Bill Clinton Blunder “Pentagon Was Bombed On 9/11″

Bill Clinton Blunder "A bomb hit the Pentagon" on 9/11

In this audio clip, former President Bill Clinton goes off script and admits that the Pentagon was hit by a bomb during the 9/11 attacks.

Starting at around the 5 minute mark, Bill Clinton says (of George Bush):

“You had to have a vision for where you want to go … have a vision and strategy.”

“You have to deal with the incoming fire … nobody said what are you going do when the twin towers come down and the pentagon is bombed?”

Take a listen for yourself and let us know what you think:

According to the clips description:

Neil Tyson decodes science and politics with former President Bill Clinton, during whose term as “scientist in chief” we unraveled the human genome, repaired the Hubble Space Telescope, and increased funding for the NSF, DOE, and NIH.

You’ll hear why the Human Genome Project was easier to fund than the Superconducting Super Collider – and why the Higgs boson was discovered at CERN instead of in the US. Neil and President Clinton discuss physics, artificial intelligence, Einstein’s brain, and using a chunk of moon rock to settle disputes between fractious politicians.

In studio, Neil is joined by Chuck Nice and futurist Juan Enriquez, who stresses the importance of science literacy and wonders how we manage to make science boring to students. Prof. Richard A. Muller, reformed climate change denier and author of Physics for Future Presidents, calls in to explain why some politicians have trouble with science, and Bill Nye explains “why leaders who advance science in America, advance America.”

  • Bleu66

    I like the way he pauses after that statement. He realized what he did but it was too late.

  • conspiracymedia

    Pentagon Bombs? 5:10

  • Esmae

    of course 3 months later nothing comes of it.

  • Esmae

    He’s trying to figure out why not.
    Tell you why dogma face, gmo, geoengineering, and vaccines are depopulation
    tools and yes the Pentagon was bombed. Criminals every last one.

  • c_chandler

    bill nye is not credible.

  • edieredmann

    My cousin’s husband was one of the first ones into the pentagon. If it was a bomb, it was one on a plane, because he was the first to find the landing gear.

    • unsheepled

      That is such bull its not even funny.

      • edieredmann

        Unsheepled, I sure hope you aren’t reffering to my statement. IT WAS A PLANE THAT WENT INTO THE PENTAGON! My cousin’s husband was a fireman who was one of the first ones into the Pentagon, AND HE DID FIND THE LANDING GEAR!! He also witnessed a tremendous amount of carnage, and saved peoples lives! You know, I have been pissed at the government all these years for the horrible care and NON medical coverage ALL these first responders have had to endure, but to have people NOT believe you, and call what THEY ACTUALLY DID DO BULL, without ANY proof of what you are saying, is REPREHENSIBLE! There is a book written that you can still acquire, “Firefight, Inside The Battle To Save The Pentagon on 9/11″, and it has pictures of the landing gear and other parts of the 757 spewed all over! The pictures have been verified! Why don’t you get your head out of your SHEEP”S ASS and read something other than science fiction. You just might educate that FEEBLE little mind of yours! In case you are wondering, I don’t doubt that there were motives that we don’t know about, and maybe there was a bomb on the plane, I have no proof of whether there was or not, AND NEITHER DO YOU! SO QUIT SPREADING UNVERIFIED SH*T, THAT YOU KNOW NOTHING ABOUT! This man that went into the Pentagon suffers to this day, fifteen years later this September, from the wounds and the trauma. I would like to see you say to his face, that what he saw, did, and encountered,”is such bull”. To think that he would go into a burning building to save a piece of trash like you, turns my stomach!!

        • Slevin

          Wow, you’re a real ignorant bitch, you know that? Way to just learn nothing and believe what you’re told without question.

          • edieredmann

            Slevin, unlike you, I have done PLENTY of research into this, talking and reading to, and about all that has gone on before and after 9/11. If you were to question that the government knew this could happen? I would have to agree with you on that. was there significant evidence that there were plans for this and known family members of the terrorists in the country for a significant amount of time before this happened? Yes. Maybe there was a bomb on the plane, but there was definitely a plane that went into the building.

          • John

            Maybe you should read what the professionals have concluded before spouting crap. How about Architects and Engineers for 911 truth website? All 2,052 of them, or Pilots for 911 truth website just for starters. You sound very much like a troll………

          • edieredmann

            How about talking to the people that were actually there, instead of some theorist! Talk to someone, one on one who was actually present when it happened. Of course none of you would actually do that, as it would blow your little “fairytale” stories out the door. I’m no troll. Just because you guys can’t handle anyone commenting that has a little bit of knowledge about the subject from someone that actually experienced it, doesn’t make one a troll. John, were any of these “professionals” actually there when any of these incidents happened? I would be interested in hearing from them if that was the case. Other than that, you all have as much to contribute that is worth reading, as Stevin with his two “brilliant” sentence statement above. If it doesn’t include calling someone names, they can’t put their ten brain cells together to make a comment. Have fun with your little fantasy land stories, I’m sure your audience of fourteen year old will be thrilled with it.

        • Ehab Jaber
        • JohnHolmes13

          Oh, they would never send a troll to lie and say hubby was there? OK< we believe you! not

          • edieredmann

            John, I’m not a troll, and nobody was sent to lie to me. You see my cousin’s husband was one of the firemen that the book was based on. They interviewed him several times, and I have been back to Falls Church Va. to visit them several times. His firestation was the first to respond, as it is the closest to Washington D.C. proper. As far as proof that he was there, I need to go no farther than to see his severly burnt legs and arms that he received from the fuselage rolling on top of him, as he was pulling people and bodies out from the wreckage. I also know firsthand that his son, who was eleven at the time was traumatized so badly, that he suffers from P.T.S.D. to this day. You see, his dad wasn’t able to even call his family for two days, and his son hid in the basement of their home because he was afraid that BinLaden was going to come after them and kill them. So no one “told me to lie and say that her hubby was there”. The “evidence” of the multiple burns all over his body that has crippled him for life was evidence enough for me. That, with his PERSONAL pictures that his fellow firefighter was recording at the time of the incident, of him pulling people from the wreckage right by the front landing gear, are plenty enough evidence for me. I SAW the original pictures that were in this book, because they were the SAME ones that he has at home that his friend took. That, plus seeing the crippling burns all over his body first hand, is PLENTY of proof for me.

        • Ivan

          Why don’t you get your little book and show prove yourself instead of bumping your gums. You obviously had the book, so show the prove. Back up your talk, cuz that book could be photo shop too. Why not show all that, when they quick to show a Kardashian getting fucked

          • edieredmann

            Ivan, the Kardashian movies are about all you can comprehend with the amount of brain cells that you have, so go watch your little porno movies and enjoy yourself. I gave you the information to see the book idiot. It is called “Firefight Inside The Battle To Save The Pentagon On 9/11” They sell it on Amazon. They will give you information on it. As far as “get your little book and show prove yourself instead of bumping your gums. You obviously had the book so show the prove. Back up your talk, cuz, that book could be photo shop too. Why not show all that, when they quick to show a Kardashian getting fucked.”, just shows your level of comprehension is somewhere around third grade. Go back to elementary school and learn how to read and write, and then maybe, just MAYBE, you will be able to carry on a somewhat intelligent conversation. As far as showing you the book, I don’t have it in my possession, as I lent it to someone to read, something that you might try to do to educate yourself.