Biden Admin Plans to Extend Covid Public Health Emergency… Beyond The Midterm Elections

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Joe Biden

The Biden regime is set to extend the Covid-19 public health emergency yet again according to a report by Politico.

Three sources familiar with the situation, told the outlet that the extension would ensure that federal measures expanding access to health coverage, vaccines and treatments remain in place beyond the midterm elections.

The Gateway Pundit reports: With the proposed extension, the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) would keep the mandate in effect until the November midterm elections and possibly into early 2023.

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The HHS has continually extended the public-health emergency since its implementation in January 2020.

“Covid is not over. The pandemic is not over,” one senior Biden official said. “It doesn’t make sense to lift this [declaration] given what we’re seeing on the ground in terms of cases.”

The declaration allows the US to grant emergency authorizations of drugs, vaccines, and other medical countermeasures and has enabled millions of Americans to get health coverage through Medicaid, among other benefits.

In May, the US government extended again for the nth time the Covid-19 public health emergency past mid-July even though daily new cases of COVID-19 infection have declined since the Omicron surge, as reported by The Gateway Pundit.

More from Politico:

An HHS spokesperson declined to comment, and the people with knowledge of the matter cautioned the situation could still change ahead of an Aug. 15 deadline for deciding whether to let the declaration continue.

The Biden administration has increasingly pointed to the availability of Covid vaccines and treatments as evidence that Americans who are vaccinated and boosted can live with the virus in relative safety. But even with that new posture, many administration health officials remain wary of the message that ending the public health emergency declaration would send at a time when caseloads are topping 100,000 a day.

“It will end whenever the emergency ends,” one senior administration official said, summing up the internal attitude toward the declaration.

The emergency designation has also provided authorities that allowed the administration to expand access to Medicaid, greenlight vaccines more quickly and offer tests and therapeutics for free. Were the emergency to be ended, those flexibilities would need to be unwound — a complex process that hospital and public health groups have warned could be disruptive to their ability to treat Covid patients.


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  2. Now he sees the future? He can’t even see across the room. Either Biden is having double vision through his crystal balls or he is a reincarnation of Nostra-dumbass. He needs to stay inside and pick flowers off of the wallpaper.

  3. Americans have been sabotaged, like Aussies English Europeans etc, from within by trojan horses in their governments and
    most importantly their BUREAUCRACIES of unelected corruptions and criminals in executive positions. That’s why the world’s fill of dummies who think they’re well informed. That and the fact that we literally live in a parallel universe with actual reality The world they serve up for us in their theatre of operations covering EVERY sensory input, us totally fake. The whole lot All of it is the Big Lie All of it.!
    “they in there HATE the truth” is a rare pearl of truth cast by Pope Emeritus Benedict as he revealed the Vatican who run the theatrical production company that deceives the whole world.

  4. It was Joe Biden’s Double that met Putin in Switzerland, not Joe Biden himself who’s out of it, somewhere.

  5. If you think these sham pandemic emergencies are bad, wait until the democrats stop legislating, then the real damage starts.

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