Bill Gates Admits Vaccines Were Bought To Market So Fast Safety Was Compromised

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Bill Gates has admitted on live TV that Covid-19 vaccines were bought to the market so quickly that normal safety measures and regulations were compromised.

Responding was responding to a question regarding “compromises” in “some of the safety measures that would normally be expected to create a vaccine.”

“Well of course,” Gates agreed, before smirking and saying “If you want to wait two years to see if the side-effect shows up, that takes two years.”

As the globalist elite continue finding it harder and harder to convince humanity to submit to the experimental Covid jabs and endless boosters, they are having to find cunning new ways to force their jabs on us.

Rather than admitting that humanity has woken up to the truth about the disastrous experimental Covid-19 jabs, Bill Gates, who is not a doctor, is doubling down and taking it upon himself to vaccinate the world by stealth. Watch:

Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry

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