Catholic Nun Arrested For Obstructing Vaccination Program In Kenya

catholic nun

A Catholic nun was arrested on Monday evening for obstructing an ongoing immunisation campaign against measles and rubella in Nakuru County in Kenya.

The ministry of health had announced that the campaign launched by the Kenyan government was targeting 19 million children aged between 9 months and 14 years.

Sister Cecilia Kamau, the headmistress of the Catholic sponsored St Anthony Academy was arrested after obstructing the immunisation of over 700 pupils.

According to Truth Kings:

Nakuru County public health official Samuel King’ori and a fleet of police presence stormed the place where vaccines were to be administered and arrested the Kamau. They based their arrest on that of “complaints” regarding the nun’s blockage of the measles vaccine program.

The health official said he wanted to take the 91% vaccination rate to 100%. It would seem they are using any means necessary, including that of jailing innocent nuns.

The Catholic Church has condemned the arrest of sister Cecilia Kamau,

Nakuru Catholic Diocese Bishop Maurice Muhatia  called her arrest as an “unfortunate act”.

“We Catholics are Kenyans and, according to the Constitution, we are entitled to freedom of choice and speech,” said Bishop Muhatia.

“I condemn what the medical personnel are doing…..How can they lock children in a room and inject them with the vaccine like animals?”

The Daily Nation reports:

The bishop claimed children in their institutions had been left traumatised after medics forcibly conducted the vaccination.

He challenged the Ministry of Health and the county government to explain why they were using force in the vaccination.

His remarks come after it emerged that members of the church have been resisting the administration of the vital immunisation, claiming it is not safe.

Mr King’ori on Tuesday said that, while some members of the church allowed their children to be vaccinated, some schools run by the Catholic Church were hiding their pupils to avoid the vaccination.




  • Mira

    well done sister!

  • Drew

    The MMR is made with fetal tissue. I can see a Nun having an issue with it.

  • questforfreedom1

    How can we protest this evil Natzi science program to help her in Kenya? Any petitions to sign?

  • Lynn Willis

    Good for her …. this forced immunization is NOTHING but an attempt by the elite to exterminate the masses. NOPE NOT PARANOID: Just google Bill Gates and vaccines and listen to what he has to say about it HIMSELF (He being one of those instrumental individuals involved in pushing this population control agenda):

    • kelly

      Exactly! She is a hero!

  • Joe Cage

    Her reasons were based on “faith”?? Can’t be evidence or facts as they contradict her position.

    • kelly

      “Faith” is the best reason when all other reasons are refuted. 😀

      • Joe Cage

        Faith is the domain of the incompetent and simple minded.
        To utilise faith when facts are available is arrogant and dishonest.
        The laws and the courts are slowly waking up to this important fact meaning more people will be protected. Keep your faith, just stop imposing it on others.

        • kelly

          Agree with you, Joe!

          “Keep your faith, just stop imposing it on others.”
          Yep! Which is why I don’t need religion to do good.

  • kelly

    I had nose bleeds in school every time after a vaccination. I believe that if I did not have them, I would had seizures. This nun is a hero even if her reason was that “vaccinations were against her faith”. 🙂