Blackpool Council Approves Plan To Fluoridate School Milk


Blackpool council has approved plans to add fluoride to school milk.

More than 8,000 primary schoolchildren will soon be given fluoridated milk intended to help tackle “poor dental health”, despite all the damning evidence showing how dangerous the poison fluoride is.

Ingesting fluoride has adverse health affects, and it is simply not true that it helps prevent tooth decay….even if it could, would you want your child drinking a neurotoxin?

The move is part of the town’s free school breakfast scheme and parents will be able to opt out of allowing their children to be given the drink.


The BBC reports:

Blackpool councillor Tony Williams, who has concerns over the plan, said “mass medication” should not be allowed.

Councillors approved the scheme and a group will be set up to implement it.

The group combining Blackpool Council, Public Health England, Blackpool Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust and oral health charity the Borrow Foundation will oversee the scheme.

‘Conflicting evidence’
Councillor Graham Cain said: “Unfortunately the state of Blackpool’s dental health is very poor.

“Some parts of the country can benefit from fluoride naturally appearing in their daily drinking water – in Blackpool we cannot.

“The free breakfast programme allows us to reach all primary school children as they are growing up and make the fluoride milk available to them there.”

But Mr Williams said: “There is a lot of conflicting evidence about adding fluoride to milk, including that it cancels out the good effects of calcium.

“You can’t mass medicate children, which is what they are doing. Who is going to monitor how much fluoride children will have in them?

“The only way to do that is urine tests and how, and when, are they going to do that on a regular basis for 8,000 children?

“What if a child is allergic to fluoride and a teacher has administered it. Are they going to be liable?”

Under the fluoridated milk scheme, each 189ml carton will contain 0.8mg of fluoride – the equivalent of 4.2 parts per million.

Moves to introduce fluoride into milk in Blackpool were first suggested in 2013 but shelved while further studies were carried out by Public Health England (PHE).

A PHE spokesman said: “Fluoridated milk is one option for local authorities to consider as part of an overall oral health plan to reduce levels of decay among children.

“Whether a local authority decides to add fluoride to the milk of children in primary school depends on a number of factors including whether the area is supplied by fluoridated water and the local tooth decay levels.

“To become acutely unwell, a child would typically have to rapidly ingest 1mg of fluoride per kg body weight.

“A child aged five, weighing around 18kg, would therefore need to ingest about 18mg of fluoride.”

The NHS website says there is “no convincing evidence” to suggest a link between fluoride and health problems.



  • justoldog

    I wonder how much this council was BRIBED/THREATENED to stab the Human race in the back?? (Heads up: Here come da TROLLS!!!)

    • Christine Standing

      Agree, follow the money. I wonder if Blackpool can explain the term, ‘adverse effects’?

      • justoldog

        I used to think it was about the money, but now it seems MUCH more diabolical- a plot to keep humanity weak, sick and feeble minded as they put the chains on all of us- This rabbit hole goes deep- but i think I found where it bottoms out- Look up: “Allies of humanity” in a search- truth is stranger than ANY fiction- stay safe!

        • MarkyMark

          hey mate, i tried to search allies of humanity and all i could find was some e.t. nonsense

          • justoldog

            I know- It SEEMS like “nonsense”- I felt the same until I found out many in government/nasa/military have testified this is happening- (See “project disclosure” testimony- and that of Paul Hellyer, Ex- minister of defense of canada- Edgar Mitchell (Apollo astronaut)- We are far from alone in the universe and who would benefit from a stupid- weak humanity?- Even Disney made a film about this- (Disney ufo documentary on youtube)- stay safe and the truth is out there!

          • MarkyMark

            all i see is bollocks spred on youtube and like about govt conspiricies and aliens trying to murder the world with fluoride. you need to give some legit info that isnt tainted by a bunch of nutty professors who get their education from the internet. YOU seem like an idiot. i want to protect my family and kids in this town but all the people against fluoride are nutz!

        • sabelmouse

          i don’t know, i still think it’s about money, and not giving a shit about the consequences.

          • Christine Standing

            Why not both…? It’s about money but also about keeping humanity weak.

          • sabelmouse

            i don’t think that they think that far ahead. there’s a good example of corporate workings toward the end of the last season of orange is the new black. [ someone died and the corp running the prison try to spin it so as to not be liable ]
            what is most striking is the utter lack of thought and compassion and humanity. just yuppies doing their job.
            it’s more terrifying in a way than if they were doing bad things with the intention to be bad.

  • Erwin Alber

    This is so criminal, but I guess those in powers have to reduce children’s IQ and cancerise and sterilise children in one way or another to keep the psychopathic society they have created for us going.

  • sabelmouse


  • 655321

    When you need proof there is an organized agenda to sicken and dumb down children….

  • Illuminant Profundis
    From the last link:
    A meta-analysis of 27 cross-sectional studies of children exposed to fluoride in drinking water, mainly from China, suggests an average IQ decrement of about seven points in children exposed to raised fluoride concentrations.44 Confounding from other substances seemed unlikely in most of these studies. Further characterisation of the dose–response association would be desirable.

  • Illuminant Profundis
  • Kathryn Thomason Cleveland

    I wouldn’t want their pasteurized homogenized GMO-fed cow’s milk anyway. The only way I drink it is if it is straight from the pastured cow.