Catholic Priest, Forgiven By Church For Raping 29 Children, Stabbed To Death

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A Massachusets priest, who was accused of molesting 29 children only to have his crimes "forgiven" by the Catholic church, has been found stabbed to death at his home.

A Massachusets priest, who was accused of molesting 29 children only to have his crimes “forgiven” by the Catholic church, has been found stabbed to death at his home. 

After failing to attend a church service, Father Archambault’s brother visited his house and found him “bound and gagged” with stab wounds to the chest and a gaping wound where his genitals once were.

Police believe the priest was tortured before his death “by more than one assailant” and died after a “very large blade” – probably a machete – was inserted into his rectum, damaging several internal organs.

Father Archambault, a lifelong priest, was accused of abusing 29 local children with victims ranging from 5- to 11-years-old. After the first complaint against the priest was quietly swept under the carpet, the Roman Catholic Diocese of Springfield received an avalanche of further complaints against the priest and were forced under Canon law to refer the issue to the Vatican.

The Vatican immediately announced that it was a church matter, telling families there was “no need for the police”, and then dismissed three of the accusations, citing a lack of evidence.

Due to the Catholic Church’s internal protocols, the remaining 26 allegations were tried under Canon law which operates outside of the boundaries of the regular law. Proving how out-of-touch the church is with the rest of society, the priest was not charged with child abuse, and it was accepted that all of the 26 children “consented” to sex with the 42-year-old priest.

In the eyes of the church, the problem was that Father Archambault had “casual sex” with 26 partners. For this sin he was punished by being sent to a retreat in Alabama for a month to seek forgiveness through “prayer and penance.”

Father Archambault was killed shortly after returning from the retreat.

Families of the child victims abused by the priest were outraged by the church’s handling of the case and launched an appeal by writing a joint letter to the Pope, signed by parents and prominent members of their community, demanding that the matter be turned over to law enforcement.

Father Archambault’s body was found at his Northampton, Massachusets residence.

They didn’t receive a reply from Pope Francis, but did receive an official response from the church telling them that the case against Father Archambault “is now closed.

A police spokesperson said they are investigating and “following leads” in the case of Father Archambault’s death. They believe the killing may be the work of vigilantes responding to the lack of justice handed down by the Catholic church’s investigation.

A statement released by the diocese said the Catholic Church expects the “full force of the law to be used” in bringing the priest’s killers to justice.

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