Creepy Biden Boasts About Destroying Ukraine

Fact checked
Joe Biden boasts about destroying Ukraine

Former Vice President Joe Biden has highlighted his role in helping to destroy Ukraine by forcing Prosecutor General Viktor Shokin to resign.  

Speaking at the Council of International Relations, Biden admitted he bribed the Kiev leadership with vast sums of cash so that they would fire the Prosecutor General. reports: Biden said that during one of his visits to Kiev he was to declare that the United States was giving Ukraine a billion dollars.

“I had promises from Poroshenko and Yatseniuk that they will take fire the Prosecutor General, but they did not. I said: you’re not getting a billion dollars. They tell me – “you do not have such powers, you are not the president, the president said he would.” I answered: “So call him.”

“I said, you’re not getting a billion dollars. I’m leaving in 6 hours and if your prosecutor is not dismissed until then, you will not receive the money. And that son of a b*tch was fired. And in his place we put the one whom we trusted “, – boasted Biden.

Most people have a price at which they will sell their soul to the devil – but Poroshenko’s is much less than $1 billion. While pocketing some of the money likely took place, he still had to sustain an army in the East – against his own people.

Conveniently, Jo Biden’s son now sits on the Board of Ukraine’s largest natural gas producing company – Burisma.