California Primary Results In Voter Suppression, Election Fraud

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Disenfranchised Bernie Sanders supporters light up social media with reports of voter suppression, organised chaos and election fraud in the California primary amid a total media blackout.

Disenfranchised Bernie Sanders supporters have flooded social media with reports of voter suppression, organized chaos and election fraud in the California primary amid a total media blackout.

The California primary wasn’t an election, it was a coup featuring illegal, underhand tactics usually associated with dictatorships in undemocratic states – media collusion, voter suppression, election fraud, and a system fundamentally rigged in favour of the establishment.

Make no mistake, Senator Bernie Sanders supporters lost their ballots, their democratic rights, by the hundreds of thousands on Tuesday.

Heading into the primary, the polls pointed to a very close race. For example, as NBC reported a few days before the primary:

Hillary Clinton is clinging to a narrow two-point lead over Bernie Sanders in California ahead of the state’s June 7 primary, according to results from a new NBC News/Wall Street Journal/Marist poll.

Clinton gets support from 49 percent of likely Democratic primary voters in the state, while Sanders gets 47 percent, which is within the survey’s statistical margin of error.

Meanwhile, Sanders leads among first-time participants (72 percent to 28 percent), independents (68 percent to 26 percent), those younger than 45 (66 percent to 30 percent), men (54 percent to 43 percent) and Latinos (49 percent to 46 percent).

As you can see, polling put the race at a statistical tie, with independents favouring Sanders by a staggering 42 percent.

Have you ever seen a respected poll miss the mark by 16 percent? One of the few ways to detect mass scale fraud is an Election Verification Exit Poll. Such polls have been used around the world to ensure election integrity and have even been used to overturn fraudulent national elections.

But in California there was conveniently no exit poll. Voters went home unsure if their votes counted. The coup was complete.

So how did it happen? Let me explain the way this coup went down.

First you have to understand the way California handles its independent voters. They are called No Party Preference voters – NPP – and they have the right to vote in Democrat primaries in the state.

There are an extraordinary 4.2 million NPP voters in California and as the NBC poll showed they love Bernie Sanders, favoring him 68 percent to 26 percent over Clinton.

So what would you do if you were the establishment and Bernie Sanders had you running scared?

First you would attempt to depress the Sanders vote turnout by colluding with the media to announce that the race has already been won – the night before the California primary. Evidence has emerged that suggests this tactic was planned in advance.

Then you would try and stop as many NPP voters as possible from exercising their democratic right and casting their ballots.

In some counties like Los Angeles, it wasn’t easy for a Sanders supporting NPP voter to claim their right vote in the California  primary – and in other counties, it was nearly impossible.

The establishment has obscure, arcane rules and regulations in place to ensure their candidate has an advantage over outsider candidates.  The worst part of this is that they won’t even tell you what the rules are.

Example: In Santa Rosa, Sonoma County, you have to say the following words verbatim, “I want a Democratic crossover ballot,” or else you won’t be given a ballot including the presidential race. And believe it or not, if an NPP voter asks the polling official, “How can I vote in the Democratic party primary?”, the polling official is instructed to say, “NPP voters can’t get Democratic ballots.” They are ordered by the establishment to lie to voters about their democratic rights.

This is from the official Election Officer Training Manual, page 49:

“A No Party Preference voter will need to request a crossover ballot from the Roster Index Officer. (Do not offer them a crossover ballot if they do not ask).”

Polling official Jeff Lewis filed a description of the training in a declaration to a federal court:

Someone raised their hand and asked a follow-up question: ‘So, what if someone gets a nonpartisan ballot, notices it doesn’t have the presidential candidates on it, and asks you where they are?’ The answer poll workers are instructed to give: ‘Sorry, NPP ballots don’t have presidential candidates on them.’ That’s correct: even when people ask questions of that nature, obviously intending to vote with a party.

The result? Instead of a quick in-and-out vote, many NPP voting Sanders supporters were handed the dreaded pink provisional ballot – which takes longer to fill out, longer for officials to verify (if they do at all) and which tends to leave voters wondering whether their votes were even counted.

Even more polling officials are coming forward admitting there was an organised campaign to stop NPP voters from casting their ballot for Sanders. (see video)

The injustice doesn’t end there – in fact, it gets worse.  There are reports that not enough crossover ballots are printed, to ensure that even if NPP voters navigate their way through the intentionally disorienting maze and qualify to vote, some of them won’t be able to because there simply aren’t enough ballots.

And to top it all off, some counties demanded first-time voters (likely to be young and support Sanders) show official voter ID or get turned away – just like in New Alabama.

Organized Chaos

There was widespread chaos across the state as millions of disenfranchised Sanders supporters lit up social media with reports of voter suppression and election fraud.

When Sanders supporter Brandon Silverman, 29, showed up at his polling station in Echo Park at 8:15 a.m., he said poll workers immediately handed him a provisional ballot, explaining that their machine wasn’t working yet. The full list of voters’ names for the precincts also seemed to be missing – another common complaint from voters in strong Sanders polling precincts.

Silverman, an assistant television editor, quickly called a Sanders voter hotline and L.A. County voting officials. About 45 minutes later, the problems seemed to be resolved and he was able to cast a regular ballot.

But the chaos shook his confidence in the fairness of the electoral process, especially after hearing that other precincts where Sanders was expected to poll strongly were having similar problems.

I tend to agree with most of the Bernie supporters who are disappointed in the media’s handling of the superdelegate counts, but I tend to shy away from the people saying it’s ‘stolen’ or ‘rigged,’” Silverman told reporters. “I’d like to not think the worst, but at a certain point you think, is it a coincidence?

In Bell, Albert Grey showed up at his polling site Tuesday morning to find that the vote-counting machine seemed to be jammed, and there didn’t seem to be a supervisor on site. So he couldn’t vote.

I still have my ballot, I’m going to go back, see if the machine is working, and if it is, I’m going to vote,” Grey said.

On Twitter, many voters reported showing up to their polling sites only to find that their names were mysteriously missing from the voting rolls, leaving them to cast a provisional ballot and fear their voices had been suppressed.

Sanders supporter Jonathan Daniel Brown accused Democrats of “purging votes” when he discovered he was no longer on the voting rolls at his local polling station despite being registered.

Brown, an actor, refused to take a provisional ballot, and protested until he was allowed to cast a regular ballot – though not before a poll worker called the police on him.

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