Brexit Supporters Fear Voter Fraud In Pencil Only Election

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Brexit supporters suspect voter fraud in strange pencil-only polling stations in EU referendum

Brexit supporters in the UK have claimed that ballot papers could be fraudulently tampered with in Thursday’s EU referendum due to the fact that voting booths insist on using only pencils. 

Numerous voters took to Twitter to express their outrage that polling stations were turning people away who brought along their own pens to ensure voter fraud did not take place. reports:

Reports are already coming in that voters are being told they can’t use their own pens and must use a pencil to vote, although the Electoral Reform Society has said that voters can bring their own pen.

Voters are encouraging people to bring their own pens so that ‘x’ marks on the ballot paper cannot be rubbed out.

CNBC editor Javier E. David commented on the issue.

Meanwhile, others accused concerned voters of being paranoid for worrying about the vote being rigged.

The 2014 Scottish independence vote was also hit by “countless” claims of vote fraud after a video circulated on YouTube showing a counting officer lifting votes from a ‘yes’ pile and placing them on a ‘no’ pile.

Over 87,000 people later signed a petition to demand “an independent re-count of all votes.”