WW3: China Issues ‘Final Warning’ To North Korea

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China issues chilling final warning to North Korea

China has issued a chilling ‘final warning’ message to North Korea, telling Pyongyang that if they conduct another nuclear test, the two nations will go to war. 

According to reports on Chinese social media on Tuesday, Chinese military officials have been told to prepare the army for a potential war with North Korea.

Koreatimes.co.kr reports:

Chinese news outlets have previously said Beijing could turn its back on Pyongyang if the latter conducted a sixth nuclear test. But the rumor that China has given North Korea a final warning has drawn particular interest from Weibo users.

The rumor cited the May issue of Hong Kong monthly news outlet Dong Xiang. It said a Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs junior minister invited Park Myung-ho, an official of North Korea, for a meeting.

China’s Foreign Minister Wang Yi attended the meeting and asked his junior to read aloud the warning to the North over the nuclear test.

The memorandum mentioned that China will condemn strongly, pull back on all economic cooperation and even blockade North Korea if it conducted the test.

A Chinese netizen said: “Maybe the bond between the nations is not that strong as we thought. North Korea is completely surrounded by enemies now.”

The Chinese government did not provide any explanation or correction to the rumor.