Cher: Russia Didn’t Hack Election, Democrats Are Just ‘Out-Of-Touch’

Pop star Cher says that Democrats need to stop blaming Russia for their election loss and face up to the facts: their leadership is corrupt, old, and out-of-touch with America.

Pop star Cher says that Democrats need to stop blaming Russia for their election loss and face up to the facts: their leadership is corrupt, old, and out-of-touch with America – particularly young Americans.

In an interview with Billboard published Friday, the septuagenarian singer said the old Democratic party leaders, led by the corrupt and charisma-free Hillary Clinton, flat-out failed to connect voters.

The Democrats f*cked up so bad in their message, and how old [the leadership] is,” Cher said, before going on to suggest that the DNC is a money-making scheme for those in the inner circle. “You’ve got to pray that old people die before young people can get involved with the party.”

Cher, who supported Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton’s campaign despite knowing deep down that it was doomed to fail, said she “told Hillary she should have a group of millennials give their ideas about government.

Four months into his first term, the “I’ve Got You, Babe” singer says she’s so outraged by President Trump that she has to hide her phone and stay off the internet.

Since Trump was elected, I have to hide my telephone, because I’m so outraged. Twitter is like a drug,” Cher says of the platform she uses to skewer Trump. “It creeps into your life, and you have to say, ‘Time to put a stop to this. I’m a grown-up.‘”

Earlier this month, Cher compared Trump to a “mad King George III president,” called Republican House members “inhumane,” and predicted millions of people would die as a result of the recently-passed American Health Care Act.

Though it has not yet been voted on in the Senate, the pop star still believes Trump’s health care bill will cause people to die.

The president is cheating and getting away with it, and using the White House to make money, and he’s going to take health care away from people, and people are going die. It’s outrageous,” she said. “You feel like you’re screaming ‘Fire!’ and no one’s listening.

Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry

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Baxter Dmitry
  • KYS Twice

    Talk about “out of touch.” Cher, time for you and Hillary to retire to the Old Folk’s Home and weave a few baskets, granny.

  • Zoe

    ACA was not healthcare it was insurance. After those poor people pay their deductables then the insurance kicks in. How many people have died because of ACA Cher, do you know or even care? People die with insurance and without insurance. ACA just sends someone else the bill. So get it right you old bag.

  • Carole McCallister Williams

    What are you worrying about? You have plenty of bucks for health care. Unless you have spent it all on plastic surgery and transgender for your girl/boy.

  • Anne Felippe

    Thats how i feel when i hear the democrats. She supported hillary who has to have been the most crooked of all, using her position as SOS to maje $$$$ for the clinton machine.

  • Olivia LaRosa

    Cher always tells it like it is. Who’s going to stop her?

  • Sleeveheart

    “You feel like you’re screaming ‘Fire!’ and no one’s listening.”
    I’m going out on a limb here, but isn’t that pro-NRA?

  • Jerid

    You guys are idiots. Not everyone can pay their deductable. Thats the point of affordable health care. When life happens more to certain people its hard to pick up the peaces. And its much easier to call names and point fingers at Hillary when you aren’t disabled or going through it financially. PS: were not talking about crooked Hillary to justify trumps BS. Two wrongs don’t make any of this right and its an idiotic way to avoid a very important subject. Trump is endorsing torture, quoting that every african american who wants a better country should go fuck themselves, has a terrible attitude towards anyone who is disabled, foreign, or at a financial hardship, and is making no compromises to allow those citizens that have nothing to do with terrorism to show any documentation proving that they are productive citizens. Thats what she meant by “its like screaming fire and nobody listens”. World war three could start and people would still be idiotic enough to say “well at what hilary did.” I get it hilary is a bitch ok? But it would be nice if our country had a revolutionary bone in its society. But all we can do is sit with our thumbs up our asses figuring out if it was the russians. Idiots. And for the record, every person who “served” our country and had nothing to do with any sort of war acts like an entitled son of bitch. Our fight isnt just on the battlefield show some god damn respect for the people you fought for and maybe you’ll get it back. It makes you wonder what this country is even fighting for and no wonder people want to leave it.

  • Jerid

    Unlike Cher, however, your opinion probably wont go any further than this blog. I mean you vote….. so thats good i guess LMAO

  • gomurr

    Said one of those old, out of touch Democrats.

  • ponymanr

    Just let the “ACA”, which is only affordable for the ones getting it for free, implode on it’s self. The Democrats and Senators McCaine and Snow may get to work and fix this major fu*k up of the democratic party. IT IS, AFTER ALL THEIR BABY.