Hundreds Of British Citizens Protest Israel – Media Blackout

Thousands take to the streets to protest Israel in Britain

Hundreds of citizens have taken to the streets of Britain in anti-Israel protests, amid rising tension over Israel’s sanctions against the al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem.

Amid a total media blackout, people protested in front of the Israeli embassy in London, demanding that Israel lift the restrictive measures immediately. reports: The demonstration on Saturday was organized by the Palestinian Forum in Britain, who said they sought to attract attention to Israel’s aggression in Jerusalem.

Some of the protesters were holding placards which read “Save Al-Aqsa” and “Free Palestine,” while some others were shouting anti-Israeli slogans like “Israel is a terror state”, and “Hands-off Al-Aqsa.” They also burned Israeli flags.

Tensions erupted in the occupied territories on July 14, when a fatal shooting happened outside the Haram al-Sharif which Jews call Temple Mount.

Following the incident, Israeli police briefly shut down the al-Aqsa compound and canceled Muslim Friday prayers at the holy site.

However, the compound was reopened on July 16, but with metal detectors and surveillance cameras put up at entrances.

Meanwhile, protesters also gathered to condemn Israel’s actions in Northern Ireland’s Londonderry city.

Over the past few days, 390 Palestinians have been injured and almost 100 hospitalized after being wounded by Israeli live fire or rubber bullet, according to the Red Crescent,

Also, three Palestinians have been killed in street clashes with Israeli forces in Jerusalem al-Quds and three Israelis in an alleged stabbing attack at a West Bank settlement.

On Saturday, Israeli police used stun grenades and water cannons to disperse dozens of stone-throwing Palestinians.

Similar protests have been held in Jordan, Turkey and Malaysia.

Jerusalem al-Quds’ top Muslim cleric, Mohammed Hussein, has said that protests against Israel’s restrictions will continue until the devices are removed.

  • Jeff Salas

    all wearing hijabs … why no regular british citizens ?? oh i know because most british citizens don’t want the Jewish peoples of Israel to be whipped out so yes i applaud them for putting metal detectors there no one should be discriminated against but then again no one should have to fear dying for going to church either

    • Tostig

      Temporary citizens. I am a British subject and proud so to be.

  • Getreadytobowyourknee

    At the end of the day…Muslims worship satan. allah is satan…… so yeah its ok to hate them.. and insult them and assault them and rob them and yes kill them….. well maybe not kill them…but if they step out of line.. well yes… kill them.. they are of no value .. how can they be.. they don’t love Jesus.. anybody who doesn’t love Jesus….. doesn’t matter.. Jesus said himself.. If you are not for me you are against me… In the time to come then the real shit hits the fan.. I will have no trouble at all killing anybody that doesn’t Love Jesus… as a matter of fact I will see it as my absolute duty… as many people do…

    • Dave

      WTF ?

  • Black Swan

    ” Jewish culture has come to master the art of the victim hood narrative and one often finds it remarked that the entire history of Jews is a history of constant suffering. This now mainstream position stands stubbornly opposed to overwhelming evidence that Jews have been a priveleged, protected and economically and politically powerful group throughout recorded history. Indeed one struggles to find a group of comparable size, at any place and in any point in time, enjoying the same level of wealth and influence. Because the Jewish victimhood narrative is at the heart, a compound of self-interested fabrications, the details that punctuate this over-arching narrative are themselves a rich constellation of exaggerations, bluffs, swindles and hoaxes. Conclusive elimination of the narrative of Jewish victimhood is a media priority. Jews are a powerful, protected and very privileged elite-and they always have been. Their appeal to victimhood status would be laughable but for the fact it is one the key strategies behind our decline.” Andrew Joyce P.H.D.