Chinese Dude Marries A Custom Sex Robot

A lonely and desperate 31-year-old Chinese artificial intelligence whiz has created a custom humanoid sex robot and married it.

A lonely and desperate 31-year-old Chinese artificial intelligence whiz has created a custom humanoid sex robot and married it.

A former employee of Chinese multinational telecoms firm Huawei, Zheng left the company in 2014; last year, he joined the Internet village of Dream Town—12 granaries transformed into an incubation center.

The sad case engineer named his Stepford Wife Yingying and wed her in a “simple ceremony” on Friday, the South China Morning Post reported, citing the Qianjiang Evening News. Guests to the wedding ceremony included Zheng’s (weeping) mother and bemused friends.

A lobotomized “woman,” Yingying can identify Chinese characters and images, and say a few words, such as ‘yes.’

For the nuptials, she was dressed in a smart black suit and white strappy heels, with her head covered by a red scarf—an old Chinese wedding ritual.

Zheng reportedly intends to upgrade his 66-pound robot “wife” with the ability to walk and help with household chores. Because that’s what married women do.

The union, of course, is probably not entirely legal.

The Marriage Law of the People’s Republic of China, adopted in 1980, states right off the bat that “a marriage system based on the free choice of partners … shall be applied.” It’s hard to believe the insentient Yingying, who can’t even speak complete sentences, consented to the coupling.

It doesn’t help Zheng’s case that “no marriage may be contracted before … the woman [has reached] 20 years of age”: Yingying was “born” in late 2016, making her less than 12 months old, and he a potential pedophile.

Zheng isn’t the only sad case to fulfill his life goals by building a personal sex robot. Last year, Hong Kong-based Ricky Ma spent 18 months and more than $50,000 creating robo-Scarlett Johansson. According to Netease, the robot look-alike can move its arms and legs, form detailed facial expressions, and respond to verbal commands.

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  1. All the real women just throwing themselves at him because of his good looks, and he decides to marry a robot…?

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