Bloomberg Caught Trying to Buy Election With Crappy Memes No One Likes

Michael Bloomberg tries to buy election with crappy memes that nobody likes

Billionaire Democrat presidential hopeful Mike Bloomberg has been caught spending millions of dollars deploying memes across instagram, in the hopes they help him win the election.

According to New York Times’ Taylor Lorenz, Bloomberg’s campaign teamed up with Jerry Media to flood instagram with “self deprecating” memes.

Jerry Media CEO Mick Purzycki is helping Bloomberg coordinate the meme postings on a variety of meme accounts. reports:The memes paid for by the campaign feature screenshots of conversations with the Bloomberg campaign account, a parody of Bloomberg’s public persona. 

While the Bloomberg memes are self-deprecating and an attempt at humor, one popular meme-account owner criticized Bloomberg and his campaign. Josh Ostrovsky, whose Instagram account @thefatjewish has 11 million followers, commented on one of the memes that he was also approached by the Bloomberg campaign to post but declined because of Bloomberg’s past positions and policies on stop and frisk and drug enforcement for marijuana possession. 

A Bloomberg campaign aide told The New York Times that the campaign was trying to match President Donald Trump’s 2020 campaign strategy and that they were “trying to break the mold in how the Democratic Party works with marketing, communication and advertising, and do it in a way that’s extremely internet and social native.” 

Bloomberg, whose net worth is over $61 billion, is not accepting political donations to his campaign. He has spent over $200 million in ads as of February. In comparison, Sen. Bernie Sanders’ campaign spent over $9 million.

Here’s a list of the memes the campaign has paid to post on Instagram: 

@kalesalad, 3.5 million followers

@tank.sinatra, 2.3 million followers

@f—jerry, 14.9 million followers

@s—headsteve, 5.3 million followers

@grapejuiceboys, 2.7 million followers

@sonny5ideup, 1.3 million followers

@neatdad, 1.3 million followers

@f—advertisements, 1.4 million followers

@doyouevenlift, 495,000 followers

@middleclassfancy, 1.8 million followers

@drgrayfang, 2 million followers

@trashcanpaul, 1.8 million followers

@gamersdoingthings, 1.3 million followers

@neatmom, 915,000 followers

@golfersdoingthings, 572,000 followers

@fourtwenty, 3.8 million followers

@mrsdowjones, 116,000 followers