Cameron Threatens RAF Bombing Raids Against ISIS In Syria

The Prime Minister tells MPs that the Islamic State must be 'crushed' in Iraq and Syria

David Cameron says that response in wake of  the Tunisian beach massacre must involve ‘military solutions’.

In a statement to the House of Commons, setting out the response to what he called the ‘generational struggle’ against extremist, he suggested that RAF raids on Islamic State could be extended to its Syrian strongholds.

The Mail Online reports: Mr Cameron said a minute’s silence would be held at noon this Friday to commemorate the beach victims seven days on.

Indicating that ministers would draw up plans for a permanent memorial to those who died, Mr Cameron also:

  • Set out how schools, prisons, hospitals and other public bodies will be put under a legal duty to report concerns about radicalised youngsters and tackle extremism;
  • Called on social media companies to do more to help deal with terrorism;
  • Insisted official guidance would not tell tourists never to travel to Tunisia;
  • Signalled a crackdown on radical groups that call for the overthrow of democracy and the creation of a caliphate.

He told MPs we should be more intolerant of intolerance, adding: ‘We will stand in solidarity with all those outraged by this event, not least the overwhelming majority of Muslims in this country and around the world.

‘This is not the war between Islam and the West which IS want people to believe.

‘It is a generational struggle between a minority of extremists who want hatred to flourish and the rest of us who want freedom to prosper. Together we will prevail.’

The RAF has flown more than 300 missions against IS positions in Iraq since Parliament approved bombing raids last September.

But it is not authorised to launch attacks against the terror network in Syria, where IS is strongest.

Downing Street last night confirmed MPs will get a fresh vote before Britain joins the United States in launching bombing raids in Syria.

The Prime Minister has reserved the right to act without approval if a specific threat to Britain is identified.


  • Arshad Mohsin

    BREAKING : Dear David Cameron, If you have the slightest common sense left in your brainwashed skull pay heed to me.Keep it in your mind that neither you nor the entire crusading force of the world will be able to undo the Islamic state .Khilafah has been re-established and it’ll only grow and expand with every passing day until every home on this planet is enlightened with the religion of Islam. Truth is bound to win and falsehood is sure to perish.It’s not only limited to Syria and Iraq.Muslims around the globe have opened their arms to welcome the divine rule of Khilafah.None of your puppet states will survive the onslaught of Mujahideen and they indeed will reach your shores.Beef up your securities, fill up your arsenals and muster up your courage if you have any, because, you have challenged the army of Muhammad(Peace be upon him) and Allah has promised his help to the army of his prophet. It has happened in the past it’ll happen in the future, it’s happening now.You are doomed unless you abandon your tyranny and give up your arms and surrender to the army of Mohammad.Our forces are unstoppable.We can see beyond your satellites.We even know how to blind your satellites baby. You are doomed.