made contact with the tower. How can the plane fly at the same speed through the steel/concrete face of the tower as it did through the air? This is impossible. The “plane” also violates Newton’s First Law.

9/11 CNN


9/11 hoax


WTC 9/11 plane


The hole that wasn't there 9/11


9/11 impossible


Apart from one or two props placed there like a bit of tire and a bit of engine…parts that didn’t even match a Boeing 767 and like the laughable bit of engine on the Pentagon lawn there were no real plane parts or debris to be seen and no black boxes were ever found at ground zero. In reality, if a plane had hit the tower it would have crushed up like a car hitting a wall and its wings would have broken off and the majority of the plane would have fallen to the street below. The street below would have been littered with plane debris and the charred remains of the passengers yet it wasn’t because there was no plane.


FAA Regulation 121 requires a comprehensive investigation of all crashes of scheduled commercial flights yet there are no official crash reports on the 4 incidents because there were no planes.


Experienced commercial and military pilots have stated that the speed and manoeuvres of the planes that hit the World Trade Center are impossible to have happened. They state they could not replicate the alleged flights themselves. Two experienced pilots using flight simulators on the morning of 9/11 could not hit towers at 500 mph in six attempts. In reality a 767 fly can not fly that fast at sea level. Pilots For 9/11 Truth state that the speed and sharp manoeuvres would have resulted in the plane breaking up from the stress on the aircraft frame due to the the speed and air pressure. It would be extremely difficult for the pilot to actually hit the tower even if the wings didn’t break off due to the stress.

9/11 debunked

Capt. Russ Wittenberg is a former U.S. Air Force fighter pilot with over 100 combat missions. Retired commercial pilot. Flew for Pan Am and United Airlines for 35 years. Aircraft flown: Boeing 707, 720, 727, 737, 747, 757, 767, and 777. 30,000+ total hours flown. Capt. Russ Wittenberg is a unique individual in that he had previously flown the actual two United Airlines aircraft Flight 93 and Flight 175.

This is what he has to say:

Video interview 9/11 Ripple Effect 8/07:

“I flew the two actual aircraft which were involved in 9/11; the Fight number 175 and Flight 93, the 757 that allegedly went down in Shanksville and Flight 175 is the aircraft that’s alleged to have hit the South Tower.

I don’t believe it’s possible for, like I said, for a terrorist, a so-called terrorist to train on a [Cessna] 172, then jump in a cockpit of a 757-767 class cockpit, and vertical navigate the aircraft, lateral navigate the aircraft, and fly the airplane at speeds exceeding it’s design limit speed by well over 100 knots, make high-speed high-banked turns, exceeding — pulling probably 5, 6, 7 G’s.

And the aircraft would literally fall out of the sky. I couldn’t do it and I’m absolutely positive they couldn’t do it.”

Article 7/17/05:

“The government story they handed us about 9/11 is total B.S. plain and simple.” … Wittenberg convincingly argued there was absolutely no possibility that Flight 77 could have “descended 7,000 feet in two minutes, all the while performing a steep 280 degree banked turn before crashing into the Pentagon’s first floor wall without touching the lawn.”…

“I flew the two actual aircraft which were involved in 9/11; the Fight number 175 and Flight 93, the 757 that allegedly went down in Shanksville and Flight 175 is the aircraft that’s alleged to have hit the South Tower.

I don’t believe it’s possible for, like I said, for a terrorist, a so-called terrorist to train on a [Cessna] 172, then jump in a cockpit of a 757-767 class cockpit, and vertical navigate the aircraft, lateral navigate the aircraft, and fly the airplane at speeds exceeding it’s design limit speed by well over 100 knots, make high-speed high-banked turns, exceeding — pulling probably 5, 6, 7 G’s. And the aircraft would literally fall out of the sky. I couldn’t do it and I’m absolutely positive they couldn’t do it.”

“For a guy to just jump into the cockpit and fly like an ace is impossible – there is not one chance in a thousand,” said Wittenberg, recalling that when he made the jump from Boeing 727’s to the highly sophisticated computerized characteristics of the 737’s through 767’s it took him considerable time to feel comfortable flying.

“The airplane could not have flown at those speeds which they said it did without going into what they call a high speed stall.

The airplane won’t go that fast if you start pulling those high G maneuvers at those bank angles. … To expect this alleged airplane to run these maneuvers with a total amateur at the controls is simply ludicrous…

It’s roughly a 100 ton airplane. And an airplane that weighs 100 tons all assembled is still going to have 100 tons of disassembled trash and parts after it hits a building.

There was no wreckage from a 757 at the Pentagon. … The vehicle that hit the Pentagon was not Flight 77. We think, as you may have heard before, it was a cruise missile.”


In all of the footage the alleged planes hitting the twin towers clearly do not look real. The planes have a computer generated appearance. In the different footage we see the planes changing shape and color, missing wings, are featureless and blurred. Pilot John Lear made the observation that the plane has no strobe lights. The plane also casts no shadow.

9/11 vanishing wing

9/11 plane no shadow


According to BTS statistics, both 11 and 77 officially never took-off on 9/11. The meticulous data kept on every airliner taking-off at every airport in the country also showed no elapsed run-way time, wheels-off time and taxi-out time, not to mention several other categories left blank on 9/11 concerning the two flights.

Although flights 11 and 77 have the above data meticulously logged on 9/10, it was suspiciously absent on 9/11, even when every other plane that took of that day had been recorded and logged by the BTS. The flight that was labelled flight 11 by air traffic control was 10 miles from Manhattan at 8:46am. If flights AA 11 and AA 77 never existed, then there are only two planes, not four, to be accounted for. Investigators who have checked the tail numbers for the planes which departed as UA 93 and UA 175 on 9/11 (namely N591UA and N612UA respectively) believe that these planes are still in service. If so, and if AA 11 and AA 77 never existed, then the number of Boeing 757s and 767s destroyed on 9/11 was not four, as the US government maintains, but rather zero.

Both UA 175, plane number N612UA and UA 93, plane number N591UA, were “still registered and valid more than 4 years after [their] alleged destruction.

Pilots For 9/11 Truth, have confirmed that United 175 received a message at least twenty minutes after it allegedly crashed into the World Trade Center. This proves that the flight never smashed into the Center but instead flew for some time that day, a point advanced in the book ‘Planes Without Passengers: The Faked Hijackings of 9/11’.


Most people in the 9/11 Truth community accept that no planes were used at the Pentagon and Shanksville; the evidence shows no real planes were used for the towers either.

9/11 pentagon no plane


9/11 smoking gun

In conclusion we can be 100% certain the planes were not real. Apart from defying the laws of physics with impossible crash dynamics the planes do not even look real. The question is: are the planes digital composites (CGI) inserted into real video or is it a 3D projected image using advanced technology not known to the public? Richard D Hall’s 3D radar data analysis has confirmed that the trajectory of the “planes” in all the videos match up with the radar data. If video fakery was used i.e the planes were digital composites, the question can be asked why would they go to the trouble of making sure all the “plane” videos match up with the radar data but do such a poor job of rendering the planes which look like poor quality CGI, Why does the wing momentarily disappear in six different videos? This is a still from the Hezarkhani video showing a digital composite plane on the top and the original “plane” from the Hezarkhani video underneath: The digital composite plane looks more realistic. Here is a video showing how easy it is to create a digital composite plane and insert it into real video: Here is another example of a digital composite plane inserted into the Evan Fairbanks video: Why would they create such poor quality CGI planes that look different in different videos? If the planes were a digital composite it should look the same in every video. Based on Richard D Hall’s radar data analysis (, the witness testimony and the fact the left wing disappears in 4 videos and the right wing in 2 videos the evidence points to the plane being a 3D projection. Richard D Hall believes there may have been a solid object, probably a small missile at the centre of the “illusion”, with an image of a Boeing 767 being projected around it.


The holographic projector displays a three-dimensional visual image in a desired location, removed from the display generator. The projector can be used for psychological operations and strategic perception management. It is also useful for optical deception and cloaking, providing a momentary distraction when engaging an unsophisticated adversary.”

This technology was reported in the media before 9/11 pertaining to military psychological operations (PSYOPS).

Washington Post

“When Seeing and Hearing Isn’t Believing”

By William M. Arkin

February 1, 1999

A few notable quotes (emphasis added):

According to a military physicist given the task of looking into the hologram idea, the feasibility had been established of projecting large, three-dimensional objects that appeared to float in the air.

… has learned that a super secret program was established in 1994 to pursue the very technology for PSYOPS application. The “Holographic Projector” is described in a classified Air Force document as a system to “project information power from space … for special operations deception missions.”

Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry is a writer at News Punch. He covers politics, business and entertainment. Speaking truth to power since he learned to talk, Baxter has travelled in over 80 countries and won arguments in every single one. Live without fear.
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    A plane (reported to be 175) was seen on live tv crashing into the south tower by several angles and different cameras and different stations. I understand the math and aluminium planes vs steel, but how do you hijack live tv and put cgi on it. I was watching it, so it wasn’t put in later.

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      If I remember right (it was several years ago when I studied this) there was only ONE live feed that ALL the networks piggy-backed off of…This, of course, made the whole deception possible…..
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      was not flight 175. Was standin military see comment above.

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    This is disgraceful to even claim, and you should be ashamed. Tell this bullshit to the people who lost their loved ones aboard those planes when those fanatics committed this horrible act. You’re blind, and thousands of people witnessed these planes slamming into the buildings, but idiot conspiracy theories are a dime a dozen. Believe whatever smoke and shadows you want…two jets slammed into those buildings, whether you are aware of it or not. Go smoke some more marijuana or drop some more acid, space-head.

    • TheUnbeholden

      Don’t be foooled, Many conspiracy theoriests believe that there was real planes hitting the towers! Its not all disinfo like this! There was no commercial airline crashes at any of the four sites on 9-11 and there is attempts to push a Zionist role but not at the top levels of the U S government at the time of the event. The psyops are trying to take attention away from the BTS records that show those planes where not only never scheduled for flight, but never actually left the airport. Its not CGI, its not some landing at a secret airport where people where murdered and replaced with new planes. The planes that hit where more likely than not, drones used specifically for that purpose or the hijackers managed to get into totally different planes designed for this purpose. Basically either the US did this with support from Israel, or hijackers did this (funded by Saudi’s and Qatar) with heavy support from US and Israel.

      • TXPatriot

        Have you actually looked at the crash video? I have looked at all I can find and there are no real planes to be found anywhere. Every view, the plane just slides through the wall. If you know where the real plane is, please post. I point out that clip where the guy is sitting and reacts to the explosion above, but not to the jet screaming 800 feet over his head at 400+ miles per hour.

        • apeman2502

          CNN contracted 3 photoshopped videos because the other networks had bought up all the live footage.

          • TXPatriot

            Where is the footage of the real planes crashing?

          • apeman2502

            Be critical in your analysis. Phony is easy to catch. Remember the steel perimeter panels were only 1/4, 7/16, and 1/2 inch thick steel, and were held in place with exploding bolts.

          • TXPatriot

            Wikipedia has the thickness of the perimeter columns at 14 inches. So do all the other sources I have seen. An airliner would only smash itself on such a structure. Only a fraction would enter the building while most of the plane would remain outside and tumble to the ground.

            All available videos show only CGI-type plane images going inside the buildings with no collision followed by an explosion no doubt instigated by the real criminals. Forget everything else for the moment, because if no one can produce a video of a real collision of a real United 175 with WTC2, the Official Story is toast and all theories will have to be based on this reality.


          • apeman2502

            The 14 x14 tubes were of a 1/4 inch thick stock. The connecting panels were 7/16 inches thick. This from blueprints. Aluminum is of a superior tensile strength to structural steel by 16%, and aircraft grade alloy much stronger than that. The wing leading edges of greater thickness alloy stock did the job fine, an the exploding bolts worked fine. Examine photos of the impact sites. Neat, squared off ends on the columns. If no exploding bolts, these end flanges would have been mangled, just like a bad car wreck leaves sheet metal mangled.

          • TXPatriot

            Apeman, whatever size they were, do you have a way to show the plane making it thru?

          • apeman2502

            Compare the tensile strengths of structural steel versus aircraft grade aluminum, and note the thickness of the leading edges of the military stand in jets, and the FACT established that over 2,000 exploding bolts HAD BEEN DELIVERED to the WTCs, and all of a sudden the full penetration of the 200,000 pound jets becomes quite reasonable and judging from the numerous videos, a done deal. This is a simple arithmetic problem, Go out and get some physical exercise, grab an orange, and do the math. Genius. We all watched it happen. A test of this procedure on the WTC tower prototype was done at queen Elizabeth’s ARCO Nuclear Testing Reservation late 1968. I was advised of the successful test result that evening.

          • apeman2502

            Aluminum has superior tensile strength, exploding bolts detached the panels and the 200,000 pound jets kicked them off the flanges into the building. Go look up the specifics from engineering spec books. Screw Fetzer and John Lear. There were ZERO secured obstacles except for the floor assemblies which shredded the jets.

          • TXPatriot

            Revisionist science. 767 would have smashed against steel wall. Only it was an illusion as shown by the video clips.

          • apeman2502

            The videos you refer to are from the CNN photoshop collection. Don’t listen to Fetzer. He is in danger so he lies.

          • apeman2502

            If you read, it says TUBES of 14 ” diameter. Quit spazzing. You have no weight and are the LAZIEST excuse for a punk I have witnessed in some time. There are many videos to choose from, and Kurt Sonnenfeld did a 6 HOUR video, half photographs, of the site, including a large quantity of wreckage photos.

          • TXPatriot

            You can’t ignore the tough job the plane would have to do to get through the outside wall. Then it would have to plow through a hundred feet of several concrete floors. Then it would have to sever 10 massive core columns. to satisfy NIST’s scenario. All this is immaterial as there were no real planes used in the attacks. The videos show that some kind of video imaging was used instead. All damage was done by explosives planted inside the building.
            his makes the plan much more simple, don’t you agree.

          • apeman2502

            Explosives including conventional and low velocity high heat nuclear fusion activity. NOTE CAREFULLY the SHAPES of the holes caused by the jets. ALL squared off steel with jagged thin exterior shredded aluminum. Do a search on my name and get on the road to truth and understanding how the devices worked. I documented all of this in 1969. The engineers beklieved the exploding bolts were for future jet pack commuter hangar doors, except thet y knew exploding bolts worked ONCE. Something was up and not made clear until a decision by the new Nixon administration(Bush) that the nukes would go in. not theory. I was in the room as a 13-19 year old for the construction of the WTC towers.

          • TXPatriot

            Apeman, The video record has 4 cameras trained at close enough range to see what happened when the “plane” contacted the building. There is no crash, rather the planes moves through the wall without apparent damage to the plane of building. There is no gash in the wall as the plane enters. The explosion happens deep inside and when the smoke clears, the gash is there. All damage was done by explosives, not plane or fuel.

          • apeman2502

            Young fellow. I started documenting that demolition system, the 1/4″ to 7/16″ thick material making up the exterior perimeter walls and the thousands of exploding bolts first ordered in 1968 and delivered to the WTC complex in 1970 to 1972, WAY back in 1969 as my father cut the preliminary contracts for these things. I have a 48 year jump on your perceptions and analysis. I respect your attention to the details you observe elsewhere. SO, go and observe the substitution of military version drone jets which BY SPEC have reinforced aircraft grade aluminum leading edges and nose cones whereas the landed commercial jet versions do not. Aluminum has a superior tensile strength to structural steel in the medium grades. See among the Curt Sonnenfeld FEMA photo portfolio the stretched and damaged steel members hit by the jets, and the still squared off vertical columns left square and separated by either exploded bolts or bolts removed before the impacts. Many details to consider. Be a tiger. You are doing better than Fetzer and JLear on this.

          • apeman2502

            You are watching simulations contracted for by CNN. Throw them away if you will not check my claim out. Youtube has an interview with this photoshop contractor. The walls were prepped to accept military stand-in jets which were remote controlled. The originals taken by witnesses were sold toi otyhers beside CNN. It was a ‘ratings issue’ ONLY.

          • apeman2502

            THE WALLS WERE PREPPED. They VAPORIZED 300,000 tons of steel on the morning of 9-11-2001. Detachable thin steel panels and exploding bolts are child’s play. Do,NOT follow Fetzer on this. He is pulling your leg.

          • TXPatriot

            The columns were boxes hollow inside with 2.5 inches of grade A steel on each side. Hardly thin steel plates.

          • apeman2502

            Not at those heights. The thicknesses were nbetween 1/4″, 7/16″, and 1/2″. NO thicker. The end views of the resin cement filled trays was only about 4-5″ and was supported by 1/2″ thick stock steel rod trusses. Inspect the impact zones and you can see considerable damage to these floor pans, which shredded the jets.

          • Shannon Tamiz

            FULLY AGREE. There are videos of explosions starting from the higher floors going down in sequence like how demolition explosions take place. It’s clear this was a demolition and definitely not the cause of a supposed jetliner.

          • Shannon Tamiz

            Also the videos of the planes going into the buildings are so grainy they could easily be manipulated, and in any event, the speeds they claimed the planes flew at especially during the dives, they would have simply broken up in the air because of the pressure at lower flight levels.

          • apeman2502

            The authentic videos are right over the top of your nose.

          • TXPatriot

            You are full of it, Show the real plane crash. You can’t you lowlife

          • apeman2502

            Look up and watch videos you lazy bum. There are many. There are at least 3 different editted Naudet videos of the same shot. Spermbreath.

          • TXPatriot

            I don’t believe you, do you have an alternative postulation? All I’m asking is for a real crash video. Your strong faith should make that easy to come by.

          • apeman2502

            Youtube has an interview with the guy that was cut short when the tech realized he was violating a secrecy clause.

          • TXPatriot

            That’s not a real crash video. I want to see the real UA175 smashing into the tower with pieces flying everywhere. It must exist or the Official Story has more holes than the Mustang Ranch.

          • apeman2502

            You need to study the exploding bolt and 1/4 and 7/16 inch thick steel which was overcome. No speculation here. This is what was. I told them in 1968 they could get the bolts by asking NASA where, and that is what they did.

          • apeman2502

            Fuck ya then. CNN did three contracts for impact videos. Interview with the producer cut short but on Youtube. You have been jerking around for 15 years now want center stage? Fuck you.

          • TXPatriot

            So you have no proof, your faith is based on nothing.

          • apeman2502

            Look them up you lazy dope.

          • TXPatriot


          • BJWA

            Don’t let him bait you. It’s what he wants. Rise above it because he said nothing of substance and you can’t argue with people who resort to foul language and name calling to defend their argument. If one HAS one, they can defend it without such crap. You’re not a lazy dope, you just want the truth, just as most of us do. He’s a bully so don’t encourage him. He lives for it.

          • apeman2502

            Turd. Your parents were slobs.

          • apeman2502

            Look them up, moron.

          • BJWA

            Does calling people names and using f*** you make you somehow feel morally and intellectually superior to us who disagree? People who use curse words and name calling usually infers they have nothing of substance to say and use those types of words to fill up space so you feel you said something of educational value. People are taken far more seriously when you rise above such filthy language as it tends to say you’re educated. Otherwise, you sound like an uneducated bully. Buy a dictionary and learn some knew words. Like this…your posts are very pernicious.

          • Rich Webb

            Swearing has been proven that those that do it tell the truth more .

          • apeman2502

            You want to know what I think? I think you are irrelevant, causing convusion, and wasting everybody’s time. Read my posts if you want FACTS about the demolition set up. I am a WITNESS, bitch. As in ‘Bitch Joins With Alzheimer’s’.

          • apeman2502

            Look them up yourself. Your parents were slobs.

          • ney jose de souza mello gonzal


          • apeman2502

            Begone, ignorant son of a trollup.

          • ney jose de souza mello gonzal


          • apeman2502

            El burro sabe mas que tu.

        • BJWA

          I have watched so many videos and I do believe planes hit the buildings in NYC. I doubt the other two for logical reasons…with those saying that was a fake, if one of your loved ones died on those planes, wouldn’t you be screaming YOU ARE WRONG. I don’t ever hear that. I don’t know what happened that day but to believe what you’re told without searching for yourself is ignorance and folly. After all, a war started over this. Every victim’s family and the survivors deserve to know the truth. It is virtually impossible that a plane hit the pentagon and to believe that not one iota of the plane in Penn survived EXCEPT a very convenient bandana with just enough DNA and a plastic ID. If it smells like crap, it probably is. I reject the term “conspiracy theorist” because I don’t believe the government. I call it being smart.

      • TXPatriot

        Nice post. Only difference I would say is the planes were illusions, as shown in the video footage, All planes fake, explosives do all damage

    • Terracer

      I too get this reaction when I go on a 911 rant… Listen, if you will take the time to look into the victim’s families you will find that the majority of them do not buy the official explanation and they want a REAL investigation. The only reason Bush Jr convened a commission to begin with is because the Jersey Girls threatened a lawsuit if he didn’t… so he begrudgingly assembled a group of men to “investigate”the events of that day. To ensure they would find nothing wrong with the official explanation, he appointed Kissinger (“mr new world order” – AKA gnu whirled odor) to head it. However, the aforementioned Jersey Girls, women who had lost husbands and sons in the towers, were having none of it… They began by asking Kissinger about his dealings with the Bin Laden family.. He promptly walked out..never to return…. What I just told you is a microcosm of the whole damned event. When you begin to dig.. and I, like so many others, have done some deep digging, you will find that there is something not right with every single element in the story that our government tells us is the truth. They have lied to us…

    • TXPatriot

      You are conflating the tragedy with the culpability.

    • Yukidongo

      Sir…I would have fought some one over such as this. But, not any more
      Physicists have done the math. It couldn’t happen. John Kerry, and the Goldstein fellow both admitted Tower 7 was pulled. Got news for you. They didn’t do two weeks worth of planning, and wiring explosives to “pull” that building on 9-11. They said it. It’s on video on YouTube. Those Tower didn’t just fall in their own footprint, none of them. That is a stretch our normal imagination wouldn’t even try to make, excellent that the government went all God and Glory, and swore it was terrorists. If 17 of 19 were from Saudi Arabia, and Bush swearing we’ll get the “ones who did this”, why was our first move to invaders Iraq, and not Saudi Arabia. ..and we now know it was Saudi Royalty and friends&family, that took down our towers. The missing, classified 28 pages of Saudi involvement

    • A_Patriot1

      David, your post is glaring proof that you have never taken physics courses, or even basic materials properties courses. Your ignorance is exceeded only by your arrogance, when you challenge the opinion of professional, highly experienced pilots. I have had the good fortune to have worked on a variety of aircraft, for several years, and the pilots’ suspicions are solid to me.

    • Cheryl Woodford

      you can’t believe everything you see:

    • Uriel Dana

      This is not the only study that proves this, there have been dozens, the most notable the one by architects and engineers (AE911Truth). I’ve been a practitioner of Tibetan Dream Yoga for decades. Every night for two weeks prior to 911 I dreamed our government was going to start a war on purpose. I received several emails and a couple of phone calls from people all around the country of fellow dreamers distressed by similar nightmares.

  • Ben McNevis
    • apeman2502


  • Terracer

    I too get this reaction when I go on a 911 rant… Listen, if you will take the time to look into the victim’s families you will find that the majority of them do not buy the official explanation and they want a REAL investigation. The only reason Bush Jr convened a commission to begin with is because the Jersey Girls threatened a lawsuit if he didn’t… so he begrudgingly assembled a group of men to “investigate”the events of that day. To ensure they would find nothing wrong with the official explanation, he appointed Kissinger (“mr new world order” – AKA gnu whirled odor) to head it. However, the aforementioned Jersey Girls, women who had lost husbands and sons in the towers, were having none of it… They began by asking Kissinger about his dealings with the Bin Laden family.. He promptly walked out..never to return…. What I just told you is a microcosm of the whole damned event. When you begin to dig.. and I, like so many others, have done some deep digging, you will find that there is something not right with every single element in the story that our government tells us is the truth. They have lied to us.

    • apeman2502

      I am on Facebook. Howard Lewis. My father worked on the WTCs R&D for 3 years but quit when the Port Authority and Bush controlled Nixon White House mandated the Kellogg corporation’s nuke demolition system in 1969. Two meetings including Lewis Eisenberg were at our home to battle this out. The engineers were PISSED. Installing a nuke demolition system in the middle of Manhattan and leaving it in the hands of the Rockefellers and the NYC mob? No way. Dad bailed right then and I documented this demolition system then and there in 1969. Local congressional offices would not listen, and the stalking by perps began. It is asinine to believe the demolition system was secretly installed in the months leading up to 9-11. Turner Construction and others retriggered the mechanism, which can be seen slow burning two adjacent corner columns to imbalance the tower and initiate the takedown. Not theory. That is exactly how the thing worked. Low radioactive isotopes painted throughout and the two fusion devices per building behaved as two 1,300 foot tall breeder reactors which vaporized the steel and denatured(NOT PULVERIZED) the cement). Not theory. The shock wave was only about 6 psi, and travelled about 250 fps. But hotter than the surface of the sun below ground. An atmosphere of Freon was provided for the operation. Ask questions or learn less.

      • john87

        you are a freakin nut job

        • apeman2502

          Your pussy stinks. That makes us even.

        • apeman2502

          You are an ignorant mother fucker, which does not bother you much.

      • Le Cochon Bleu

        Great, thanks for sharing that Trevor.
        I knew of the nuclear bombs which were under a few WTC buildings and not just the Twin Towers (from the evidence, of course, WTC7 as well, at least) and had travelled on the underline maintenance railway in the tunnels which were built to service the nuclear bombs.

        I am sure they were used – there is much evidence – and I also believe that everything was used – thermate (or more advanced, combination bombs still) and more modern, undisclosed technology – probably as Judy Wood’s energy technology. I am mot sure the nuclear building explosions have ever been attempted before on anything like buildings of the size and steel thickness of the Twin Towers. Though they have been tested, and it is not hard to make the calculations to adjust to the peculiarities of the Twin Towers.

        But with such a public platform, I think it would still have been a huge risk only to rely on the subterranean nuclear bombs which had been there for many years.
        Numerous technologies were used in the most advanced, exactly timed, computer controlled artificial demolition in world historh.

        • apeman2502

          Part of the system was the low radioactive isotopes incorporated into the paint. As explained by the guys working on it, it was a 1,100 foot tall breeder reactor. The lower steel columns were filled with a cement similar to the floor resin/composite cement. This lower cement was added to the work order late in construction. Only WTCs I, II, and 7 used this method. The smaller ones could well have been the mininukes installed by Israeli Mossad, or as court affidavits suggest, set with numerous satchel charges arranged in circles around in a big circle hanging from the ceilings. They test fired an lower device at Idaho’s ARCO, and an upper unit at White Sands or Sandia, or someplace else south of Idaho. Utah rings a bell.

          • OkieTee

            May I suggest the Murrah bldg. as a possibility? I was there (downtown OKC) that day and I remember the reporting. I know the site was evacuated twice because they found bombs. And engineers have said that the explosion would made a crater and damaged the front of the building but it showed how the supporting columns were blown up to actually bring the building down. I understand the FBI’s report on the Clinton’s Whitewater investigation was stored there. I don’t know for sure, just hearsay, but the science on the building blow-up are just as suspect as the Twin Towers.

          • apeman2502

            Murrow building was C-4 in the basements columns and a mininuke in the sewer out front, plus the fertilizer bomb.

        • apeman2502

          Did you know of the devices as BOMBS, or just knew of the existence of some sort of nuclear ordnance?

          • OkieTee

            The news media just said “bombs” and I’m guessing that was what they were told. There was mysterious evidence that played on the local news before the FBI confiscated it and conveniently lost it. I’m pretty sure there was a trapped lady when one of the evacs was ordered and a doctor or medic said they would not leave her. She had to have her leg amputated out there. The doctor on site was just a block or two down the street and he conveniently died and most first responders died soon thereafter. There were a handful who kept their mouth shut and lived on. There was one cop who was a block down the street and he was helping the doctor. He committed suicide the Clinton way – hands handcuffed behind his back, shot in the back, crawled across a field for about 1/4 to 1/2 mi and then 2 shots to the head. The suicide weapon could not be found by a virtual army of LEOs until Bob Ricks (former FBI, Waco) arrived in a helicopter, reached down and picked it up. You have really blew my mind away with the mininuke thing in the sewer. Wouldn’t there be radiation? And it also gives rise to the fact of building that memorial which would never be molested in order to investigate it! Sly. Very sly.

          • apeman2502

            The crater was the giveaway. The FEMA swine missed all the radioactivity around the WTCs as well. Assays of dust from a dozen different state accredited labs confirmed nuclear fission events occurred.

          • OkieTee

            It’s been 22 years – do you think here would still be evidence of a mininuke? Or is the biggest giveaway now being the crater. With the conspiracy theories I’ve read, a truck bomb doesn’t make that kind of crater but they never ventured out to say what DID make a crater other than a missile. But I hardly think there was a missile downtown OKC that morning! Another thing occurring that morning was the Mayor’s Prayer Breakfast down at the Myriad (which is gone now with a bigger event center since we have Thunder BB now). But if the Myriad would have been hit, I wouldn’t be typing this and ALL of our upper level political leaders both state and federal would be dust right along with me. Think there is anything connected with these two events or just business as usual in the minds of terrorists?

          • apeman2502

            Yes. They paved over the mininuke immediately. The over hrow of the U.S. by the British Empire is essential for the British Empire to survive. Thye have been ripping off TRILLIONS of dollars in hard earned cash from the U.S. banks and stock markets and replaced it with worthless derivative scrip, made legal during the Bush 41 presidency. The U.S. was recolonized on paper and nobody noticed until the vaults were found to be empty except for this useless pie-in-the-sky scrip. If the U.S. does NOT accept this bullshit scrip as American cash equivalent, we are broke, and our creditors can move in and do serious damage.

      • Liam

        If you think there were nukes you are pretty far gone. Personally, I think nuts like you are here to confuse the issue.

        • apeman2502

          I knew 3 guys who used to work on development of that project. Your pussy stinks too.

        • apeman2502

          I think your pussy stinks too and you should do a few years of homework on this matter before you pipe in with your ignorant jibberish.

      • Peacepipe Johnson

        you mean at GROUND ZERO where they have water perpetually running now?

        • apeman2502

          The blue light beams mask the glow from the fusion devices and spent fuel radiation left from the nuke detonations.

      • OkieTee

        Before you call him a nutjob, just consider the testimony of the female cia asset who was working with Saddam Hussein and all that Iraq stuff but her controller told her NOT to be in NYC on 9/11 and forewarned that it could be nuclear. I thought the nuclear involvement didn’t materialize but now this man is saying it was. I’m not an expert on anything but I can put two and two together. Even if I come up with 5, I know the elements of 2 and 2.

    • SafetyDave

      Thats a lie. I watched a couple dozen interviews and never heard an ACTUAL family member accept these theories. You people are SO STUPID – There were THOUSANDS of people on the streets that WATCHED IT WITH THEIR OWN EYES. Are you saying around 3000 live witnesses are LYING? In fact the majority of family and friends interviewed are OFFENDED by these lies. STOP LYING !!!

      • Tim

        what lies??? which ones? Bush’ lies or something Terracer said?

        • apeman2502

          John Lear deserves a life sentence or worse.

          • Tim

            for what? Questioning? He worked for the CIA….HE KNOWS WHAT THEY DO! and being a pilot he’s more qualified to say than you or i

          • apeman2502

            No he is not more qualified. He was/is a CIA employee and thus at least mildly involved in the WTC destruction after the fact if not before also. You find somebody with 5 1/2 years of daily reports on the WTC towers construction and then tell me about CIA prick John Lear.

      • apeman2502

        It is cruel and disrespectful for John Lear and the CIA to lie about this stuff. They intend to accompany the British Empire in destroying the U.S..

      • OVERL0AD

        Let me guess you think the Boston Marathon bombing was a legit event too?

    • apeman2502

      The WTCs were built to destroy killing a lot of people later. We tried to tell congressional offices, but you know how comfortable maggots get in a corpse. Mike Lowry, Jim McDermott, Seattle democrats. They even knew the Vince Foster murder weapon was bought by Hillary in Seattle but said nothing. We got ZERO response. My friends thought me nuts, for awhile, but the good students knew I was onto something. This was 1969 to 1972. People need a good bitchslap by a parent so they pay attention when somebody speaks crazy facts to them. Most folks can only handle lameass television scripts.

    • Needtoknowtruth

      Do you know what no happened to the passengers, we re they killed? Where did they go

      • Brenda Rae

        My husband and I pondered that same question. What happened to all those who boarded those planes and died? Where would they have gone?

  • Terracer

    One last thing…. a few years ago I spoke with a fella who was retired air force… He told me that he frequently had lunch on base with some of the physicists that worked on the secret stuff… He was told (this was back in the 80’s) that they had the ability to project the hologram of a tree in front of a person.. a tree with it’s leaves rustling in the wind… and unless you tried to touch it, you would never know it wasn’t real.. and this was almost 40 years ago…. The fact is the military controls the flow of technology, patenting and weaponizing various discoveries and advances in new and existing technologies.. Since the early fifties, every patent dealing with electromagnetic’s has been run through the pentagon…. Look it up…

    • apeman2502

      Look at the busted up jet parts not vaporized with over 100,000 tons of structural steel. most of the jets and contents WERE vaporized.

      • Lacsar

        Titanium does NOT vaporize. At 5500lb per sq in, good luck with that!

        • apeman2502

          In a nuclear blast or dense neutron flux, it vaporizes or melts. Otherwise, it could not be cast, boy.

        • apeman2502

          At nuke temperatures, EVERYTHING vaporizes. The three jet engines which fell with the WTC towers MIGHT be in the basement close to the still glowing nuke fuel, but most likely were vaporized and cooled to dust and are scattered in a 50 mile radius.

    • Lennon

      oh oh I’ve also heard that the US military had a special program that they reduced the intellects on Americans to retarded levels in order to control them better, I never really believed in it but I do now as I didn’t thought I’d see the day to have come across a real living specimen of that project!

      • rob gray

        As i didnt THINK ” RETARD ” is the correct way to wright .. I didnt Thought who is the real retard ?

        • Rich

          Pot calling kettle black. “wright” should be spelled write. Wow! I am starting to believe the original post. This world is so full of hypocrisy.

          • Christopher Smallbone

            Are you saying wright is not right it should be write who wood of thunk it

        • Lennon

          [ri-tahr-did] Usually Offensive.
          Spell Syllables
          Synonyms Word Origin
          See more synonyms on
          characterized by a slowness or limitation in intellectual understanding and awareness, emotional development, academic progress, etc.
          Slang. stupid or foolish.

          *shrug* but what do i know wright?

      • Dennis Fandrick


        • MrMaganesium

          FLU ORIDE Dennis

          • Leon Christensen

            Yes it is named Fluoride. Nazi´s used it to execute jews in WW2, because bullets where too expensive… And now your government put it in your Water supply!!! Glad im not an American.. Ohh what happened after WW2, with all the scientists, and rocket engineers from Germany??? America gave them a new identity, and made them Work for nasa and so on… Rothschild Family also funded Hitler´s war machine!!! all data is on this web, just look and open your eyes

        • di from Oregon

          Yes and MSG, a brain exitotoxin, and a host of poisons in our foods sold to us.

        • Lennon

          thanks, could you share with us your experience for being on that program? :3

      • carolinemerald

        . . . ….and furthermore – – – —-The Great Culling . . . ….

      • apeman2502

        You stupid fuck. Your parents were slobs, and you will die a loser.

    • apeman2502

      Hilograms can not bash in wet toilet paper. A 200,000 pound jet travelling at 25o mph has no problem knocking aside detached steel panels of 1/4″ to 1/2″ stock. Like a car hitting a stop sign, only more one sided. These jets were military stand-ins. Cheney/Rumsfeld have been choosing all of the admirals and generals for the U.S. military since Nixon, 1969. They supplied the names for presidential nominations to the senate. Cheney was only 27 and working for queen Elizabeth apparently.

  • apeman2502

    Nice WTC pitchers, but the steel penetrated was only 1/4 and 7/16 inches thick, exploding bolts were present and in evidence as having been used, and the military substitute jets were reinforced, especially the wings’ leading edges which were of an aluminum material THICKER than the detached impacted thin steel perimeter panels. The exploding bolts were ordered in 1968 and delivered on site in 1971 to 1972. They may have been updated. Aluminum ALSO has a superior tensile strength to mild structural steel, which was what these panels were made of. ALSO, Lear and Fetzer had careers with the Marine Corps and CIA, who have been the entities running the cocaine into the U.S. along flight paths covered by radar facilitating border penetration. I am sure both have their backs against the wall to publish their lies, though most of Fetzer’s material is quite good, and true to the American people. John Lear, however, sucks. This was confirmed in Senate hearings many years ago, but nothing was done. One jet was a prototype military version Boeing 737-800 extended wing( it looks and fits the hole exactly). The other was a Boeing military tanker.

  • apeman2502

    I, PERSONALLY, witnessed the USAF/Boeing UFO projector as a demonstration in October of 1988. Orange 2-dimensional ovals darting around the sky at NIGHT. I got a tour of the Boeing computer animation lab a week later. . All I have to say to John Lear is to quote what we used to say to our sad friend who abused cocaine and other powders as an innocent adventurous kid, “Fry those brains”, John Lear. The devil does not share his toys.

  • barry1817

    right this was all a David Copperfield magic act which includes those dead living on mars now, and you don’t compare deliberate plane crash with crash attempting not to.

  • barry1817

    and I know the twin towers never crashed to the ground either.

  • mreester

    Ok then, what really happened on 9/11? All you conspiracy nuts out there think it didn’t happen as we’ve been told, give us an explanation of what could of happened and why our government would do such an awful thing. And make it something that would be believable.

    • richardruscoe

      Nano, heavy, or military grade thermite, was developed inside the towers by a Japanese company. It was an unknown material at the time. The war on terrorism needed this to happen. No weapons of mass destruction. Did you know the Gulf of Tonkin Bay never happened? But it started the Vietnam war. Our governments have made it legal to use false Flag Operations to start war. As well as experimenting on their own people. Just google. Greed is reason enough for most.

      • Shannon Tamiz

        The whole world knows it was a stunt to get into Afghanistan then Iraq, the question is what stunt is the American government cooking up to get into North Korea? Kim can possibly be this nut media portray him to be, is he really?
        All I’m saying is Trump and May are a concoction for trouble.

        • David Mosley

          And we should just let N Korea develop the weapons capable of reaching the continental US? KJU is a bit job of great proportions and that idiot Obama never did a thing about it allowing N Korea to get as far as they have. And Putin releasing anything is absolute garbage.

      • Devaron Dlh Namsaar

        You are right. This incident started the war of terrorism, on the people of this nation.

        • David Mosley

          International terrorisim had all ready hit the continent. You are an idiot!

      • Lennon

        Google said people like you are idiots, should I believe Google?

        • Leon Christensen

          If you believe an AI. you are a sheep.

          • Lennon

            i’m curious, who do you believe? :3

    • Mike Hamm

      They lay the evidence out point by point and this idiot can only come up with “conspiracy nuts.”

      • Shannon Tamiz

        Well put, for a second there I was thinking did I miss something???

    • Bobby Lytle


      • Bobby Lytle

        BRING IN MILLIONS OF MUSLIMS, CALL IN THE TERRORISTS divide the country (black and white) CAUSE CIAOS ,CALL IN MARTIAL LAW –CAUSE A CIVIL WAR ,STAY PRES AS LONG AS YOU WANT -SCARE THE CRAP OUT OF AMERICANS AND THEN PULL THE OLD NWO WILL BE GOOD FOR THE COUNTRY BS They have been working on it for over 40 years–friggin democraps thought they had us 🙂

    • Shannon Tamiz

      It’s all in there point-by-point mate then fully backed up by comments lol.

    • Karl Dulle

      Here is the reason for the saying “cant see the forest past the tree” And calling me a nut.. OK.. brave and narrow minded of you . Answer me this… Do you know where the money went? 9/10 Rumsfeld announced missing billions of dollars.. LOL next day, conveniently the very offices that could establish where that money went.. vanished. BOTH OF THEM.. one in Pentagon, and one in Building 7.. You know building 7, that’s the one that self demolished because no planes hit it.. And lets not even tink about all the money in WTC .. LOL all.. vanished.. Gold doesn’t… vanish.. but it did that day..

    • Lennon

      I know, an officeworker was making coffee, the coffee-maker exploded and brought down the building.


      I have reliable sources in the highest level of the government including the DoD and they have verified and confirmed this to be the truth.

      and I cannot condone all the lies the government is feeding us for the sake of big money so I had to disclose this, I will probably be brought in by the FBI or CIA for doing this but TRANSPARENCY! is more important than my personal safety

      I know there will be people who will think I am crazy or does not believe the facts that I’ve said, its OK, the government had spent trillions to make sure the population remain like sheep but JUSTICE triumphs all.

    • tmg415

      You first need to review the indisputable facts, understand physics and material science, which shows they lied. What I learned in college, I can’t ignore. This first step we all need to take, not the last. Facts can’t be disputed only theories can. Fact: Firemen reported explosions in basement on live TV, Fact: crash and jet fuel isn’t hot enough to melt hardened and insulated steel frame, Fact:Pancaking of floors could not happen without separation from inner structural steel tubular frame, Fact: close to free fall rate of fall impossible unless planned demolition, Fact: planned demolition of FBI building announced on live TV then performed when it was hardly damaged and somehow performed without time that it takes to plan and set charges! Many others but these I witnessed myself!

      • David Mosley

        College? You are an educated idiot. Probably a privlaged libtard that made academics a career supported by your nut job parents.

    • gary09

      can u conspiracy theory nut jobs explain – IF ? the planes . did not hit the building? where are all the people who died?

      • Lennon

        captured to be stuffed full with FLUORIDE before being released into the wild as brain-dead zombies but of course the American Government aren’t gonna make them look like zombies much less call them that, they’re therefore given the codename – Trumpers.

        • Marcin Podgórski

          You have no intelligent answer so you spew this nonsense? Now, what happened to all the people on these flights, including the family members who grieve for them?

    • Leon Christensen


      9/11 was America´s bailout… So much in debt to china they needed a war so the dollar would not colapse. The only sollution was a false flag attack wich gave America an excuse to wage war Again, and blow even more air into the dollar… The Bubble will pop eventually. Just a matter of time, and then we have the martial law!!! Bye bye freedom and all American rights!!!!!!!

      • Lennon

        you sure you’re not talking about Game of Thrones?

  • Jake

    More “Fake News?”

  • Dale Kobetich

    oh where is flight 77 ???

  • bobfa

    You might be able to confuse tv viewers with holograms, but what about all the people in Manhattan that saw the planes? If there were no planes, what did they see? And the people on the plane that went down in Shanksville, the ones who wrestled with the terrorists, where are they if they weren’t killed in the crash? And what made the hole?

  • BJWA

    I had questions after the initial shock wore off and I was in NYC 4 days later because my husband drove a truck and since planes were grounded we had a lot of runs for a while. I found out others had the same questions. How could an untrained pilot fly with such precision as NOT to crash before hitting the Pentagon. No car, tree or other damage occurred. Seemed impossible to me. Stories didn’t match and when the buildings fell, my first thought was controlled demotion. I don’t know what happened, who was really involved and don’t want to know. I do want the truth because our country has gone downhill since that terrible day. To think the government would perpetrate this on us is horrific but if they did, we deserve to know. I also doubt that Bin Laden was killed by seal team 6. My husband was in the Navy and even he (who believes the official story which stuns me) and he said even he could see the lies. Whatever happened that day, we’ve been manipulated, deceived and exploited. Was it to get us back in a war in Iraq? I don’t know but to believe this is truth is to me like being a blind and dumb sheep. No offense intended but I truly believe anyone on here will be offended because you don’t believe it either. It never felt true to me. God bless and justice should be done.

    • di from Oregon

      I believe it is true, my youngest son is well connected with people who know this stuff and told me all this soon after it happened. I’m aware that the globalists, the World Bankers, the Illuminati (now proven to be truly in existence) and the 16 richest people in the world, have engaged in massive deceptions to bring America down in order to make us desperate enough and controlled enough to submit to the One World agenda. America is the last bastion of Liberty and Freedom in the world!

      • Lennon

        I can’t believe your son has found out about us! we the Illuminati had strive to maintain our secrecy since the crusades and we are the hidden hand that controls the world’s governments, its still unbelievable your son could figure and crack a millennia old mystery! I’d like to personally extend an invite for him to join our mystical and exclusive and invites-only – Illuminati Club

        I will arrange for him to transfer USD 10,000 as a membership fee, the fee for the second year is waived given my personal recommendation and recognition of his unparalleled brilliance.

        • Antony A

          Awesome. You have made my day, hilarious!

        • tsunamiwaverider

          “we have grew in power”? If the rest of your Illuminiti Club are as intelligent as you are, the world really isn’t in any great danger. I would like you to undertake an IQ test, but I am afraid you would ask how to spell IQ.

          • katydue2

            Haha…you are right on target

          • Lennon

            *fap* *fap* *fap* ever heard of the term circle jerking? :3

          • Lennon

            I speak 6 languages, how many do you? oh wait, that ain’t fair isn’t it.


            the salt is real, unfortunately, even if you tried really hard to impress me, I regret to tell you that I can’t extend the same invitation to join The Illuminati Club, I appreciate your earnest effort though and we’ll be in touch once you’ve ascended beyond being a plebeian.

          • apeman2502

            Watch out, amigo. Illuminati shoot people in the back or sneak poison to them. Use your nose in public and their presence can be sensed.They tried to fuck me too, several times, as in seduce, and dispose of.

        • katydue2

          You are retarded

        • drcreepy

          Where can I sign up?

        • Kelly Carter

          Anyone with the Illuminati would never divulge their identity. Also asking to transfer $10,000 as a membership fee sounds like a scam to me. Nice try but just like the 9/11 plane crashes, I don’t believe it for a second. The Templars gold is gone. If you’re so hidden then why are you putting yourself and information out there. Nice try though, can identify a scam when I see one. My great uncle is a free mason and knows better too

        • apeman2502

          You sons of bitches are perverts and represent NOTHING of value, virtue, or even an acceptable smell.Lennon illuminati stank behind FAIL.

      • Andy Burgess

        America the last bastion of liberty? wow what an amazing statement. The USA is corrupt to the bone, the worlds parasitic nation, and one that one day soon might just get dealt with, and not before time.

        • Leon Christensen

          America is already on the path to martial law, The beginning of the end of the us!!! Brought to you by Americans.

          • drcreepy


          • Tim

            i just did..didnt help..America is still rotten to the core

        • drcreepy

          Go away nutjob….Just go away,,,,

        • apeman2502

          Europe is totally parasitic. They export less today than any time in the past 82 years ,since the Baltic Dry goods Index began. THIS is why they have left their castles in search of human blood. They have no skills beyond treachery. They recently bombed the capital in Oslo before they attacked and killed 80 young people in a park in Norway before invading the oil fields last summer.

        • David Mosley

          Burgess, if you are not happy here leave my country!

      • Leon Christensen

        The dollar bubble was about to burst. So American government made a false flag attack on their own country to go to war…. Without WAR the us dollar WILL colapse… That is why they did what they did… search the net for presidential acceptance and signature, to allow the government to make a false flag attack on their own country… The document still exists, with the president signature… Look for yourselves….

        • Jo Mama

          You are a quack

          • Tim

            or he’s not..just someone willing to dig deeper

      • apeman2502

        di from Oregon, A+++

    • Lennon

      Last i heard, planes fly in the skies and trees & cars belong on the ground.

      • BJWA

        Oh, a liberal, I bet so that explains your comments. Cruel and hate. So much for freedom of speech, religion and the right to think critically and question lying mankind, esp. politicians, and very esp the party of the KKK, slavery, segregation, encourages wealth privilege (black or white, brown or green so long as you have great wealth) and uses the poor (which is mainly blacks and hispanics) as useful idiots for their votes and does nothing to help them but sure talk a good game come voting time. I think they’re toast. I pray they are anyway. Please learn the dark history of the demoncrap party for your sake and society.

        • Lennon

          Oh? you disagree with the concept of a bad-ass Trump? never thought you’re one who wanted a pussy cat instead :3

          *I’ll put in a good word for you so that Trump might put you on his next “Golden Showers” invite list, just a quick question, do you prefer to be the one providing the shower or the one receiving it?

          • BJWA

            Enjoyed your oh so not funny comments. Suppose you think you’re one of the “enlightened” ones. Trump had nothing to do with 9/11 and all anti-trumpers do is spout nonsense, spew hate so I’ve learned to laugh it off and put absolutely no stock in your words. Why people give you power over them stuns me. Oh well, such is life and good-bye, done with this.

          • Lennon

            So, do you prefer to be the one showering or the one being showered? roflmao

            By the way, I’ve just received a personal call from Trump and he said that eh found new information that proves the earth is flat! amazin aint he?

          • katydue2

            You are an idiot

          • katydue2

            I say piss on you. You are shameful. Also a sheep if you believe what has been told to us as fact when it is fairy tale

          • Lennon

            baaa baaaa baaaa baaaaaaaaaa make america great again! baaaaa baaaaaa baaaaaaaaa baaaaa drain the swamp! baaaaaaa baaaaaaaaa baaaaaaaa baaaaaaaaaaa build a big and beautiful wall! baaaaaaaa baaaaaaaa baaaaaaaaa baaaaaaaaaaaaa baaaaaa baaaaaaaa baaaaa

    • Beverly Bristol

      Our country was headed downhill before that awful day, it just got way out of control after 9/11!

      • Leon Christensen

        9/11 was America´s bailout… So much in debt to china they needed a war so the dollar would not colapse. The only sollution was a false flag attack wich gave America an excuse to wage war Again, and blow even more air into the dollar… The Bubble will pop eventually. Just a matter of time, and then we have the martial law!!! Bye bye freedom and all American rights!!!!!!!

    • katydue2

      When I was watching the buildings fall on TV I knew it was a controlled demolition. I had seen many in my then 52 years. I have always figured Bush did it to get into the war he thought his Father didn’t finish in 1991. I don’t believe Bin Laden was killed either. Dropping his body in the ocean makes that fable stick out like a sore thumb. I don’t know how old Bin Laden would be…but I think Obama is him or his look alike son and that is why he went about destroying our country for 8 years.

      • apeman2502

        Danny Jowenko’s dad was in on the demolition system design. The 9-11 perps killed Danny in Europe because he knew everything about it.

      • apeman2502

        A SEAL Team 6 told me they did not catch, kill molest or even see Osama bin Laden. He is safe someplace and had NOTHING to do with the 9-11 attacks. That was British freemasons in the U.S. government, CIA, all attached to the Bush criminal cabal. Add the Rothschild Mossad and British intelligence and that is it.

    • Kelly Carter

      I do believe the Rothschilds who want world domination through finances was part of the plan since Iraq did not have them as their banking system. They do now

    • apeman2502

      Military stand-in drones proven by patient careful analysis. A Boeing 737-800 and a military version 767, BOTH having reinforced leading edges, and the 737-800 the same type of engine as the one found on the street. The shape cut out by the jet measures perfect for a 737-800 and the photos prove the rare bird’s near unique configuration with wing cowlings only leaving the one possibility. Though the heavens may fall, let justice be done. I need a law enforcement agency and a God blessed court room. The FBI is gone as any filth.

    • Tim

      And what happened to Seal Team 6?? All died in Afghanistan in a crazy ambush in which they were told to stand down!

  • G

    so basically you are saying that the familes of the people who supposedly died on these “fake planes” are in on it too? I mean, I can believe all of the plane info cause it makes sense that the planes would have fallen apart on impact, there would have been plane pieces on the ground etc etc, but I do NOT believe the families of the dead passengers would be going along with this. And if they DID get on flights that day and fake planes were used in the take down of the towers, then where the hell are the passengers? Living in a foreign country? Got paid millions to cover this all up and play along? Hell, I’d be up for that! I could use a new life hahahahaha

    • Shannon Tamiz

      Nobody’s saying the families are involved, people did no doubt sadly die, the question is exactly where, when and how?

  • jim marcum

    Osama is Obama.

    • Shannon Tamiz

      He’s definitely not dead or certainly didn’t die the day they claim he did. They would have kept him alive for ascertaining intel under some serious torture, getting away with it because far as the world is concerned, the guy is dead.

  • Ray Songtree

    Some kind of plane hit the second tower, because many people saw that. So you are saying it was a hologram….

    • Shannon Tamiz

      I’m not too sure of this hologram theory too. However, I know for sure a plane can easily be guided into a chosen point externally like the autopilot feature being controlled remotely. Whether these planes were real or fake as in drones with larger aircraft type/shape constructed around it I’m not sure. The official story stinks so bad I’ve smelt it everywhere in the world I’ve traveled to, nobody believes it.

  • Dennis Fandrick


  • wapitihunter

    I guess everyone who saw it was smoking ohomoweed.

  • GranitePeaks

    Yep….the 2nd plane hitting the tower was just a figment of millions of people’s imaginations.
    You whacksacks really need to be locked up in extra heavily padded cells.

  • charles cutillo

    So you would have me believe that what I saw with my own eyes is a lie, and some one digitally put that plane in the picture. Well sorry I for one think you are full of shit and lying to cover for someone, who let the terrorists get on the planes and take over the controls , crash into the towers . That is the airport security peoples fault.

  • Stacey Gitto

    My dad worked right across the street and watched the second plane hit the tower. This article is ridiculous.

  • Mark Darnell

    On Sept 11th 2001, at 8:15am, I was walking my friend’s dog on 12th st, and 2nd ave in the East Village (NYC). Waiting for “Mimi” to do her business…a few minutes later I looked up, my attention captured by the droning sound of a jet engine – and saw what looked like a Jet Liner heading south towards downtown Manhattan at a very low altitude. I remember the cop, with his coffee, on his little flip cellphone, talking to his wife, looking-up, and saying – “That ain’t right!…that ain’t that right!” All of us on the street watched the plane fly right over us, disappear behind some tall buildings, and then heard the sound of the plane slicing into the WTC tower!- and then the little mushroom cloud of flame and smoke rise above the building line! That’s one Hell of a Hologram that can be projected all the way from Northern Manhattan to Battery Park! I’m not saying I support the official 9/11 narrative…I DO NOT! But this hologram conspiracy theory is total Bullshit! – an insult to intelligence, experience, and a tremendous waste of time…not to mention a major deflection!

  • Drake Steel

    I am going to go ahead and assume the writer wears tin foil hats on a regular basis.

  • Scott Alms

    I was there. I have my own photos which I took standing on ground zero after the towers fell. Planes did hit the towers. I have a photo of one of the jets turbines. If no planes hit, what happened to the hundreds of people that died on the Planes? Did the government kidnap all of them in three different airports without anyone knowing and just have them killed? What about the phone calls from the people on the planes to their loved ones? I guess those few hundred people had guys with machine guns telling them to call their family and pretend they were on a airplane right? This conspiracy theory is ridiculous.

    • Shannon Tamiz

      I didn’t know you guys across the pond have a better mobile phone network coverage than us here in cold old England. You guys can use mobile phones on planes! That’s awesome dude… actually to be fair, I’m gonna try using my phone after take-off and before landing next time I travel on a plane. I travel a lot so I’m gonna perform this test in every country I go to. Sadly I won’t be able to do it in the States as I won’t most probably be allowed in lol.

    • Karl Dulle

      Boeing said the turbine.. didnt come from those aircraft… In fact the Pentagon turbine did not come from the aircraft claimed either! Easy as pie to confirm.. LOL and the fact that in all 3 crash sites all the evidence was DESTROYED as fast as possible, with nothing remaining for proper inveatigation only makes it worse. BUT fact is.. that turbine in NYC was NOT from those aircraft.. So how and why was it there?

    • Karl Dulle

      What was on the street was an Boeing 737.. It wouldn’t have enough power to push a 767. AND amazing enough, the 737 is what the US military used, and modified the air-frame as well as the engines for higher performance. Ya know like doing a 180 degree turn while ascending faster than the aircraft’s specs say is possible, at a higher speed than specs say possible an nailing a target head on..

  • RandyG22152

    This is pure BS. Airplane parts were found all around the area for days afterward, including landing gear and engines. And what about all of the cell phone videos taken by ordinary people showing airplanes flying into the buildings?

  • Nate Pennington

    Since I was sitting at home watching TV as the second plane hit the Twin Towers, I have just two things to say: BULLSHIT and go fuck yourselves!

    • Karl Dulle

      LOL and the same video feed I was watching as well. LOL VIDEO FEED…. all networks showed the same feed.. As for the comments : Your comments INVALIDATE your opinion. You have been assimilated, and are a total fool.. A 4 yr old could offer more input rationally..

  • Twiztid Shawn

    So how do you explain the mass number of people who personally saw the planes crash into the towers???

    • Karl Dulle

      Did you watch the video?

  • Allen Wilson

    building 7 is the key to open the door to this fraud perpetuated on the american people. no severe damage done to building, yet Guiliani, said he told them to pull it, which means controlled demo. It fell right away with no controlled demo building prep. That is not possible. This opens the door to it being fake planes and everything planned.

  • Le Cochon Bleu

    I don’t think there is another reasonable conclusion to come to now other than John Lear’s from his analysis.
    I held off believing there were no planes for years, even though the footage looks so fake and so many other things felt wrong.
    It was absolutely clear from the first time, I watched the buildings collapse, the very first few seconds, on the TV News back in September 2001 that the buildings had been demolished by a prepared demolition and that that part at least was nothing to do with airplanes.

    I am glad I didn’t rule out the no planes scenario, though, however hard it is to accept – and it is such a HUGE thing to accept (the TV companies, so many areas of government, the scores of puppets set up around the buildings and in flats all over NY, some with video cameras).

    I am now pretty sure that what was seen as airplanes was from Project Bluebeam – an old black ops secret CIA project which was established to use super advanced video projection technology as a tool of war (for example to frighten and disorientate foreign troops and have them retreat or attack the wrong place).

    There may have been some kind of missile which was programmed to explode on contact, enveloped in the air by the Bluebeam projection. Or none – nothing real in the air.

    Another possibility is advanced black ops crafts, which have a cloaking technology which then hovered just at the towers, cloaked, not penetrating – potentially with speakers giving the impression of airplane noise.

    I am not sure if they would even have bothered with the sound effects, but it’s even easier for plane sounds to be recreated with black ops level grey, stone coloured speakers – many – right along the claimed flight line.
    I have rarely heard of witnesses actually mentioning any airplane noise – which, more than a decades ago first had me suspicious that there were no planes.
    So the noise issue is not much of a consideration if few people claimed to hear it anyway, a few who could be paid puppets anyway.
    More witnesses seem to have commented upon explosions in the basement just before a plane hit or after than airplane noise in the sky.

    At that height, the palnes would have been really noisy.
    Ask anyone who lives near an airport. But the noise would have been compounded by that the planes were going multiple times to speed of an airplane coming in to land, as well as that the plane is not designed to move at the speed near sea level.

    Actually, they can’t move at such speeds at that height (let along plus hit a target that experienced pilots cannot recreate) – forget the noise, everything now seems to say there were no planes.

  • ken pfeifer


    • Karl Dulle

      The fact so many people accept that the entire USA had it’s pants down around their ankles that day ASTOUNDS ME.. THE PENTAGON for crissakes.. NO VIDEO lol.. people say no cameras.. I was there, in the building in the late 70’s and there was video surveillance EVERYWHERE inside and outside..

  • Cathy CC.

    100 bucks this guy voted for Trump.

  • Vladimir Trump

    There is no John Lear who has ever been certified by any State or Federal Judge as an Expert. Zero. Is Expert what Vladimir Putin called Lear as Putin pulled his little Cock out of John Lears mouth???

  • Vajákos Biri

    Magyarországon, a “csavaros” eszű magyarok, azonnal rájöttek, hogy előre megtervezett, szándékossá történt, hogy ennek ürügyén be lehessen vonulni a keleti országokba lopni, csalni, rabolni “demokrácia kiépítése” céljából! Éppen itt az ideje, hogy ez a katyvasz amerika, a katyvasz “láthatatlan hatalomként megnevezett ” selejtjeivel együtt, eltünjön a süllyesztőbe, akkor BÉKE és jólét lenne a FÖLD nevű bolygón!

  • Phil Fleming

    The mere fact that not a single photo exist of the (plane) that hit the Pentagon is enough to convince me. We supposedly have three films of the unexpected planes hitting TWTC but even with an hours warning, no one got a photo of the plane descending and hitting the Pentagon. How gullible do they think we are?

  • Phil Fleming

    We are believe that these terrorist had been planing this for years yet they just happen to pick the one area of the Pentagon that is and clearly has been under constructive renovation for several months and just so happen to offer the least amount of personnel collateral damage in the whole building. Ad to this the fact that it would have been easy to install the desired (wreckage) needed to support the claim of aircraft strike. The initial damage to the building (before the collapsing wall) does not support the aircraft theory. the photos show one impact hole. There should have been at least three holes, one for the fuselage and one each for the engines or one equivalent to show impact of all three, but the photos do not support the aircraft theory. The engines should have destroyed the ground as they hang lower than the fuselage but there were no furrows on the ground leading up to the point of impact. This is impossible to explain.

  • Tabby Rosas

    there are youtube videos of large sections of plane debris hitting the ground after impact. There are even images of people running around the landing gear at the base of the first building. Just saying that to believe there was no plane at all is a bit ludicrous. I’m not saying it happened the way the government said. But I don’t believe it was a hologram.

  • Lell Gee
    • ney jose de souza mello gonzal


  • william g munson

    I knew the towers come down with explosives when I first seen them come down a plane could not take the tower down with fuel burning and I watch closely when the plane suppose to hit the tower it did not even move the tower at all and that is not possible either they had explosives in the tower well before and then blowed them up period s

  • David Earl
  • BranMan3000

    My fellow truthers please check out DR Judy Woods presentations about some crazy facts you might not have encountered before. Such as there being a hurricane of the coast of NY, the “Toasted cars” found along the city streets and how the majority of the mass of the towers were turned into dust. She does not make any assumptions and simply presents the strange observation. Astonishing!

  • Ian

    This is insulting and complete rubbish.
    I was there. I saw it.

    • Karl Dulle

      lol That’s kinda the point…..

  • Chuck Rikli

    That, or you could believe your own eyes. Proof that you can be so smart you’re stupid. Or assume other people are.

  • Bruce Nelkin

    The Evidence is out there if you take a few moments of your life to see it!
    First Follow the Money
    What Engineers Say
    Architects and Engineers for 9 11Truth Experts Speak Out
    Irrefutable Scientific Evidence
    Rudy Dent, 32 year veteran of NYC fire department and the NYPD, about his incredible firsthand experience of the lies surrounding WTC 7.
    Compilation of lots of stuff –
    Exposing the fraud of 9/11 in 22 minutes

    Tony Rooke refused to pay a TV license fee because the BBC intentionally misrepresented facts about the 9/11 attacks, he alleged. It is widely known that the BBC reported the collapse of World Trade Center Building 7 over 23 minutes BEFORE it occurred. WTC 7 was a 47-story skyscraper that was not hit by a plane on 9/11 but collapsed at free-fall speed later that day.

    Plane Vs a wooden telephone pole:

    Evidence that NO plane hit the towers on 911

  • Jim Replogle

    This didn’t change a thing for me

  • carolinemerald

    Is ‘Lennon’ a Troll? Whatever — ? Suggest look but don’t touch — within our valuable time, there are more inspiring threads to follow . . . ….

  • Joyce Reynolds-Wall

    So, where are the people that had supposedly boarded these planes?

  • TJ Jones

    “He holds more FAA airman certificates than any other FAA certified pilot,…” Stop right there. He’s a liar. And if he’s willing to lie about something so easy to verify, I’m not believing a f-ing thing he says.

  • Beverly Bristol

    Why would individuals want to bring down the twin towers, attack the Pentagon etc.? It makes absolutely zero sense, but then again there are evil people in the world isn’t there and they do not care whom they hurt as long as the outcome favors them! I hope and pray each day that us, humans will stop hurting each other so much, I have faith that God will answer my prayers, it may not come in the way I want it to come, but it will come!

  • David MacPhail

    This is a disgusting piece of journalism. It is what it is so just leave it alone. People have lost life and family to this tragedy and the last thing they need is for someone publishing total bull to make up another conspiracy theory. This nut job expects us to believe that the plane we saw on a documentary about the fire service crashing into a building is not factual. The hundreds of witnesses are wrong and that there is another version. No one is going to buy into this unless they are seriously drug affected. God rest the souls of my fellow firefighters and all the civilians they tried to save.

  • Eric Szeman

    My dad worked on holograms at the Air Force Special Weapons Lab at Kirkland Air Force Base in Albuquerque, NM IN THE 1960’s!

  • yankeebean2000 .

    So I guess that footage of the planes flying into the towers was made up and doctored. And someone just wanted 3000 people dead. Coo koo!!

  • gary09

    can u conspiracy theory nut jobs explain – IF ? the planes . did not hit the building? where are all the people who died

  • eramthgin

    Only makes sense if you are an ignorant moron.

  • Jock Doubleday

    Friends, if you ever have to talk to a no-planer, or comment on one of their “CGI-planes” videos or memes, here’s my blurb on them.

    There is a very small faction of people who assert that no planes at all hit the Towers — that the planes were computer-generated images.

    This faction, the no-planers, believe that the amateur videographers who shot footage of the Towers that day got together (!) and, in a few hours, created computer-generated imagery 1) of MILITARY planes (not passenger jets) that 2) matched from all angles. Huh?

    Creating CGI *military* planes would not have made sense — because no one at that time suspected that the planes were military. But looking closely at the video footage now, we see that they were indeed military planes.

    Anthony Lawson, a photographic/CGI expert, has written a paper rebutting all the no-planers’ claims, point by point. It’s called, “The following is a review by Anthony Lawson of ‘The 9/11 Airplane Video Composites.'”

    Anthony’s article is available on the Web as a downloadable .pdf file.

    Google: “The following is a review, by Anthony Lawson”

    You can view it for free with Quick View or download the .pdf to your computer for free and then view it.*DXy0FjXwWZQLVcFRvQCNWaa3ZjASU-KxKaU4vimZsnHJnblGMk63Ajufc6V1q-VAV-E3X5zOJBMEFZV1GaPdNtrN3zb/911VideoCompositesRebuttal.pdf

    Obviously the *Pentagon* was not hit by a plane. It was hit by a missile. But the Towers *did* get hit – by remote-controlled military planes.

    A Muslim boxcutter job?
    “9/11 False Flag Conspiracy – Finally Solved (Names, Connections, Motives)”

    P.S. The planes that flew into the towers weren’t passenger jets hijacked by anybody. They were remote-controlled military planes. Drop a line to the pilots at and ask them if they could have performed those high-speed high-g-force maneuvers with *passenger* jets.

    P.P.S. Always remember: the Towers’ facade frameworks that the military planes destroyed were NOT composed of any steel structural columns.

    P.P.P.S. Holographic hole? Uh, no. Here’s a person hoping to be rescued from the Rothschild Zionists’ controlled demolition of after two military drone planes hit the Twin Towers.

    Have a sensible, scientific day.

  • DoomGuyBFG

    *le sigh* If 300 mph winds from an EF5 tornado can cause a piece of cardboard to cut through concrete, certainly aluminum going 500mph can cut through steel. Hell, WATER can cut through steel when moving fast enough. But hey, if your life is so dull, that you need to invent a conspiracy that only you have knowledge of so you can feel special, then go right ahead. Nothing will ever come of it anyway.

    You probably think the Russians hacked the 2016 Presidential election too.

  • 74hodag

    My best friend was there and saw the second plane hit the tower. Explain away all the people who were there and saw it happen.

  • Rio Guzman
  • rich

    Just stopping in to assure you that I didn’t and won’t bother to read of single word of your silly article.

  • heilbama

    I have seen a sheet of paper cut a tomato. What happened to the passengers?

  • RMorrow

    I have never seen such nonsense in my life. They have video of both towers being hit by commercial planes. People will do anything to avoid the truth which is really quite sad, and on the side of mentally ill. Their are a lot of American people who really need to check into the NUTHOUSE.

  • Jack Pershing

    lol This is the biggest piece of dumbassery I have seen in ages. Was this written by a 1st grader? Where did the rest of the plane go? Into the damn building! It is written as though it would penetrate and then stop on a dime at the column. The columns were not ablative armor, so that energy was not all absorbed. The rest of the plane crushed and shattered forward. This is nonsense.

    Now if we want o focus upon the way that two buildings fell, okay, that is an issue, but the planes were seen by eyewitness and the second one hit on live television.

  • RLW

    So this is where all the nut jobs hang out.

  • Exton

    This post does not follow the physics of speed. A hurricane can put a straw into a tree, and not bend the straw. At the speeds the planes entered. the wings buckled a bit or indeed break through the steel beams. This POS is based on flawed logic. FAKE

  • Nigel Gates

    Meaning Bush did it so his daddy could make more money along with Bin Laden’s his business partners in the Carlyle Group, maybe that’s why little Georgy stayed with his mental equals in the school reading the kiddies books but I suspect he was only looking at the pictures.

  • Wesley Bruski

    The CIA doctored these pics. Do not be fooled by them. They will show you film clips that are so blurry that you can not tell what is really happening. This is called a government cover up.

  • drcreepy

    What bullshit. just because the guy is a pilot doesn’t mean he’s right or not just plain old crazy.

  • unbelievable idiocy

    So much “effort” into writing this article….lol…and you would think that people have all the time in the world…sigghhh

  • SafetyDave

    This is fake news, They forget that there were a few thousand people on the streets that were there and saw the whole thing unfold with their own eyes. I also watched (on live TV) the second plane come in and slam the tower. All these conspiracy theories are absolute lies.

  • David Bickenson

    It’s always a theory followed by more theories with no REAL evidence, only theories about the lack of evidence. Until someone provides real evidence to the contrary then I’m content to believe the official line. Just a very small point – why would the US government kill 3000 of its citizens just to justify the war against Islamic extremism? It would have much more realistic to detonate lots of devices in many major cities.
    If it is ever proved that the government was involved then that would be the end of the USA, as a democracy, as a world leader etc. etc. I don’t think even the CIA would risk that, mad as they are!

  • HRutledge

    What nonsense. Many of us watched it happen with our own eyes. How do you explain the thousands of eye witness accounts?

  • Kevin Hutton

    That is such nonsense. If the planes didn’t exist, what about the passengers, crew that were killed, and all of their families? Were they made up as well? The article conveniently ignores them.

    It also assumes all of the people needed to stage this ‘hoax’ have kept quiet all these years.

    This was a real tragedy involving thousands of real people. These keyboard warriors and so-called experts shit on their memory.

  • William McBrayer

    Here’s a pic I took from WTC in 1986, while WTC 7 was under construction. If you look closely, you can see them wheeling in tons of explosives! They put them right into the walls! All they needed was the right time to bring it down, and that was on 9/11! :O

  • yogiman

    Unless the pictures are fakes, it’s obvious the planes flew into the towers, but I can’t see those planes bringing the towers straight down to the ground like an absolute straight down collapse.

    • SafetyDave

      The planes hit the tower and the jet fuel “injected” into the core of the buildings and drained down the elevator shafts and ignited causing the entire core of the buildings to go on fire. The core was the heart of each structure and it was so weakened from the heat of fire that the core no long was evenly distributing the weight of the floors which caused rivets in the floor beams to pull out. The weight of a whole, huge floor crashing down on the the one below it popped out all the rivets holding in the beams for that floor. Now we have two “stacked floors dropping down onto a third floor, then three floors dropping onto a fourth, then FIVE FLOORS STACKED UP AND DROPPING ONTO A SIXTH – do you get it yet? The “Domino Effect”. I hope I dont have comments from any arm chair scientists because, I mean, obviously, we really do know this is what happened. btw one last comment here, anybody that works with metal know that when you heat it it expands and any holes in it with rivets or bolts also expand. I mean I had to change my lawn mower blade and it was too tight so I heated the bolt with my propane torch and the bold was able to be turned right out because the heat expanded the hole around the bolt like it did the rivets in the towers.

      • yogiman

        Absolute straight down collapse in both towers? BS. It was a fast ‘show’, but I would swear I saw the corners of one tower collapse like it had been dynamited.

  • SafetyDave

    Ummmmm excuse me but are you all missing the FACT that at the time there were some THREE THOUSAND people out on the streets and many of them looked up and actually saw what happened with their very own eyes? What they saw was a PLANE DIVE INTO A TOWER, then a few minutes later while watching the first tower burning, they watched another plane dive into the other tower. How come none of these people THAT ACTUALLY WATCHED IT HAPPEN, are on here supporting all these BS conspiracy comments?

  • JCLincoln

    But I thought the Mossad agents were only making a documentary.

  • JCLincoln

    Daddy Bush, Dick Cheney, Larry Silverstein, Henry Kissinger, George W. Bush, Condoleezza Rice, Phillip Zelikow, others……
    and certain Generals in The Pentagon for their cooperation and non-intervention.

  • Nancy Cassady

    One word. Idiot.