California Gas Leak Is Nuclear: Radioactivity Puts Millions At Risk

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California gas leak has turned nuclear, with millions of lives at risk due to radioactive waste

The California methane gas leak in Porter Ranch is now emitting radioactive waste into the atmosphere, affecting the health of millions of residents across California as they breathe in radon dust, get exposed to radiation damage, and their food and water supply are at risk of being contaminated with deadly toxins – a new report suggests. 

According to the video report below, officials in California dumped nuclear waste from a local nuclear power plant into a nearby lake in 2015, the contents of which is now being pumped into the atmosphere. reports:

Please take 11 minutes to watch this video report:

Take note of 6:20 minutes to the end on the timeline. Readers will learn how officials disposed of that dangerous radioactive waste: After dropping a 50 gallon waste-containing-barrel into the middle of a lake, they would then fire a shot into the barrel, causing an explosion and aerosolized particulates! No kidding. Incredibly toxic materials had been allowed to be dispersed into the atmosphere and environment in the “Golden State.”

That once beautiful state that people flocked to apparently is not faring very well.

Seemingly everyone, including pets and animals, are being affected negatively: losing health, property values and probably homes to live in.

Another pointed question that has to be asked is: “How is all that toxic material affecting the food and produce grown in California?” Combine that radioactivity, methane, plus Fukushima fallout with all the chemtrail chemicals, heavy metals, and biologicals being sprayed, there’s a toxic soup and waste dump evolving.

USDA, FDA and California state officials should be called on the carpet to explain what’s happening to our food supply.

Are U.S. food-buying consumers eating radioactive, genetically-modified U.S. California-grown food?