Biden’s DHS: You Are Now Officially a ‘Terror Threat’ If You ‘Undermine Trust’ In Government

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As of Monday this week, you are now officially a "terrorism threat" if you share "misleading narratives" that "sow discord" or undermine trust in US government institutions.

As of Monday this week, you are now officially a “terrorism threat” if you share “misleading narratives” that “sow discord” or undermine trust in US government institutions.

Spoiler alert: anything that counters the Biden government narrative will be considered “misinformation.” Under this tyrannical order issued by Biden’s Department of Homeland Security, anyone criticizing the government could be classified as a terrorist.

According to the DHS national bulletin, the spread of “conspiracy theories” and “disinformation” is fueling the “heightened threat” environment in the United States. Anyone spreading “mis- dis- and mal-information” that promotes distrust in US government institutions will be considered a terrorist.

You can read the full dystopian bulletin here.

Since when is it an act of terrorism to question your government? It should be your duty as a citizen to question your government. Isn’t this what the Founding Fathers had in mind when they gave us the gift of the Constitution?

Not according to the Biden administration. According to the censorious Democrats in power, free thinkers and critics must be shut down and eliminated through censorship and criminal action. Orwell just rolled over in his grave.

Should we be surprised? We are dealing with an illegitimate regime that had to commit fraud to seize power. It should be no surprise they will default to tyrannical communist decrees like this.

If you want to see the future of the United States under Democrat rule, ask a Chinese person what its like living under the Chinese Communist Party.

They only care about people who are shaping public discourse. Undoing their hard work makes you a terrorist to their agenda. This latest DHS update is boot stomping on a human face. It is un-American, unconstitutional and must not be allowed to stand.

The National Terrorism Advisory System (NTAS) bulletin is the main way the DHS informs the public about changes to the terror environment in the US. The last bulletin, issued in November, was set to expire this week.

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