Bizarre Opening Ceremony For Swiss Tunnel Leaves Viewers Baffled

Switzerland decided to mark opening of world's longest rail tunnel with a winged baby, naked torsos and horned beasts

Bizarre Opening Ceremony Of Swiss Tunnel Leaves Viewers Baffled

Switzerland put on a bizarre opening ceremony to mark the completion of the world’s longest tunnel.

The new £8.5bn Gotthard Base Tunnel was launched on June 1st with a strange yet spectacular opening ceremony that featured 600 people including a winged woman/ baby with an oversized head, dance troupe in their underwear and a man with a birds nest on his head

Angela Merkel, Matteo Renzi and François Hollande  joined the Swiss President Johann Schneider-Ammann for the opening ceremony and a first class ride through the tunnel.

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RT reports:

Switzerland celebrated the opening of the world’s longest train tunnel, a 17-year project that cuts through the Alps and cost €11 billion to construct – but all anyone’s talking about is its ridiculous opening ceremony.

Efforts to highlight the incredible engineering accomplishment of the 2,300 meter-long tunnel resulted in an utterly strange opening ceremony that reportedly cost €8 million.

Co-ordinated by German director Volker Hesse, the performances were supposed to represent various aspects of Swiss culture, but, at times, ended up resembling a Kanye West fashion show.

More than 600 actors reportedly took part in the show, which at one point, included a topless creepy-looking bird that hung over nine performers, representing the nine miners that lost their lives during the tunnel’s construction.

Soon after the elaborate performance began, viewers took to Twitter to ask the question on viewers’ lips: what is actually going on here?

Ceremony to open Swiss Tunnel

  • Mira

    grotesque is the only way to describe this.

  • Alex

    Well there is an easy way to explain this, Satanists are basically running the show and they want us to know.

  • Craig Yates

    Jimmy Saville’s clan control everything. They have done for an awfully long time. One cannot speak the real truth about this Satanic organised crime syndicate because the kiddy raping proxy servants who make laws for them have made laws against us speaking out. It is a crime to speak the truth and has been for a long time now.

  • Steve Peterson

    Get real -this was not a fashion show. There were themes of fascism, satanism, homosexuality, manipulation, coronation, etc. Sick stuff from sick Central and Western Europe, who wants to force their disease on the rest of the world