California Governor Outlaws Criticism Of Israel

California outlaws criticism of Israel

California Governor Jerry Brown has signed a new law that prevents companies from engaging in actions that could be deemed critical of Israel. 

The new law prevents companies that boycott or discriminate against any country, including Israel, from doing business with California. reports:

Brown signed Assembly Bill 2844 on Saturday afternoon. The State Senate approved the bill by a vote of 34 to 1 on August 24, and the State Assembly passed it by 69 to 1 on August 30.

An earlier version of the legislation banned the state from making contracts worth over $100,000 with companies boycotting Israel.

In order to satisfy critics, who said it violated the constitutional right to boycott, the bill was modified to include reference to other countries as well.

The approved version does not prohibit companies working with the state from boycotting Israel. Rather, companies have to certify that they do not violate California civil rights laws in boycotting a foreign country – including Israel, the only country mentioned by name – according to The Jewish Journal.

“We commend Governor Brown for signing this bill,” said Janna Weinstein Smith, American Jewish Committee’s Los Angeles Regional Director, in a statement.

“The bill sends the clear and unmistakable message that the state of California wants no part of the goals and tactics of the BDS movement. Thanks to this legislation, those who wish to target Jews and Israelis for discrimination will not be doing business with the state of California.”

The Israeli-American Coalition for Action in a statement also praised the legislation, and praised the leadership of Assembly member Richard Bloom, who introduced the original bill; the California Legislative Jewish Caucus; and Assembly member Travis Allen, in passing the bill.

  • John Swaim

    Again Israel profits from influence peddling politicians as We the People are am afterthought. Israel may be able to buy the support of our government, but they are losing the support of the American people.
    (The Gaza Ghetto gotta go)

  • conscientia

    Ridiculous headline.

    • ShawnBarnish

      Yeah, the “outlaw” part is a bit of a stretch.
      The governor is boycotting companies who boycott mother Israel.

      Israel as we know it today IS a charade of course.

  • ShawnBarnish

    Maybe that Fag infested state can just drop into the Ocean already?
    Of course let the few descent folk move to Arizona first. But don’t come here to screw it up like you did your own state!

  • sailorbill

    next it will be jail time for any one voting for TRUMP, What AIPAC wants AIPAC gets particle in California and NY.

  • sailorbill

    oh I forgot to ask has the Sanders missing votes turned up yet , I believe there on a sertin persons server.