Chelsea Fans Throw Black Man Out Of Train

Fact checked
chelsea fans
chelsea fans
  • The video shows Chelsea Fans in the Paris Metro on Tuesday.
  • They Threw out a Black Man from entering the carriage on to the platform at the Richelieu-Drouot station.
  • They shouted “‘We’re the racists, we’re the racists and that’s why we like it”  to the man.
  • Some fans responsible, defended their actions as singing about their Captain, John Terry.
  • However Chelsea Football Club has condemned their actions.
  • Police are now investigating the CCTV footage and working with the Metropolitan Police to take legal actions against the suspects.
  • They are looking into their database of known Chelsea Fans with previous records.
  • The Chairman of the Football club’s Supporter’s Trust, Tim Rolls condemned the chanting and blamed it on a small minority.

Chelsea Fans celebrating with a firework:

chelsea fans