A video posted to YouTube by Paul Begley is going viral on the internet right now because he has discovered, by monitoring CERN’s online motherboard, that CERN has shut down.

News is still coming in, with many believing it could be some sort of electrical outage.

Others, however, believe that this is all part of the proverbial “kick off” of the September 2015 “doom” that so many have been discussing.  Many conspiracy theories are flooding the web about September 2015 being the end of the world – or the dawn of a new beginning.

CERN has been at the center of many of the conspiracy theories, so the video below is, at least, interesting with all things considered.

After watching, tell us what you think below in the comment section.

  • Ariel Stulberg

    I think you should shut down your website and leave news reporting to people who know how to use telephones

    • Lauren

      Ariel, I think your a blind fool. This is real news. Weather you believe in a creator out not, or governments certainly don’t have the right to try abd play God. Let alone build abd use machines that they don’t fully comprehend the power of. I bet you’d care if they wiped out this planet because of the foolish use of this machine.

      • Ariel Stulberg

        Charmed by your reply Lauren. Whoever told you CERN is endangering the planet doesn’t understand much about CERN. Just because you don’t comprehend it, doesn’t mean they don’t.

        I’ll post articles below. (And, since you called me a blind fool, I’ll note those words are spelled “whether” and “and.”)

      • Dan Rathernaught

        real news? you’re source and the only source for story is paul begley
        ,,, L O L….. is one of the biggest asshats on internet pandering to youtube educated religious nutbarrs as he is ask for donations…his shoe size is bigger than his IQ,he does not even have a simple grasp of what he attempts to talk about…how you can call yourself a real news outlet is beyond me if you have people like paul begley as your source….u r a joke

  • linmargio

    I think ignorance is the precursor to doomsday remarks about Hadrons Collider.
    When you understand the mechanics of quantum physics, then you will realise your fears are unfounded. It is wonderful that scientists are trying to unravel the God like mysteries of the Universe. It will be amazing as the story unfolds though I can already see the tip of the iceberg by the revelation that miniature black holes have formed with their own dimensions.

  • Dean El Loca

    Dated 9-1-15? Today is the 28th.. wtf??

  • Solemn Bastion

    and… it’s the 11th of October, 2015. All is quite well. And normal. For a transgressive humanity, anyway.