Black History Month Website Quietly Deletes Article Calling White People ‘Genetically Defective Mutants’

Black History Month website deletes an article referring to white people as 'genetically defective mutants'

The official Black History Month website has been caught promoting the racist claim that white people are “genetically defective mutants.”

The UK-run website features content by prominent British politicians, all of whom have pledged to “fight for racial justice.” It also features extremely racist content that they would rather the public didn’t know about.

A shocking 2016 article on the site examined the work of American psychiatrist Frances Cress Welsing, who claimed that white people were originally “genetically defective mutants” who were driven from Africa by the black natives. 

Once driven away from the continent, Welsing wrote, white people turned to “white supremacy” to “protect this mutation”, and their lack of the skin pigment melanin fuelled their immorality. “Blackness,” Welsing wrote, was therefore “an established basis for moral, or more specifically, normal human behaviour.” reports: The article was still available on the site as recently as this week, according to an investigation by The Telegraph. Alongside the article, the website hosts taxpayer-funded recruitment ads for the British Armed Forces, government agencies and police services, as well as ads for several UK universities.

It was pulled from the site after The Telegraph’s investigation, but other racially questionable content is still live. A 2020 article by the Reach Society – a social enterprise via which black professionals mentor black boys, and that is in receipt of the Queen’s Award for Voluntary Service – states that “Europeans have been encouraged to be morally monstrous to non-Europeans for so long, this behaviour has become second nature”, for example.

The website is linked to a magazine of the same name, and appears as the top search result for ‘Black History Month’ in the UK. Bizarrely, it is run by a white advertising executive and was established as a private business, rather than a charity. However, the executive and his business partner told The Telegraph the site makes only enough money to cover its costs and doesn’t turn a profit.

Its ownership has angered Linda Bellos, a former London councillor who helped launch Black History Month in the 1980s. “The whole purpose of Black History Month is to empower us … I don’t want some white man, or even white woman, playing that role,” she told The Telegraph. “The taking of ideas, and, indeed, the taking of people, was done very successfully by the British. It is called enslavement. I am not talking about his motives, but I am talking about the outcome.”