Cancer And Death – Unacceptable Vaccine Side Effects

By the age of 6-years old children often receive up to 49 doses of 14 vaccines. In 1940 the maximum number of shots a child would get was 4.

For the first time in history infants have become regularly obese, with a rise of 73% of obesity rates in infants since 1980.

Vaccines contain many contaminants which can cause chronic illness, even cancer, in people which may also be passed down to their children. Ultimately, the rise in vaccines correlates to the rise in cancer and chronic illnesses among the general population. reports:

Dr. Guylaine Lanctot wrote the recommended book, The Medical Mafia, in Canada. She is a pediatric physician who refused to vaccinate her patients. So the Canadian Medical Association and the Canadian government brought her before a kangaroo court where she called as witnesses Dr. Horowitz and W. John Martin, one of the world’s leading vaccine contamination analysts, in charge of testing human vaccines for contamination between 1976 and 1980 at the FDA Bureau of Biologics.

John Martin gave testimony saying that these vaccines carry major contaminants, and the fact is that they may or may not cause cancer or other illnesses in your lifetime, but they may be passed in the gene line to your children or your children’s children, or even environmentally and they may cause cancer or other illnesses in their lifetimes.

The judge then came back after the first break and pounded his gavel and said, “Case dismissed.”

They do not want this information made public.

It helps to study the history of medicine that we were never taught in school. The Rockefeller led military-medical-industrial complex, which literally had a partnership with I.G. Farben and the Nazi Third Reich, is working to control the world’s pharmaceutical and chemical industries, because they realized that they could literally eliminate humans silently and covertly through drugs and chemicals, promoted by propaganda.

Dr. Horowitz makes the valid proposition that vaccines today are being used like the gas chambers of World War 2, and that the health officials who offer you free vaccines are like the concentration camps of yesteryear. It’s the same people, or their heirs and the same money, who believe in genocide (the murder of large numbers of people), at the same time that they make vast fortunes off of human suffering.

There is a good book called The Science of Coercion, by Christopher Simpson. Simpson studied psychological warfare methods used on scientists and physicians from 1945 to virtually the present. Simpson concludes virtually the same thing that Dr. Horowitz concluded in Emerging Viruses, AIDS & Ebola, that the Rockefellers established the agenda for science throughout the world. If you were a scientist or
a health professional that did not go along with the agenda then you were, and still are, demoted, defunded, and ostracized or persecuted. This included alternative health professionals as well as independent doctors not under their control.

A man named Flexner was paid by John D. Rockefeller from his Standard Oil fortune, to get rid of competition in health care. To this end, he made a bogus scientific report which allegedly said that alternative therapies were quackery. The Flexner report also took a lot of power away from independent doctors, and centralized it into the hands of the big corporations. With the help of the Flexner report, the Rockefellers and their associates established a monopoly of American medicine in the 1920s, when they also established the cancer industry.

Ernest Rudin became the director of the Rockefeller-built Kaiser Wilhelm Institute for Eugenics in pre-Nazi Germany. Eugenics is the study of improving people by selective breeding. Today physicians and public health nurses tell you that vaccines are for your own good, because they’ve been persuaded by the Rockefeller-directed military-medical-industrial complex propaganda.

The only difference between health care professionals that tell you these vaccines are safe and effective, and any other cult follower, is that most cult followers know who their leaders are. In health care, most physicians and public health nurses have no clue that they are puppets for the Rockefeller family.

The following is almost a direct quote from Dr. Horowitz’s excellent, life-saving CD which I again strongly urge you to listen to. Dr. Horowitz proves that vaccines are for the purpose of depopulating earth. He does this with the vaccine company’s own literature, that comes with the Hepatitis B vaccine.

As you read this, please note that Hepatitis B kills only 5,000 people in the U.S. each year(5), and that it is normally spread by drug addicts with infected needles, or from sexual contact. That is not something that babies do.

“If you look at the Merck literature and the Hepatitis B vaccine, just read the package insert to see what it says about side effects:

It starts at 15%, with a little redness and swelling around the site of injection. (Okay, no big deal).

Then it says 14% develop a little fever, some flu-like symptoms. It goes away in a few days.

Then 12-13% develop more sustained fevers, longer duration, more flu-like symptoms. (Now we parents start getting a little worried now, don’t we?)

It goes on to say that 9-10% have more severe flu symptoms, potentially long-term chronic illnesses, 7-8% worse, 3-5% even worse than that!

Finally it gets down to where they say – “Less than 1% of the people who get this vaccine sustain serious injury.”

What does that mean – “serious injury”? Serious injury means:

“Brain damage, chronic crippling rheumatoid arthritis, or Sudden Infant Death”.


Now, they say “less than 1%”. Let’s be conservative. Let’s just cut the 1% in half. They want to inoculate 90% of approximately 50 million infants and children. So let’s take half of that. Instead of 50 million, let’s take 25 million.

What’s 1% of 25 million children? That’s 250,000! That’s 250,000 of our children, over the next seven years, who will likely develop brain damage, chronic crippling arthritis or be dead. From that one vaccine! One out of over twenty vaccines
that they want to give us and our children today!”

All this for a disease that kills only 5,000 people in the U.S. each year(7), and that is normally spread only by drug addicts with infected needles, or from sexual contact.

250,000 over seven years, means approximately 35,000 children a year. And this is from just one vaccine. Every time a child receives another shot, they get another chance at death.

Dr. Horowitz expands this further to the other vaccines, using the Center for Disease control’s own data.

“The CDC reported two publications in 1995 and 1996: Between 1990 and 1995 there were over 45,000 vaccine-injured people. And that, they said, represented – quote – “less than 1% of the actual injuries due to gross underreporting” – end quote.

Now you know what that means, because of what we read above about the literature that comes with the Hepatitis B vaccine. You have to take 45,000 over five years and multiply it by at least 100 to see how many children got injured. It could be 200, but let’s take 100. What is 100 times 45,000? That is 4.5 million vaccine induced injuries, according to the federal government statistics, over five years. And you don’t read a word about it in the media.

That is an ongoing holocaust of vaccine injuries in the United States today! And you don’t read one word about it. You only read wonderful praise about vaccines.

It was the evil Adolph Hitler who said that if you tell a lie long enough, eventually it will be believed as truth. And the greater the lie, the more people will believe it. Well, you know, the phrase that comes to mind with this is the phrase “vaccines are safe and effective”.

In fact, they don’t know whether they are killing and maiming more people than they are helping and saving, because they have no definitive long-term studies that show that most plausibly the entire gamut of autoimmune related disorders and weird cancers with no family history, including lupus, MS, fibromyalgia, Guillain-Barre, Attention Deficit Disorders, Hyperactivity disorders, AIDS, Chronic Fatigue, Gulf War Syndrome, chronic crippling rheumatoid arthritis, adult onset diabetes, Lou Gehrig’s disease and asthma, all have now been scientifically linked to an immune system that is not functioning correctly.

This is what happens: As you get injected by contaminants and even the ingredients of the vaccines, you get foreign RNA and DNA. That is, carcinogens. Because what is foreign RNA when it gets injected into your blood? The cells in your immune system surround those, they take them into the genes, they can recombine with your own genes and then it becomes a pre-cancer cell. That is, cancer in an adult may be from viruses that they were given in vaccines as a child.”

For example, on the CD you hear Dr. Hilleman say on the radio interview how hideously contaminated the Yellow Fever vaccine was with leukemia virus.

The American Cancer Society and the Center for Diseases Control for decades tell you some ways to prevent cancer, but never discuss viruses related to cancer. Dr. Horowitz talks about how documentation shows how Litton Biomedics Labs was fooling around with prostate cancer viruses (and prostate cancer is exploding) and that after they studied mouse mammary tumor viruses, mouse mammary tumor viruses started turning up in mothers’ breast milk!

Many people believe that vaccines have wiped many of the infectious diseases off the planet. To make people believe this, the CDC officials show a chart starting in 1960, when they initiated a vaccine program. The chart shows a drastic reduction in infectious diseases.

But if they just extend their slide from 1960 back to the early 1900s, you would see that the vast majority of infectious diseases were well on their way out before the vaccines were administered. This was probably due to improvements in hygiene and clean drinking water.

On his CD, Dr. Horowitz tells the story of how a hospital took custody of their baby for four days, and they went through living hell, when they went to the hospital for an injury, and his wife said that they did not believe in vaccines. Dr. Horowitz then suggests some advice to people who are ever in a similar situation. I strongly urge you to get this CD to hear the full advice for yourself.

Naturally, you must investigate this for yourself, but consider something such as:

“We’ll get vaccinated under one condition. You provide me with a bonded, notarized affidavit that swears that you will assume all medical, legal and financial risks in the event that I or my child is injured from the vaccine”.

Plus, many people do not vaccinate because it is against their religion. They do not want to defile the body, the Temple of the Holy Spirit. Others research home births, home schooling, the advantages of living in other states and the excellent book Vaccine Legal Exceptions by Alan Phillips available at

If you have vaccinated, do not beat yourself up. Forgive yourself, and forgive your parents if they vaccinated you. You are a victim of the Medical Mafia.

Why do they do this? Well, we haven’t been told. But part of the reason will be money. Each cancer victim gives an average of $300,000 to the Medical Mafia. They don’t tell you about the many cheap ways to prevent and heal cancer. Vaccines help majorly to contribute to the $2.2 trillion a year the Medical Mafia in the United States of America receives each year. That’s five times more than the defense budget!

Another reason could be that they now have a vaccine which controls thought, belief and intention, and religious faith. See this video that was leaked from the Pentagon which proves this.

There are ways to overcome any health challenge, such as removing heavy metals through chelation, using juicing and natural health to boost the immune system and get a diet makeover. There is no ‘magic pill’. It takes a wholistic approach. But please realize that it is time to change the system and what we do, now, for the sake of your grandchildren and great grandchildren.