Chicago Prepares For Nuclear Apocalypse From ‘Russian Threat’

Fact checked

CBS Chicago are warning residents that they are at risk from being ‘vaporized’ by Russia should Putin decide to launch a nuclear attack against the U.S.

Are they preparing the U.S. for a massive nuclear false flag attack? reports:

With CBS Chicago now warning Chicagoans that they will be ‘vaporized’ should Russia decide to launch a nuclear attack against the US with either a 2,000 or 500 warhead attack scenario, we learn in the new video below from FreedomFighter2127 the latest news of the day including that Russia has warned Denmark that its’ warships could become nuclear targets if Denmark joins NATO’s missile shield, Peter Schiff warning that the dollar will end in tears will gold once again soars, an update on Operation Jade Helm 15 and learn more on the firing of another US Military Nuclear Commander, Captain Heather Cole, and the circumstances surrounding her removal as another top US Military officer falls under the Obama regime.

With ISIS/ISIL seeking nuclear weapons and other rogue terrorist groups possibly getting their hands on such weapons as a suitcase nuke, we have to ask WHY this story specifically singles out Russia when the ‘New World Order’ globalists could also easily launch such an attack upon America, blaming it upon the Russians, and nobody would even know the difference?

With the MSM now paying such attention to such events as nuclear annihilation and the possibility that Russia would launch such an attack, are we edging ever closer to such a confrontation as warned about in this new video? Wouldn’t such an attack fit the globalists plans of instituting a global dictatorship across the world fit perfectly as they finally eliminate the threat that a free America poses to their plans? In the 2nd video below, Paul Joseph Watson shares more with us on the false-flag nuke threat to Chicago.