China-Endorsed WHO Demands Biden Admin Release Proof COVID Was Leaked From Wuhan Lab

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WHO orders biden admin to release evidence that COVID was leaked from Wuhan lab

The World Health Organization has ordered the Biden administration to release proof that COVID-19 was released from a Wuhan laboratory.

According to reports, the WHO has urged the US, and other Western countries, to release intelligence on the origins of the coronavirus pandemic, cautioning against “unsubstantiated speculations” and “politicization” of the issue.

Russia Today reports: WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus spoke at length about the need to identify the ultimate starting point for the global health crisis during a media briefing on Friday, calling it a “scientific” and “moral imperative.”

“If any country has information about the origins of the pandemic, it’s essential for that information to be shared with WHO and the international scientific community,” he said, noting he had been in touch with Chinese officials on the matter as recently as a few weeks ago.

The agency’s Covid-19 technical lead – Maria Van Kerkhove, an infectious disease epidemiologist – also stated that the WHO had reached out to Washington’s embassy in Switzerland for more information on Covid’s origins, after FBI Director Christopher Wray claimed the virus “most likely” escaped from a Chinese lab in comments to Fox earlier this week, citing a bureau assessment that has not been made public.

“It remains vital that that information is shared,” she said, adding that the US has so far not offered access to its data.