Cancer Cured By Brilliant Man In 1934, Then He Was Killed

cancer cured
cancer cured

Many have often wondered why, when referring to cancer in media, the word “industry” is almost always attached.  Cancer and Industry, per their definitions, are two unrelated things.  Yet, time and time again, we hear the phrase “The Cancer Industry”.  

According to, the word industry is defined as: “Industry: any general business activity; commercial enterprise:”

Cancer hasn’t just been turned into a commercial enterprise, by many standards it is a commercial empire, pulling in over 124 BILLION dollars a year (source).  Sometimes, stories of men and women who are “getting close” to the “cure” for cancer are reported in the news, yet we never seem to be able to reach that invisible giant.  Perhaps that’s because cancer has many, many cures – one of which is the focus of this article.  Allow us to introduce Dr. Royal Raymond Rife.

A fascinating report in Waking Times explains:


Dr. Royal Raymond Rife could very well be the father of all holistic cancer research. Rife, born in 1888, was one of the founding pioneers in many of the technologies that are commonly used today and was a main contributor in the field of optics, electronics, radiochemistry, biochemistry, ballistics and aviation.

The Rife machine destroys infectious organisms, viruses, bacteria and fungus and has been used to eliminate 52 different microorganisms including cancer, tuberculosis, strep and leprosy.

Rife began his quest to treat disease with electricity in 1920 after discovering that there were specific electrical characteristics in each disease that he studied. Rife performed thousands of tests when trying to isolate the electrical characteristics of tuberculosis.

Rife began research cancer in 1922, but it took ten years before he was able to isolate the VX Virus, which was a cancer microorganism. A year later, Rife invented the Universal Microscope, which a light source technology that could magnify an object 60,000x its size. Because of his invention, Rife was the first person to see a live virus.

Once Rife was able to determine the main oscillation rate for each organism, he would then try to destroy it with light frequency resonance. Each microbe has a natural frequency that it resonates with, so when Rife increased their natural oscillations, the organism became distorted and disintegrated from structural stresses. More importantly, no surrounding tissue was harmed from these oscillations.

Rife named the process Mortal Oscillatory Rate (M.O.R).

As part of his research in 1934, Rife’s machine “cured” 14 out of 16 terminally ill cancer patients within two months. The remaining two were cured within the following 6 weeks, resulting in a 100% cure rate.

On November 20, 1931, Rife, along with 34 of his most distinguished colleagues in medicine, attended a banquet entitled, “The End to All Diseases”. By 1939, the same group of physicians essentially denied Rife’s existence. After finding a cure for cancer, how is it possible for Rife to be completely ignored by his colleagues and what were the motivating factors behind this?

Here’s the inside story.

On the eve of a press conference to announce the results of the 1934 study on Rife’s cancer therapy, Dr Milbank Johnson, former president of the Southern California AMA, was fatally poisoned and his papers “lost”. Also, after a failed attempt by Morris Fishbein to buy the rights to Rife’s healing instrument for the medical drug industry, Rife’s labs were destroyed by arson and sabotage. Dr. Nemes, who had duplicated some of the work of Rife, was killed in a mysterious fire which destroyed all his research papers. A similar fire also destroyed the Burnett Lab, which was validating Rife’s work. Royal Rife himself was killed in 1971 by an “accidental” lethal dose of Valium and alcohol at Grossmont Hospital.

According to Wiki, interest in Rife was revived in the 1980s by author Barry Lynes, who wrote a book about Rife entitled The Cancer Cure That Worked. The book claimed that Rife’s beam ray device could cure cancer, but that all mention of his discoveries was suppressed in the 1930s by a wide-ranging conspiracy headed by the American Medical Association. The American Cancer Society described Lynes’ claims as implausible, noting that the book was written “in a style typical of conspiratorial theorists” and defied any independent verification.

In 1994, the American Cancer Society reported that Rife machines were being sold in a “pyramid-like, multilevel marketing scheme”. A key component in the marketing of Rife devices has been the claim, initially put forward by Rife himself, that the devices were being suppressed by an establishment conspiracy against cancer “cures”.

As stated in the article, Dr. Coldwell: ALL Cancer Can Be Cured in Less Than 12 Weeks, cancer is a $60 billion a year industry, while cancer protection and the early intervention of cancer brings in an additional $162 billion each year.

Question: In an age where technology can be used to improve the quality of life for everyone, why has the Rife machine been ridiculed by the medical industry and suppressed for so long?

Answer: The last thing Big Pharma cured was polio. There is no money in repeat business when finding a cure to anything.

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  • Rich Bell

    There always was a cure for cancer it was surpressed because cancer is a multi billion dollar industry hospital’s make billions of dollars off of these victims

    • War Gregory

      Hospitals make nothing compared to pharmaceutical and insurance companies.

  • ogam5

    …; as Salk himself conceded, it didn’t ‘cure’ even THAT…..

  • fatwillie

    While I found this article to be quite educational, and filled with more reasons to not trust the medical industry and or the pharmaceutical, it was also heartbreaking when one thinks about the amount of suffering that could be avoided if people put morals before profit. I myself have always believed they had or have cures for many things but keep them silent for profit. And I also believe that instead of wasting time and money on finding cures that when they are found, are kept from the public, that it would be best to find the causes of said cancers, and eliminate them.


    Full disclosure I work for a Pharmaceutical company. Don’t you think that if there was a cure that someone would have taken this unpatented approach and figured out how to profit from it? If this does exist and can be developed do you think those you will be investing in it to bring it forward will give it away to all mankind? Conspiracy theorists have pointed fingers at the industry for controlling disease, treatment and patient impact. Let’s put this to the same test as we endure to bring chemical compounds to patients, it it is as good as these videos claim substitution comes with a price.

    • Andrew Sheldon

      Several points:
      a. The life of Tesla – who lived in a similar time
      b. Thorium fission – It was always an alrternative to uranium fission, but like pharmaceuticals offered a ‘proven answer’, so notwithstanding the ‘potential’ of thorium, who would spend money on it?
      c. I don’t think these ‘discoveries’ are so well known
      d. Might cynical people arrive at the same conclusion as you without researching. Hopefully a person with a knowledge of microscopes will not.
      e. Might you cynically conclude so because you have no understanding of microscope design and electromagnetic radiation.
      Perhaps the most suspicious part is the fact that they claim to have an actual working prototype. Still I could understand how such a device could sit in someone’s basement for a few generations.
      You have some suspicions though, which is great. Just I think they need to be tested.

    • Paperdog

      Give me a break… Cancer research has been going on for 75+ years . You pharma guys got trumped by federal grants and endowments (research labs tied to medical schools …and That’s why you cant market any cures. The cash perpetuity is infinite as long as the american public is made to believe there is no ‘silver bullet’ cure. Anyway you slice this, cure fo cancer will never be promoted like it should, because its all about the money. BTW I stopped donating to pretty much anything medically related… Don’t wast my time with cancer fighting campaigns…Its all bullshit.

      • Grace Deamaral

        They had cannabis as a cure until ww2. Then the pharma industry said it was bad and it eent illegal.

    • Bill Lewis

      Yes let’s do the same tests! Want to bet on which will win? Thanks to a Frequency Generator using Rife Frequences, I killed the 5 parasites that were in my lungs. Had I stayed with allopathic medicine, I would not be alive, and in excellent health, today, 11 years later. In fact, the parasites were not even diagnosed by specialists. So yes! Let’s do the testing, I dare you!

    • Grace Deamaral

      Dont play stupid. Ur all out for profit. U drug pushes will rot and burn in hell. Dont tell me they brained washed u. If we all stop being so nieve and stop taking drugs. The these drug companies will fail. Just like cholesterol causing heart disease. Bullshit. Statins r making tons of money. Go stick ur pharma ass onder a big rock. Ur no good for anyone. Cant believe u admit u work for mr pharma

    • War Gregory

      I bet you think the FDA only approves safe drugs too. Nasal Spray that causes Lymphoma lol! Thanks but no thanks.

    • Pat Smith

      You’d be fighting the AMA too. Ever tried to prescribe a drug without their recommendation?

  • Dchip

    In 1931 Otto Heinrich Warburg was awarded a Nobel prize for medicine for proving that cancer will not grow in a Alkaline body. There also have been lots of evidence that cancer is caused by excess EMF “Electromagnetic Fields ”
    In our over exposed electronic world. The human body that operates on 7.2 mili-volts and all this overexposure is having a negative affect on the immune system. The Europeans are doing these studies away from Big pharma in the U.S.

  • Andrew Sheldon

    I have no knowledge of this so can’t say. Fortunately, I have no cancer.

  • Andrew Sheldon

    This reminds me of one of those skits people do. i.e. In NZ, some local guy sponsored a news story that captivated national pride. It was the story of a guy who invented and flew a plane 10-20 years before the Wright Bros. It was a hoax, but it was so well presented that it fooled people. Missing is ‘evidence’ to ‘ground’ what at first appraisal might seem reasonable. Where is this machine. All I see is an old newspaper cutting. Though I can’t say I’ve researched, but if you have cancer, its what I would be doing.

    • Adam

      yeah, perhaps you need to research and catch up Andrew

      • Andrew Sheldon

        I’m enough of a generalist now Adam, but yeah, medicine is why weak spot.

  • Harish Malhotra

    When modern science will discover how to go deep into the subtle electromagnetic constitution of man, it will be able to correct almost any medical condition in ways that would seem almost miraculous today. In the future, healing will be effected more and more by use of various types of light rays. Light is what we are made of—not gross physical light, but the finer spiritualized light of prana, intelligent life energy. That light is the real essence of everything. This earth is not “earth” as you see it; it is light. But you cannot perceive that until you know the underlying astral world.

    ~ Paramhansa Yogananda

  • Herr Strudel

    Brian, your description reminds me of the Hulda Regher Clark “protocol” as described in her book “The Cure for All Cancers”. A protocol I used as soon as I was diagnosed with CML in the late ’90’s. In a matter of 3 days (Sat-Tues) my leukaemic cell count reduced significantly my to the surprise of the haematology staff, whoo had never witnessed such a change in a a patient before. Both blood tests were done in the same lab so there was no chance of an error. My haematologist was happy for me to continue with the protocol while I also endured chemo and finally trialled imatinib (Glivec) in the early “naughties”. For nearly 10 years now I’ve returned a zero LC count and openly agree the Big Pharma drug did it’s work, but I’m also keen to express that the much maligned, jailed and exiled HRC was “onto something” with her herb and “Zapper” modality to eradicate the same parasitic invasions you describe. The Big Pharma model does work, but it’s flawed in the philanthropic sense as it needs to avoid conclusive “cure” in favour of a more profitable pathway of incremental improvement to feed it’s staff and investors.

  • Debbie Horn

    I have a fried who invented a massage table with vibration and headphones, He’s put healing frequencies, heart, bone, cancer, etc. on a bluetooth that plays through the table, the headphones are also used for part of the music. I will find information and post it. It really is awesome!

    • War Gregory

      Post that Debbie. I’d like to see it. I have a vascular disease that is causing my joints to die and need replacing with metal.

      • Dwayne Smith

        This may help you. It has done wonders for me and my family. It’s based on electrically charged silver which vibrates at a particular frequency that destroys harmful bacteria, fungus and viruses. Super Natural Silver is the name of this new technology. You should find loads of info on this website.

  • Adam

    Loved the article and Rife’s work. But Big Pharma cured polio?? With vaccines ? Are you kidding ? Ever heard of sewerage treatment plants and sanitation? Ever looked at historical data showing the more treatment plants were Implemented, the more polio (spread in human faces ) died off…?? Vaccines take all the credit but is there any actual scientific evidence anywhere showing clearly that immunisation was the primary cause? No….it’s a sad myth everyone just believes.

  • Sheri

    Well this would have screwed up ROCKEFELLER’S EUGENICS plan!

  • Johnson James

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