CDC Whistleblower Comes Forward: Admits Coverup on Vaccine Link to Autism

Jon Rappoport is reporting:

William W Thompson, PhD…the CDC whistleblower…was escorted off the premises of the CDC campus yesterday afternoon. This is what a source has just told me. Therefore, the CDC  knows Thompson is the whistleblower.  He’s in danger“.

The CDC whistleblower who came forward earlier this week to admit that the CDC had covered up evidence that vaccines are linked to autism has been revealed as Dr. William Thompson. Dr. Thompson was a lead researcher and participant on several studies that were used by the CDC to supposedly prove that vaccines did not cause autism. Here are a few:

Dr. Thompson spoke with Dr. Brian Hooker by phone recently, revealing that data withheld from a study conducted on the MMR vaccine revealed that the rate of autism was higher among African American boys’

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