Canadian Diners Chant ‘Get Out’ As Officials Try to Shut Down Restaurant

Fact checked

Footage shows diners joining forces and chanting at health inspectors to “get out” as they attempted to shut down a Vancouver restaurant that had opened in violation of Covid lockdown laws.

Filmed last weekend, the video shows two officials talking to Corduroy Restaurant owner Rebecca Matthews who was telling the bureaucrats that they were trespassing and then asked them to leave.

Summit News reports: At first, the health officials refuse to leave but their behavior soon changes when the rest of the diners begin to chant “get out!”

As the pair begin to exit, customers in the background can be seen hugging each other and cheering.

Under current lockdown rules, restaurants in B.C. are prohibited from opening indoors but Matthews has decided to stay open in defiance of the law.

Health documents show that Corduroy had been ordered to close due to the restaurant being in “contravention of a Provincial Health Officer (PHO) Order issued under Part 4 of the Public Health Act.”

According to Corduroy’s Instagram account, the restaurant is now closed due to having run out of food but Matthews has vowed to reopen this week.