Chemtrails or Contrails?


Are Chemtrails  just water vapour condensations in high altitude left behind from jet engines..?  

There are many who say this is the case in their attempt to defunct the Chemtrails conspiracy theories.

Global march against chemtrails
Global march against chemtrails

For many years scientists and researchers have been looking into the phenomenon of Chemtrails. It is usually confused with Contrails. Chemtrail theorists are looking at empherical data in the skies above, on the ground and on the trees and ask : What are these Chemical Trails which have proliferated over the skies of Europe and North America. They don’t seem to be following the obvious pattern of Contrails, which is usually water vapour left behind by high flying jets and which dissipates after a while.

The Chemtrails seem to stay put in their place suggesting something other than water condensation in high altitude. The seemingly solid trails begin to descend and cover the whole sky like a blanket. People have reported health problems associated with proximity to these chemtrails on their Blogs. They describe  a metalic taste. Trees and pools of standing water getting covered in a chemical Film of Dust. The animals or the trees affected getting diseased and dying. Google Chemtrails to find out more. Water vapor is harmless and dissipates like vapor. Chemical vapor is not harmless and does not dissipate so readily.

The following article ridicules the theory by first asking the question :

“Are you feeling a little under the weather? Does your mind feel like someone else is in control? Do white lines in the sky make you nervous? If so—boy, have I got a theory for you. You’re slowly being poisoned…by clouds!” (YES Yes and yes…………Oh NO!)

Then offers an explanation : The people who believe in chemtrails cannot be swayed with science or logic. Most of them truly believe that every white line appearing in the sky is The Man spraying the atmosphere full of toxic chemicals in order to kill us. The conspiracy theorists truly believe that hundreds of thousands of people are being paid enough money to keep quiet while they load up and fly tens of thousands of planes full of chemicals every day so they can spray every corner of the globe with toxic goop. Somehow, that theory is more plausible to them than the idea that water vapor from jet exhaust condenses when it comes in contact with moist, -65°F air. Many of them claim that people (like myself) who argue the science are paid government shills. All you have to do, they argue, is look up and wake up and you’ll see the evidence before your eyes.

Even worse, many of them believe that if you spray vinegar at the sky, it will magically ascend tens of thousands of feet to defeat these horrible government spraying campaigns. Hell, once you’ve thrown out the science of meteorology, ignoring physics isn’t all that hard.

chemtrail rainbow
chemtrail rainbow

While the chemtrail activism seems to be spreading on the internet, it’s still a relatively rare phenomenon. Most people accept the science behind condensation in the atmosphere. The folks who believe in chemtrails are very loud and they’re great at creating the illusion of numbers; they flood newspapers and local government emails in order to sway editorial or political winds in their favor. When push comes to shove, though, only tens of them turn out in person. Sometimes it works, and other times they’re rightfully brushed off. It’s largely a nuisance (and even entertaining) until some people take it too seriously and their paranoia becomes dangerous.

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Edmondo Burr

BA Economics/Statistics
Assistant Editor