Brits Should Wear Face Masks With 3 Layers Says UK Govt Scientist

Face mask

A specialist in infectious diseases at Public Health England has said that Britons should wear face masks made with at least two, or even three, layers.

Government scientist Dr Susan Hopkins is considering updating covid advice to follow America’s lead in recommending double masking.

Breitbart reports: Responding to a question on U.S. President Joe Biden ‘double masking’, Dr Hopkins said during a Downing Street press briefing on Monday: “The more layers you have, the better.”

“What we recommend is at least two layers and ideally three layers in a mask. That is really important to reduce the virus transmission both from you to others and others to you,” Hopkins added, according to The Times.

She then appeared to suggest that double masking could be coming to the United Kingdom, describing discussions about mask regulations as “ongoing”: “We have got a facemasks and face coverings advisory group who meet on a regular basis and look at new and emerging evidence. The U.S. has looked at some of that evidence as well.

“We are in an ongoing discussion about what to do next. But we think one mask that has more than two layers in it is currently effective for the vast majority of the population.”

The recommendations come as another health expert said that joggers should wear a mask while undertaking their vigorous exercises outside, claiming that runners’ heavy breathing could put other people at risk.

Masks are only mandated in certain enclosed public spaces such as on public transport or in shops, but Oxford University’s Trish Greenhalgh told Good Morning Britain on Tuesday: “The exercising jogger – the puffing and panting jogger – you can feel their breath come and you can sometimes actually feel yourself inhale it, so there’s no doubt that there is a danger there.”

The debate over where masks should be warning has become a controversial topic in Britain’s halls of power, with former Brexit Party MEP and peer on the House of Lords Claire Fox, now Baronness Fox of Buckley, calling the recommendation that children wear masks in school “clearly nonsensical” and detrimental to learning.