Chemtrails Designed To Kill Zika Virus In Florida Causes Autism

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Chemtrails being sprayed in Florida to kill Zika virus cause autism

Authorities in Florida are going ahead with plans to spray chemtrails over Miami in order to kill the Zika virus, despite evidence that the chemicals cause autism. 

Residents around Miami have been told to stay indoors, as planes spray the poison over a 10-mile radius. reports:

Officials have warned pregnant women to stay away from parts of South Florida. Residents have been living in complete fear ever since the warnings of an “outbreak” were made public. Businesses are suffering. And now, to make things worse, people and their children will be exposed to poisons and carcinogens from above. Here are actual shots that residents saw above them last night.

Imagine the horror?

The CDC pulled the trigger on chemtrail blanketing starting last night. The worst part is that the Aedes Aegypti mosquitoes associated with the transmission of Zika are known to be resistant to the insecticides being used. What a sad, cold reality for these communities to swallow: The poisons they breathe in don’t even kill the mosquitoes they fear, instead, they infiltrated their lungs and bloodstreams. Are we killing the people instead? What birth defects are going to be caused as a result of this extreme spraying.

Just two months ago, Time reported that aerial mosquito spraying was resulting in autism.

In the new findings, presented at the Pediatric Academic Societies 2016 meeting, researchers looked at the rates of autism and developmental delays from eight zip codes in a region of New York that is exposed to yearly airplane pesticide spraying to prevent mosquito-borne disease like eastern equine encephalitis virus. They compared those to the rates in 16 zip codes where the pesticide spraying doesn’t happen. (Other forms of pesticide spraying could still occur, like manual spreading.) They controlled for factors like poverty and gender variation across the zip codes.

The authors report that kids living in zip codes where the spraying was done each summer had around a 25% higher risk of an autism diagnosis or developmental problem compared to kids living in areas without the aerial spraying. “Several studies have previously reported links between pesticide and autism risk,” says Dr. Steve Hicks, an assistant professor of pediatrics at Penn State College of Medicine in an email to TIME.

“Our data suggests the way in which pesticides are applied might play some role. Studies of pesticides in animal models show they can affect certain neurotransmitters in the brain, but their exact molecular effects on brain development are still being explored.”

Again, Zika is not proven to cause birth defects, they are using correlation. Yet we are going to blanket a community in sprays which cause autism and probably a list of disorders we haven’t even realized yet?